At Home With Bethany Herwegh

Lovely retro dining roomToday Bethany Herwegh is here to share her bright and fun vacation home with us! Such a fun room"This is our family's vacation home located in Redondo Beach, CA. The overall theme of the home is 'Palm Springs' with heavy influences from Jonathan Adler and The Novogratz. I adore color and pattern, which can be seen in the overuse of wallpaper. The main colors of the home are orange, green, and grey. I am a modern vintage fanatic which means I adore the vintage aesthetic, but with a modern touch. For example there are almost no vintage pieces in the home, but everything has a sort of mid-century modern feel about it." Amazing lighting fixture!Bethany Herwegh's retro dining room"When we first purchased the home it hadn't been touched since it was built in the early 1950s. We tore down a wall between the kitchen and family room which really opened up the whole space. We also added a second set of sliding glass doors to the family room making everything very bright and cheery. I purposely wallpapered both the family room and kitchen with the birds and butterfly motif because I wanted the two rooms to feel like one large room. Plus that wallpaper is seriously the most amazingly beautiful paper I have ever seen and wanted it in abundance. We also replaced all the kitchen cabinets with ones we purchased at Ikea. I like the bright white, which isn't practical in most homes, but for a vacation home is just fine." The Glamorous Housewife's amazing kitchen Bethany Herwegh's lovely living space"My favorite piece of furniture is the Thomas Wold cabinet in our dining room. It is the one with the different colored doors which I use to store all of my stemware. I am totally obsessed with Mr. Wold and I think his furniture is divine. He was selling this as a prototype on his website and I snatched it up. My second favorite item is the dining room chandelier from the 1950s which we purchased in Palm Springs. I saw it in a window and yelled at my husband to "pull over" because I knew we had to have it. My husband is used to my antics and I love him because he lets me decorate to my hearts content. Most husbands wouldn't necessarily be keen on such crazy wallpaper but he loves it." Sunny detailsSuch a fun retro homeLove this fun and retro house!"If I had to give only one piece of decorating advice it would be to always buy what you adore. If you follow this rule you will always be pleased when you walk into any room in your home, because you will love everything in it." At Home With Bethany HerweghThank you so much for sharing your cheerful space with us, Bethany! You can find more of Bethany over at her blog The Glamorous Housewife

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