At Home with Amber Ulmer in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee

Art Print/Schoolhouse.

Hey, friends! We’re so excited to share Amber Ulmer’s gorgeous Nashville home with you. Amber photographs many of the room tours you’ve seen on ABM, including Elsie’s kitchen, master bathroom, Nova’s playroom (and more!), so we’re thrilled to get a tour of her space today.Light Fixture/Lucent Lightshop.“We live in a sweet 1960’s spilt-level home in a quiet neighborhood in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, just outside of Nashville. We happen to live across the street from my in-laws, and it’s actually a magical experience. The kids walk across to pick fruit and veggies in Mimi and Papa’s garden and we have babysitters right across the street.

Sofa/Joybird, Rug/Overstock, Pillows/The Guyots, Mirror/Joss & Main, Plant Hanger/Wolffords Wonders on Etsy, Coffee Table and Pouf/Wayfair.“My favorite room in our home is probably our main family room. We have a wonderfully large sectional that fits us all and our dogs for movie nights and all the cuddles. I love the big windows that let all the beautiful light flood into our space. Our record player is in there as well and the kids love thumbing through all the vintage story records we’ve collected. They will put on Robin Hood or Cinderella and act out the scenes and dance around. It’s the greatest to watch! And obviously all my precious plants make me so happy in this room.

Kitchen Chairs and Console/Overstock.

Sofa and Coffee Table/Article, Chairs/Joybird, Rug/Rugs USA/ Wooden Blinds/Blindster

“A few of my favorite items in our home are our green velvet couch from Article, my collection of brass trinkets, my Goodwill score of a wicker chair, and all my plants. The Article green velvet couch is the most comfy couch in all the land! It’s my napping couch. It’s luxurious, but oh so cozy too—the perfect combo for a sofa, if you ask me. Everyone that comes over wants to come and get cozy on it. It’s so inviting. My mother used to collect brass items like candlestick holders, bookends, and the like. I started a few years ago. I am still on the hunt for the same little brass partridge family my mother used to have.

Record Player/Amazon.

“The vintage wicker chair was the best score! $19 at Goodwill! Talk about a steal! So that sits next to our record player and I love it. And all my plants. Gosh, they just bring so much life in each room! It’s probably the biggest collection of anything I have. I will forever be that crazy plant lady.

Wall Hanging/Wolffords Wonders on Etsy, Sconces/Schoolhouse, Bedding/Parachute Home.Rug/Joss & Main, Side Table/Wayfair (similar), Bedding/Beddys.Canvas Print/Joss & Main.

Rug and Curtains/Joss & Main, Cacti Paintings/Laurel and Pearl on Etsy, Quilt/Schoolhouse.

Banner/Matriarch Handmade on Etsy.

“We have lived in our home for nine years now. It’s been wonderful being so close to family and we live on an acre, so there is so much room for the kids to play and our dogs to run. It’s definitely matured with us through the years as far as its styling goes. I feel that the styling now fits the era of the home and don’t see it changing much more at all, except for some updates that we hope to make in the coming years to the kitchen and bathroom.”

Thanks so much for sharing, Amber! You can find more of Amber via By The Ulmers and on Instagram.

Credits//Author and Photography: Amber Ulmer.
  • Such a gorgeous space! I’m in love with that green velvet sofa *swoon*. This is what a perfectly eclectic home looks like!

  • Their mixture of new pieces alongside vintage bohemian and mid century finds is expertly coordinated! Really loving the amount of black metal frame work in the plant stands, furniture, and stair rail too. Congratulations on having your gorgeous home featured!

  • oh my gosh this appartement looks so cosy I love it!

    • Hey there Angela!!
      The bunkbeds were custom made! We found them on facebook marketplace! Such a great design, right?
      And the triangle brass bookends were thrifted. 🙂

  • I live in Mt. Juliet so this post was extra cool to read! I don’t know the Ulmers, but I really enjoyed their house tour! Way to represent MJ! ????

  • Home tours/room tours are some of your best inspirational content! Keep em coming!

  • That wicker chair! I have the same one from my grandma that was almost lost in a garage sale before I snagged it. It’s funny how much joy the little things bring and seeing the same chair in your post made me appreciate it and the sentimental value it carries even more. Our’s is getting worn out so the cat is the only one allowed to sit on it:) Love your space!

  • This is my one stop ! to find cute home decor ideas! 🙂
    Nice decor indeed!

  • Beautiful deco

  • I really like this home, especially that collection of special pieces and details. Everything seems to be working together and it seems really comfortable!

  • Her home is so beautifully decorated! I love it!


  • Love what Josh and Amber have done to this house, to make it a home. The best part, we can walk across the street and explore the changes as they happen and see their expressions of joy that they have found in creating a home filled with what makes them happy, a place for their family.

  • Can you say home decor goals? I love everything about it! ❤️

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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