At Home With Brooke Fish

At Home with Brooke FishLove this kitchenWe are welcoming Brooke Fish to the blog today as she shares her mid-century home and workspace with us!

Kitchen decor"My husband is a photographer and was renting a studio space for years downtown. We finally decided it was time for him to have an office from home since he's mostly on location. Our hopes were dashed when the city told us we couldn't build above our garage. We began looking for a new home that would allow us to add on.

"Three years ago we found THE PERFECT mid-century modern; it hadn't been touched since it was built in the 50s. It was perfect with a lovely brick entryway, wood paneling, and super cool details throughout. The layout allowed us to close in the breezeway that connected the garage and home and build up! Since we were taking off part of the roof anyway, we decided to add two rooms upstairs. One is now a photography studio and the other is my sewing studio.

Living roomLiving room details"I look around our home and almost everything is vintage, thrifted, gifted or scored at an estate sale. Only our couch and our rugs are new really. I love that about our home; it makes it super inviting and welcoming. Nothing is too precious and everything has a story. In our living room, we have a peacock blue chest of drawers that we scavenged from an old house that was being demolished. My husband was convinced that I would never refinish it. I proved him wrong. It holds our laptops, bills and blankets. So super convenient.

Dining room"One of the very first things we did as soon as we signed the papers and got the keys was pull up all of the carpet and measure for new windows! We now have beautiful concrete floors throughout the entire house that allow our two boys to be boys! Our windows are larger than life and allow natural lighting to flood into every room. Then, on our wedding anniversary, my husband gutted our kitchen. We now have a huge, beautiful kitchen with a waterfall island that allows us to entertain. My husband and father did the entire kitchen. So that also adds to my love for it. Not to mention that I can see the living room and playroom and backyard all while cooking dinner.

White fireplaceBedroomBedroom details"In our guest bedroom, we have a painting of an old red barn/house that I scored at a thrift store. I fell in love with it at first sight and then years later, my step-mother-in-law showed me that it glows in the dark! During the day the painting is a daytime scene with the sun, but at night, when the lights are out, it depicts a night scene with snow, stars and moon. It's stunning.

Wall hanging"In our master bedroom, we have a vintage wall hanging that my mother-in-law found for me at an estate sale. I love how it pops against our dark grey walls.

Details in kids roomStudio"This room has been made into my sewing studio and Fresh BiB headquarters. We couldn't have planned it more perfectly if we tried. Our studios are the only two rooms upstairs, and they both get beautiful sunlight throughout the day. Our studios allow us to both work from home, walk our boys to school and have about a 2 second commute, which is unheard of in Dallas. Since moving here, our life has become insanely simple. I love it."

Little detailsShelfThank you so much for sharing, Brooke! You can find more of Brooke on her website and on Instagram. xo.

Credits // Author: Brook Fish. Photography: Adam Fish.

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  • Lovely home! Can you please share the master bedroom paint color?

  • Cool place. Love that chalkboard wall. You’d think we would be a little tired of it by now but we still love it.
    ♥Heather and Melissa

  • What a cool style! It’s so unique! I’m not sure I would be able to pull it off, but in the right house it’s perfect!

  • I really love everything about this home! But I think my favorite could be the Johnny Cash artwork in the kitchen!!!

  • There are SO many special, unique details that I love I don’t even know where to begin!!

    <3 Haley @

  • such a beautiful home! I love the wall decoration at first pic

  • That fireplace is awesome! And great work on the kitchen island!! Your home is so cozy and inviting =)

    Juju Sprinkles

  • I love the read those little life stories behind the beautiful photos ◕‿◕

  • I love the gold wall art in the first picture! Do you think this could be a DIY?

  • Love the space! Wicked fireplace.

  • I love everything about this place, from the amazing wooden island to the clipboard hanging on the wall! So gorgeous.

  • What a warm and inviting home. I’m loving how you can see signs of LIFE (the kid’s drawings on the walls, cork board full of notes, etc. makes it so much more relateable. I feel like a lot of beautiful homes look a tad too museum-y, with so much “why?” decor that just collects dust from sitting there!! This place is BEAUTIFULLY and cohesively decorated to feel mid western-y and just like a warm inviting place. Happy to see this home featured on ABM

    xoxo, Naomi |

  • The color scheme is calming, and I love all the natural light coming into each room. The entire home looks beautiful yet comfortable.

    Happy Tuesday 🙂

  • I love your fireplace!

    50 Beauty and Life HACKS Every Girl Should Know♡

  • That work room is fantastic! I would love a space like that. It’s cute, organized, and very “crisp” looking. I like it!

    Kristin //

  • I love this so much! I love her wallpaper and how welcoming her home is – I absolutely adore that they took on an old home and all of the vintage goodies!

    Warm Regards,

  • You have a beautiful home, thanks for sharing it with the readers of this blog. I noticed that awesome gold wall hanging of the birds. It looks a lot like a huge one that sits along the highway in North Dakota. It’s a part of the enchanted highway an was sculpted by Greg Greff. I wonder if the two are related somehow?

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