At Home With Andrea Duclos

At home with Drea DuclosWe are happy to welcome our next guest, Andrea (Drea) Duclos, in our "At Home With" series. Drea is here to share her open and light living space with us!Lovely light and open space"This home has been a bit of a dream home. After two (plus) years of searching and 6 long months of short sale waiting, I was beyond pleased to be able to finally call a place "my home". This home is in a quiet (later) 50s neighborhood, so you can imagine each home has a bit of character. Our living room came equipped with a useful, but not incredibly handy skylight, a huge (HUGE) built-in shelf, and some funky shades to cover our jalousie window. To add to this already built-in character, I brought in a lot of patterns—like, a lot. I'm a girl who loves a lot of light, white, bright, space, with a handful (or armful) of mixed and match patterns throughout. The built-in shelves are filled with books, records, and collected meaningful items."

Lovely details

Drea Duclos' lovely living space"I think most things in my home and in the living room can be looked at as a bit "unusual". Most homes don't come with a large open room or a full wall shelving and storage built in. All the pieces in this space have been collected over time, nothing rushed or forced, but things that come to me as I might need them. Nothing is expensive in this space (unless you count the hand-me-down rug from my mother's travels). But together, it looks like a rich and loved home.  I love each piece. I love that you can look at everything as a whole, or each item individually, and know theres a story behind it. The couches pull everyone into this space. Both are incredibly warm, bright, comfortable, and completely my aesthetic. Neither couch was purchased over $75. The giant art piece is something people ask about quite a bit, a piece Alex made a few years back, when we were together in a 250-square-foot space (if it was even that big)."Lovely terrariumAt Home With Andrea (Drea) DuclosAt Home With Andrea Duclos"I've been in this space, approximately 6 months or so… thats such a long, but short time. I'm absolutely, 100% one of those people that moves into a space and sets it up ASAP, but it didn't work quite that way with this place. Moving from a 600-square-foot home to 1,600 square feet is a big change with a lot of empty space to fill! All the walls needed painting, a lot of things needed repairs, upgrades needed (and still very much need) to be done, and so on.  The first month or so was a whirlwind of painting, tearing carpets, cleaning, and fixing. After that, it slowly (if you count a five month transition as slow) evolved from an empty(ish) space to one—I don't know—a bit more lived in. A few months after our (Marlowe and my) move in, her father, Alex joined us. The shelves began filling up, but only in good ways. Together, we all create a major neat-freak, tidy, and organized bomb of color and belongs."

Love that elephant tableBeautiful living space via A Beautiful Mess"This living room is our main space. It's adult friendly, kid friendly, dog friendly, and guest welcoming. We enjoy our lazy mornings, our movie nights (via laptop), our avocado toast lunch dates, our 10-minute catch-up coffee talks, our dance parties, and our big (and small) party times here. It's a space where people can come in, and feel comfortable to choose a seat, and enjoy their time—and a space, where we absolutely enjoy ours."

OHDEARDREA MARLOWE SHELFOHDEARDREA GIRAFFE CLOSE UPDrea Duclos with her familyThank you so much, Drea, for sharing your lovely space with us! You can see more of Drea and her family over at her blog Oh Dear Drea. xo.

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  • With those totally awesome and unique windows, to barely even mention them in the write up seems like I a silly oversight to me :/

  • i’m in love with her home! it’s so quirky and bohemian!
    ~niki <3

  • What an inspiring space! It takes some insane amounts of imagination and creativity to pull all those patterns and colors together – this is really a work of art! Thanks ladies for featuring this!

    aka Bailey

  • This space is so happy and free! I just adore it! Love this series!



  • Just delightful! The whole place is fantasic. The Sitting Bull print is tugging at my heart strings 🙂

  • I’m so into white houses with colored pieces ! so working with my changing moods…

  • This is a great mix of prints and use of color.


  • Everything is just colorful and perfect. I just love the stained windows!

    Olive xox

  • This is gorgeous! Such a pretty home!!

  • What a beautiful, beautiful space! There’s so much inspiration here for me to find ways to decorate white walls and bare floors! So pretty. I love how colorful her space is.

  • Avocado toast lunch!! (brb googling recipe) hahaha, I need to clean my room now (///_-)

  • Todo está hermoso! qué casa tan linda!! que fotografías tan maravillosas se siente incluso el aire que circula! amé todo!

  • oh my GOD! That’s such a beautiful! 🙂

  • This is so beautiful! There’s so much light and colour it puts my house to shame!

  • Thanks everyone for the sweet comments 🙂

    @michele: american apparel. I have 3 pairs, two in black. Best shorts ever.

  • I love all of the pops of colour in her space. She has wonderful, cheery photos on her blog.


  • I love that yellow floral sofa, the pattern is gorgeous!

  • I would never think to layer so many rugs in one living space, but it’s beautiful! Such a lovely, cozy room.

  • What a great space I love the colours and prints with all the white. So fresh and crisp. just my style


  • I like it. The windows, the floor, the decoration, the openness. How nice that she finally found a place like this, to make it her home.

  • Just look at that stained glass… divine!!


  • I’m in love with bright white spaces! I love this series for inspiration.


  • There’s so much space and light! I love how she has decorated it 🙂

  • Absolutely fantastic space. Beautiful and INSPIRING! love love love!


  • I love the éléphant table. And the design is warm And simple, its perfect!

  • oh my gosh I discovered this beautiful blogger a couple weeks ago! Her home style is amazing! thanks for posting!!

  • this is my dream! I love the beautiful windows and pops of bright color to complement all the natural light!

    Kendra @ openspaces

  • What a fabulous lady to feature! She is so inspirational and has great taste! (food & design!) Lovely home Drea!

  • The rugs look really interesting with them all at different angles. And that window is amazing!!! I love how bright the room is 🙂

  • their home is seriously so awesome! I adore those couches and the elephant end table. Plus, all of that natural light is such a dream 🙂

  • Lovely home….but my sister and I would love to know where you got those high waisted shorts??

  • I love her living room!! It’s colorful, cheerful, and unique! <3

    visit my blog: 🙂

  • What an amazingly stunning place! I love the white walls, which make everything look so big and bright, the cathedral style ceiling with skylights are wonderful and I am in love with those shutters and the use of stained glass in general. I could coo over this place forever. Just wow!

  • Stunning! So many fun details!

    x Sara from

  • I am in love with that skylight! This home has great personality, looks really lived in:)!

  • Love her design aesthetic!

    xo Jennifer

  • This decor is amazing…

    Please check out and follow my blog! I’d really appreciate it!

  • I love the space, it’s so open and wonderfully quirky!

  • I am obsessed with that elephant side table! Love this space!

  • this space is amazing! I love her kitchen too from what little I could see of it in any case. thanks for sharing it! off to go check out her blog too. xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

  • i will now therefore strive to have a home somewhere near this beautiful.

  • This is my favourite at home with so far! The shades on the windows and the sunroof are so gorgoues, they give your house such character. And I love all the patterns and colours. It’s so bright and welcoming and it looks like you’ve collected decor from all over the world 🙂 xx

  • So beautiful! I love the open space and natural light.

  • Oh I love her home! Love her blog too! 🙂

    Lulu xx

  • While her design/decor style isn’t necessarily what I like, I am just in love with the openness and space of her place! So ideal!

  • Lovely post. My home is almost total white and I really admire stylish colorful interior decoration. WOW
    See you in my blog, maybe.

  • I, also, love bright, white spaces with a lot of color added through accessories. This is a fantastic space! Love the windows, and the funky, vintage furniture.

  • I feel like I say this about every home tour you do, but my favorite thing was their rug! I can tell I need a bright and colorful rug in my life soon 🙂

  • What a cool home! I’m dying to paint my whole home white so I can have some colorful furniture (but convincing my husband has been a challenge).

  • What a pretty place. I love all the rugs in the living room, they make it look so welcoming, like you could just pull up a cushion and relax anywhere. Great post.

  • Love the space, it looks eclectic and fun. A great place to spend time as a family.

  • WOOWW! So open. I’d love to have a living room like that!

    Making Life’s Lemons

  • i just love drea and her blog and her space. it is so inviting a bright and light and colorful. it’s great.

  • Ah i love how it’s bright and bold but still cosy at the same time! Dream home!


  • Such a gorgeous home. And those windows – amazing! Plus they are called jalousie, cutest name ever!

  • I love her blog!

  • I love it! It’s neat and beautiful and warm and just so cozy. We’re finally moving to a house with built in closets next month and I’m so excited to have decent storage. I spotted The Ultimate Potato Book on the shelf and I need that, I LOVE potatoes 🙂

  • what an inspirng home!! those windows are amazing. love this

  • I LOVE those windows! I hope my next apartment or house has that much light in it!


  • oh my, the architecture of this house is a dream!! never seen anything like it.. in love with the wooden beams and the colorful glass windows!!

  • Oh i completely love it and i also love her blog, i have followed it for a while. I love this series of yours x


  • I’m digging that purple foot stool. Super cool fabric! And overlapping rugs is such a great idea!

  • this is so lovely!
    so open and full of light!
    i love the windows, the carpets, the details…what is just not perfect about this?

  • Very cute and cozy! I love all the overlapped rugs!

    Last day for my Prabal Gurung for Target Giveaway!

  • Beautiful home! Love it – so warm bright and cheery.

  • Woowwwww. This house has some serious(ly awesome) character. And this family seems to be a great fit for the house. I love this.

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