At Home With Andrea McArdle

Lovely living room setupWe are happy to welcome Andrea McArdle to the blog today to share her home with us! So much great vintage in this room!At Home With Andrea McArdle"When my partner and I bought our home last year, we knew right away that it was special and only later found out that although the house is 60 years old. It only had one previous owner. A couple that bought the house shortly after they were married raised their family here, grew old here and passed away here. When I found this out, it made our dream home that much more romantic and special. For some it may seem odd that a 1100 sq. ft home in the heart of east Austin could be a dream, but to us it is. We have lovely neighbors and are in walking distance to four local farms! It is the perfect home to raise our family in—well, after pulling up the linoleum flooring and knocking down a wall. Room by room this special house is becoming our home." In love with this vintage beauty"My favorite part about this space is the furniture. Almost all of it belonged to people who are no longer with us. Of course I have a couple pieces that I picked up antiquing or thrifting.  But most of it belonged to our loved ones, and you can't use it without feeling overwhelmed with love and gratitude. The piano, for example belonged to my partner John's sister. Neither me nor our children ever had the opportunity to meet her, so having the chance to sit down and play her piano daily with my son is more special than I can ever put into words." Andrea McArdle via A Beautiful MessLovely pops of colorIn love with that blue door!"In the evenings John and I will turn off all the lamps except for our favorite orange one to read or watch a movie. This little slice of peace and quiet is such a wonderful escape (for both me and probably the room too) from the running, tumbling, ball throwing, car racing that happens in it during the day. I love beautiful spaces and can never make up my mind how I love this room more, in the morning with the sun bursting through the windows and my son frolicking around  or in the quiet evenings I spend with the love of my life."Love the box shelvesLove all the pops of color in this roomPretty wallpaper in the back of a bookshelfThank you so much for sharing your home with us, Andrea! You can find more of Andrea over at her blog Strawberry Mohawk. xo.


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