At Home With Annie Butler

At Home with Annie ButlerAt Home withToday we are welcoming Annie Butler to the blog as she shares her cute (450 square ft.!) space with us.

Living room"I live in a studio apartment. It's 450 square feet and I love it with all my heart. I knew the very second I walked in that it was the space for me. The high beams in the ceilings, the white brick and yellow walls, the fireplace and airy windows—it felt less like an apartment and more like something I had built in a daydream. It's in my favorite neighborhood of Cincinnati.

But first coffee"My apartment is so small I really love every part of it. It's hard to distinguish a single space. Out of necessity, I'd have to say my favorite area is probably my coffee corner. I French press every morning, first thing. The sun rises right in front of my windows and streams in directly to my coffee cart. It's so pretty and peaceful. All my coffee equipment was gifted (my friends and family know my love of coffee runs deep). But the cart itself is a thrifted score. One of my favorites. 

Annie ButlerStanding deskPhoto magnets"I realized pretty early on, with limited floor space, I'd have to move up on the walls. And because it is a rented space, any changes I made had to be temporary. My pictures turned into magnets on the fridge. My pots and pans went into the air. I didn't have room for a kitchen table, so I built a wrap around coffee bar for the walls (inspired by Emma's standing desk, actually!). I have hanging mason jars in the bathroom and wire file storage hanging by my desk. To make the room look bigger, I took the doors off my closet and pushed my dresser inside. 

Love this floor!White brickPerfect workspace"My studio is the first place I've ever lived in by myself. No siblings, no roommates…just me. I've only been here a year, but I can't tell you how much I've learned already. Like how if for three straight weeks in the winter all the outlets in your apartment mysteriously die, you'll figure it out. And also, even if you don't believe it, you are capable of building things on the wall that will actually support dinner plates. I'm figuring out how to be an adult here. I think that's why I love my apartment so much. It's this tiny perfect, comfortable, space where I can be myself."

Thank you so much for sharing, Annie! You can find more of Annie on her blog and on Instagram. xo

Credits// Author: Annie Butler. Photography: Lydia Phillips and Annie Butler.

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