At Home With Ashley Campbell

At Home With Ashley CampbellWe have been loving this "At Home With" series lately! Today, Ashley Campbell, is here to share her inspiring living room with us. 

Ashley Campbell's beautiful home via A Beautiful Mess"Our home is about 9 years old and built to look like an old farmhouse. It sits on a couple acres of wide open Oklahoma space and is filled with the constant motion of a family of seven. Our three boys share a bedroom, and our two girls share a bedroom. The house itself is around 1,600 square feet (plus a recent studio addition), but the abundance of natural light and the open land outside make it feel much bigger. The extra outside space is a huge perk with five young kids—we spend a lot of time outside all year long."

Lovely details

Lovely living space"The most unusual decor item in our living room is a large round chair that sits off in one corner. When I was in high school my mom was given the chair from a client that did not want it. It sat in our living room for years while my mom decided what to do with it. Eventually it ended up in my aunt's barn. A couple years ago I was driving to my grandpa's house for a Saturday night dinner and spotted the chair on the sidewalk outside an antique store. I quickly found out my sister had put in on consignment. A borrowed truck and a few phone calls later to cancel the sale, the chair in my living room. My kids tend to think it is an indoor trampoline!"

Love that photo display!"My favorite feature in this room is a large photo wall over our (fake) mantel. The bottom row starts with a picture of an ultrasound when I was pregnant with our firstborn. Each year I add about 30 pictures to the wall. I reached the top of the wall with the pictures from 2012, so I think I might start moving across the wall next. I love being able to see the last nine years of our family at one glance. In an instant I am reminded how quickly time passes, how babies grow into toddlers and how toddlers become kids. The constant reminders that wall provides helps me keep the perspective that my days are numbered, and I want to live in the fullness of my days. I also treasure being able to look up and see so many memories of my family. The photos are just everyday shots that may not stand out to others, but to me they recount the beauty of days past."

Love all of these sweet details in ashley campbell's homeSycamore4.13-15"When our oldest son was a baby, (he is now nine) we lived a couple blocks away. We would take him on evening walks to our current street to see the horses in a neighboring field. We would often stop and gaze at the little white farmhouse and dream about living outside of a traditional neighborhood with more land. One day we saw a 'for rent' sign in the yard, and a couple weeks later we had convinced the owners to sell the house to us. Since the day we moved in, I've been changing the rooms. I don't think we've had a single month since we moved in that I wasn't decorating or redecorating a room. The house is in a constant state of change, as my style evolves and my kids grow. The top priority when it comes to decorating my home is that it feels like a refuge for my family. Having five kids plays a heavy role in how the style of our home has evolved. I want my home to be a place that my family can rest and that guests feel welcomed."

At Home With Ashley Campbell via A Beautiful MessThank you so much for sharing your gorgeous space with us, Ashley! You can find Ashley and more bits of her life over at her blog Under the Sycamore. xo.

  • The round chair is pretty awesome! I’m definitely jealous of it!


  • So so beautiful. What a dream space.

  • she is one of my daily reads – such joy and grace! thanks for sharing her space 🙂

  • Such a beautiful space! Thank you for sharing it and introducing us all to Ashley!

  • I just posted a home tour video and added some photos to my blog. I’m transforming my space gradually vintage in little old England. Not many people seem to be doing it here, so it’s a novelty when people come round. I love all these fabulous spaces and I make do with the little flat I have. Maybe come and see?


  • i always really loved ashley ann’s photography tips, so now it’s cool for me to see this description of her home! so fun!

  • I love the dressed up chalkboard! I may have to use this idea for my dorm next year.

  • I love this Clean,nice,simple and beautiful home of yours …

  • I love her chalkboard picture. We recently painted a chalkboard wall and our kiddos love it! She has such a fun house.


  • ashley is such a beautiful soul and i adore her blog. thanks for having her share her awesome living room space here on your awesome blog!


  • OH MY GOODNESS I WANT THIS WHOLE PLACE. But if I had to settle I’d just take that chair. WOW.


  • I love that there are soo many photos around the house:)

  • Beautiful! Feels like a real home, instead of an advertisement for pretty furniture, I love it.

  • Really great home. I am especially in love with the blackboard! Genius!

  • i am a reader of ashley’s blog and i am always swooning over her pretty home. love every little detail. totally looks like a happy place.

  • Such a beautiful, livable, and personal living room!:)


  • Oh!! Her blog is one of my favorite blogs ever!!! I have been following Ashley for the last 6 months and honestly just love every post. Great to see her here on your blog that I also can’t get enough of! Thank you. Love the home for sure and all the photos.

  • This house is really great, but not only is it stylish, it feels warm and lived it. I love all the picture displays. Great inspiration for us.

  • I love this feature that you do. I love this home, this woman, her story and honesty. Really lovely.

  • Love. Everything. About. This. What great style and I love that it looks like a cozy “little” family lives here. It’s a toss up between the kitchen and the awesome ginormous chalk board in the living room, as to what part of the house is my favorite!

    Thanks for sharing,

  • I love the at home series so much! Also, she has done such a wonderful job of effortlessly combining pstterns. I love it and hope my home is able to evolve into something so beautiful someday!

  • I LOVE everything about this home, so perfect & wonderful! And who would EVER get rid of that big, ole chair? It’s totally unique and makes the room interesting. So cool! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • love all the great little details of this room… particularly the wood under the fake mantel and the wood by the stairs. its so kid friendly too!

  • Wow. I want to live in that space! I love the stadium seats and the photo wall 🙂


  • Maybe it was just me, but the photos with the couch and the planter on the clothespin were knitted together so well that I thought there was a GIANT clothespin in her living room. How cool would that be?? Anyway, beautiful house and I love those old school auditorium seats!

  • That rocking chair is wonderful! Any tips where to find one like it?

  • The story about the chair is amazing, it definetly resembles a trampoline! Very jealous. Your vintage floral cushions on the sofa are lovely too.

  • This series is so fun! I love the chalkboard “art”. This room has a grown up feel but kid-friendly too ~ a difficult combination. Those theater chairs against the wall are such an awesome addition!

  • I love all of your home tours!! You always find the most interesting, fun homes. I love all of the patterns and colors. That old theater seating is awesome, I just saw someone leave the flea market near me with those, so cool!

  • It is a lovely home and I like the blackboard on top of the sofa tremendously. Warm feeling thinking of 7 people living there… (and sometimes I struggle so much in keeping my house ok with just one child!!!!)

  • I absolutely adore Ashley & her blog and just love love love her home. Thanks for sharing it.

  • I’m loving the layout and charm of this sweet home. Beautiful!

    Lulu xx

  • I love these posts because we get to see how other folks live! Her home is just lovely.

  • Love, love, love your home Ashley. Love your heart behind your words even more!

  • What a wonderful house, so full of life and light!

  • What a beautiful space, love the colors and the high chalkboard behind the couch is such a great idea! xx

  • i love the at home with posts, and this is no exception, so pretty. and i love the chair!
    xo, aiyanajane ||

  • I LOVE Ashley’s blog, it’s one I read daily, so I’m so happy to see it featured here! I didn’t know the back story of the house, so interesting!

  • Yay so happy! I love ashleys blog so much I was just posting a link on facebook when i saw this in reader!

    Such an amazing home


  • the folding chairs and the shelf and the postcard rack and those beautiful little girls.

  • Ohhh your home is beautiful! Greetings from Serbia!
    P.S. I will be reading you more, so glad I found out about your blog 🙂

  • I love the stairs!

  • Am so inspired by this space. Thanks for sharing.

  • The picture wall is amazing. Love the house.

  • I adore Under the Sycamore! I absolutely love reading about Ashley’s family- she inspires me for the future. So great to see you guys teaming up! :)I love this crazy little blog world.

    Jess x

  • oh my gosh.
    I used to follow Ashley’s blog and it has some how gotten lost in the shuffle of things and I haven’t checked it out in a while. She has REALLY spruced up her place – it looks absolutely amazing!!
    Happy for her and her cute little family.

  • The chair looks really cool. How great that Ashely got it before it was sold.

  • Completely obsessed with that chalkboard. Looooove it!


  • I stopped passed your personal blog, Ashley, and read the recent post about cleft lips. There is too much hate in this world, wherever you go, and it’s a wonderful thing for your daughter to be able to be raised by someone that can help her love herself either way. She was beautiful before the surgery and she is beautiful now. Congrats, and I love the huge round chair that your family struggled with while you were growing up! 🙂

  • I love this so much!

    Please check out and follow my blog! I’d really appreciate it!

  • Beautiful home, and I just read a few of her blog posts and seems like a beautiful person, too. I love this series of “At Home With….” I think it is my favorite type of post you do.


  • Those theater seats are too cool! Love how its stylish but still “lived-in”.

  • That’s a beautiful house! By the way, Elsie, what’s that awesome glittery nail polish you are wearing in the coffee picture on Everyday Elsie? I love it!!!

  • Beautiful interiors ! Love this eclectic style !

    XX Luba

    D&G style inspired look , today on

  • Wow that’s beautiful !
    New post:
    Love from Paris

  • So beautiful, I’m actually in the process of buying a home and love the decor inspiration on here!

  • I really like how it looks like. Nice inspiration.

  • Love the wooden auditorium / classroom seats!

  • I’d love to do a photo wall like Ashley’s!

  • What a beautiful space. I love the stadium seats!

    Jillian –

  • That chalkboard above the couch is so cute, and I love the photo wall! 🙂


  • what a happy, lovely living room! I absolutely love that round chair. I’m going to check out her blog right away!

  • I love her blog, and her living room looks soo cozy.

    xo, Clare

  • I’ve been loving this series as well! I love how the house is new but built to look old. I love all the little details. Cozy yet clean and organized and lived in.
    Juliette Laura

  • So nice! Love the large round chair…its charming! Thats house is a great home for living in!

  • I’m really loving the at home series too! Don’t stop… ever. =) I love the chalkboard mural and the wall going up the stairs. Very family oriented and fun!

  • Oh its beautiful!! that last picture is wonderful. x


  • I love the boxes used as shelves. Great idea and really good looking. Wanted some as a table but this is a better idea…
    Love your home. It’s really unique and beautiful…

  • I want that large round chair in Ashley’s living room! I can definitely see how the kids think it’s a mini trampoline – how fun!


  • ps-The Url at the end that links to her blog doesn’t seem to be working 🙂

  • I really like the look of the sepia toned photo wall. What a lovely way to display memories!

  • It has so much character to it! Lovely home!! Love your at home series too!

  • love that photo wall! and the couch. so beautiful! everything looks so lovely and lived in. can’t wait till my place looks like that!

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