At Home with Camilla Bromann

At Home with Camilla Bromann  Today we are welcoming Camilla Bromann to the blog to share her beautiful apartment with us!

At Home with Camilla BromannDining room"Our home is a small 68m2, 3 bedroom apartment located on the Danish island of Fyn in the city of Odense. The apartment has 3 rooms of the same size. These are used for our bedroom, living room and dining room/studio. On top of that, there's a good size kitchen and a tiny bathroom (Europe style). It took a long time to furnish our home. First we had to wait 3 months (3 MONTHS!) before our belongings arrived from Australia. So for that time, we really only had our bed and our dining table and chairs. It was very…minimalistic. But as the stuff arrived and I spent most weekends thrifting and exploring my parents' attic, our home slowly took shape. At the moment we are working overseas, and when we get home, I have so many new ideas (and items) to try out and incorporate. Our home is ever-changing and I like it like that."

Wall decorAmazing light fixture"We moved into our Danish home in 2014 after having lived in Melbourne, Australia since 2008. First of all, we picked this apartment because it is located in my hometown that I hadn't lived in for 5 years. Massive homesickness now cured. Secondly, the apartment is so light and cozy with wooden floorboards and big white frame windows and a French door separating the living/dining area."

Love this kitchen
Kitchen shelves
"The kitchen is a blast. It is not super big but has everything we need including a view into our garden. When the warm season hits and the sun starts to shine, we fill the window with fresh herbs and plants and experiment with growing different sprouts and pineapples (THAT never worked). I also love the early 90s kitchen cupboards and mini-shelves above the stove that I have filled up with my favorite little vintage ceramics and op-shop glass jars for spices. And the same wall was the perfect size to hang our 3 exotic Queensland bamboo fruit baskets that were found in an op-shop in Australia."
Camilla Bromann"Another favorite item of mine is the Ice Cream poster in our dining room. It was given to my mum by the artist himself when she was helping out in his studio in '81. I like it because of the Miami vibes it brings to the space. I am sure it makes our plants greener and happier."
Plant display
Everything gold
Living room
Little details
"Most of our home is filled with recycled items that we have either inherited or found op-shopping. The pink couches are from my childhood home, bought in the early 80s and made by the Danish designer Søren Lund. I have never been able to part with them as they remind me too much of all the sweet times we had as kids. So the couches are staying. Even though they are so worn down. I call it patina, and I hear it is pretty trendy. The dining table is another favorite of mine as it is a DIY. I sanded down what I thought was a 60s teak table because it was so dark brown, but was pleasantly surprised it was made from oak. I gave it a matte white lacquer top and kept the edges neutral."
Cool pillows
Thanks so much, Camilla! You can visit Camilla and her husband's clothing company here and follow her on Instagram here. xo.
Credits // Author and Photography: Camilla Bromann.
  • Thank you very much for the answer, Camilla 🙂 I actually live in Finland, so it is even much darker here than in Denmark in the winter time!
    But I never thought about not being allowed to paint in rented accommodation would affect it as here painting is rarely limited. That would certainly limit people to neutral colours. My own walls are yellow, pale green and very bold print but then I own my apartment.
    There are lots of lovely things in your home, ideas for whatever background 🙂

  • What a beautiful space. I really love the simple and clean Ikea hack for the buffet, and all the copper watering cans in various places. Very bright and beautiful.

  • Thank you so much Trayc. So lovely of you to comment 🙂

    xx Camilla

  • Hi Tuula,
    Thank you for your comment! Yes, it is a very Scandinavian thing with the white walls! I guess it is because we live in darkness for many months of the year (sun is literally only out from 10am-3pm in Denmark and further up north not even that long). So we embrace light as much as possible! Probably why we tend to paint everything bright white to reflect the small amounts of rays that hit our windows 🙂
    Another thing could be the rental agreement. Most rented apartments are simply not allowed to be painted any other colour. -It is weird, but I guess it saves the landlords trying to cover up bright colours for the next person to move in.
    But a big trend in Dk right now is to paint feature walls in fx dark navy, velvety emerald or subtle pastels. But I would say it is mostly people who legally own their homes that have that creative freedom 🙂 I hope this answers your question!

    xx Camilla

  • I’m loving all the plants in this space!


  • the pink couches are the cutest!

    xx nikki

  • I love your home! All of the personal touches, and great finds, this is what I would call a well curated home, and as you can see, it happens over time and not instantly. Thank you for sharing.

  • Thank you MC!
    They are all vintage, so keep an eye out at your local thrift stores!
    I believe the coffee press is Bodum, but the mugs I have no idea..? I have seen them around a couple of times here so (unless they are a danish brand) I am sure you will run into them one day 🙂

    xx Camilla

  • Thank you! Yes, plants really make a home! I have also given all of them names, so it feels like we are a real family haha

    xx Camilla

  • Lovely items in the home 🙂 One thing I have often wondered, after seeing a number of Danish TV shows on interior decoration: do all Danish people paint their walls white?! So far I don’t remember a single home with coloured walls or patterned wallpaper. I like the style otherwise but the one things I would never use would be white walls in any part of a home.

  • Yes, the are TOTALLY from IKEA and they very so cheap! (too make it cheaper I bought the wood from the hardware shop and got them to cut the lenght for me).

    xx Camilla

  • Hi Elsie -Thank you so much! Yup, they are vintage! I found them at a local thrift market and literally paid $4 for a set of 6! The coffee press is a Bodum I believe.. But from an op-shop too. Maybe it is 80s?!

  • haha, yer my husband is not happy with the colour either, but you can’t deny the bright pop it brings to your home! I say DO IT! Make thise chairs pink and proud 😀
    Thanks for your lovely comment.


  • Thank you for your kind comment Cat! I love the palette too which kind of happened by accident along the way 🙂

  • This is perfect. Love everything

  • It’s amazing what white can do to a room! When we moved into our new condo, we repainted all the beige and red walls, and suddenly the space felt more airy and open. Love her style!!

  • that french press and those mugs though – my favorite!! are they vintage or can I shop them somewhere? beautiful, beautiful home.

  • So in love with that wall art! I actually adore these interiors, they look really serene and natural, but still very artistic and beautiful! I like that there’s always pops of colour in every room, but she still keeps it subtle. Very gorgeous! THOUGHTS IN TIFFANY BLUE

  • Beautiful – love all the plant life! Feel like I need to buy a succulent now :p

  • Love everything about this home…all the plants, <3<3<3..and the pink couch, so pretty…. the bedroom, minimalistic yet so cozy…LOVE!!


  • I really like those bright punchy couches!


  • Very pretty–light and bright but with lots of personality, too. Love the plants!

  • Love the boho eclectic vibe. Just what I’ve done in my apartment and I just love all the color! She’s got some fantastic ideas!

  • Love the bright and airy look of your home. I’m inspired by the number of indoor plants you have – I really should get a few more indoor plants myself…!

  • Indigo pillows and a lot of plant! That’s my faveourite home! Simply *In Love*!

    Anastasia from

  • I love how every home you show has so much light! I need more light in my home!

  • Melissa,

    If you mean the shelves in the very first picture then they are from Ikea. I included the link to the brackets below. I hope those are the shelves you meant and you live near an Ikea. 🙂


  • I like the white walls with touches of pastel. Not to mention that ice cream poster would be a favorite of mine as well.

    // ▲ ▲

  • Those pink couches are so lovely! They make the whole house look beautiful never part with them 🙂 They are really inspiring me to redo our vinyl kitchen chairs in pink too… don’t tell my husband 😉 Really love your home, thank you for sharing!


  • In love with the shibori pillows!

    Great, small apartment, in Europe, although our is quite larger i can identified with it ; )

  • Someone please share how to make those shelves! I can’t live without them!

  • I love your brass french press and mugs. Are they vintage? Super cute!
    xx- Elsie

  • I love the use of neutral browns and creams little bright little pops of pink, yellow, and blues! Truly a perfect color palette. Thanks for sharing, Camilla 🙂


  • These cactuses and succulents are really starting to grow on me ????

  • I love your apartment! It’s so cute! I love the blue and white pillows and the couch!

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