At Home With Cat Greenwood

At Home with Cat GreenwoodKitchenToday we are welcoming Cat Greenwood to the blog to share her gorgeous space with us!

Living roomCute collectibles"We moved to our two-bed flat in Camberwell in London last July, and I am so proud of what we’ve achieved with it. When I viewed the flat, it was the most horrendous thing I’d ever seen. It was in permanent darkness because light bulbs seemingly don’t exist in South London, even the “curtains” looked like a prop from the West End production of Oliver Twist (no exaggeration). It was a shell, and a dirty one at that. We moved in, rolled up our sleeves, and got to work.

Cat Greenwood"What attracted me to the flat, despite its dirtiness, was the fact that it's in a converted Victorian hospital. It’s a gorgeous building with vast ceilings, huge windows and genuine 1920s graffiti on the exterior walls! I knew that a good scrub down, a lick of paint and a bit of TLC was all that it needed to turn it into a home.

Turquoise tableKitchen detailsLove this cabinet"The cabinet once belonged to a pharmacy, and, I’m told, dates from around 1900. I just love the door knobs. It is the perfect place to display our favourite books and objects, and it even has a secret little shelf! I think our pharmacy cabinet works as a nice anchor, a centrepiece, to our living room, in place of a fire and mantelpiece. We already had the two white chairs and a tiny two-person table in our previous flat, but now that we have a bigger dining space, I felt ready to be a grownup and have people round for dinner. I bought our table from Ikea for 40 quid and spruced it up with some turquoise paint and a couple coats of clear varnish. 

ButterfliesBedroomVintage mirrorBedroom decor"I love my dressing table. I have spent 27 years doing my makeup and hair while sitting cross-legged on the floor, so it means a lot to finally have a space of my own! The pom pom trim hanging from my dressing table was a Christmas DIY which was too pretty to hide away until 1 December. The antique mirror was a car boot find, can you believe, and cost £7–total bargain.

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"Like the rest of our flat, our balcony was a right royal mess when we moved in—I don't think it had ever been swept before, let alone loved and cherished as it should be. Outside space is such a rare luxury in London, you've got to make the most of it if, like us, you're lucky enough to have a little slice. So that's exactly what I've tried to do—make the most of it—by treating the balcony like any other room in our flat, turning it from four square feet of concrete into a relaxed, colourful space."
Thanks so much for sharing! You can find more of Cat on her blog and on Instagram. xo.
Credits// Author and Photography: Cat Greenwood.
  • I love the fabric of th pillows on the bed. Is it available on spoonflower?

  • Hi Jerrica! Sorry about that! It’s a Pinterest issue, but it appears to be fixed now. 🙂 -Jacki

  • I’m having trouble using the pin it buttons on your photos, I’m not sure if it’s a problem on my end or on your site, but I thought I would let you know just in case. It’s been happening for a few days now when using your site.

  • What a bubbly place! Full of colors and personal touches. Thanks for sharing your lovely flat Cat!

    Juju Sprinkles

  • That’s such a cute flat! I love how personalized and unique it is!

  • Really well done! I especially adore the pharmacy cabinet and your bedding. Such a welcoming place!

  • I love the balcony! I’m always looking for inspiration to make my small outdoor space more magical!

  • This is such a cute space! I love all the plants and knick knacks. 🙂

  • Cat I love your flat, it can be hard with tinchy London flats to inject personality and life but you certainly have here!! Great furniture goes a long way and love all your vintage touches x

  • I’ve been snatching up every framed butterfly / moth I can find lately but hers are dreamy! This whole place is dreamy.

  • Love the blue underside of the table; it adds so much personality! The vintage cameras are gorgeous too.

    Erin |

  • your apartment is like a giant perfect photo op of instagram perfectness. i would be playing ‘let me take a selfie’ on repeat if i lived there.

  • This flat is simply gorgeous. So light and airy. It’s perfect 🙂

  • The space is awesome! I agree with some other comments, seeing the before pictures would definitely help to see how much you guys have done!

    You’ve done a great job though 🙂

  • What a gorgeous flat! I’m flat-hunting in London at the moment and that is a total inspiration!!

  • What a beautiful space! I especially love those butterfly wall hangings and the fabric you used for your headboard!

  • Beautiful apartment! I especially love the butterflies in the frame. It’s definitely unique and I’ve never seen any decoration like that!

  • Everything in this flat is charming and fresh, the nice kitchen, the cosy living room with antique sidebord. Thank you for the great Fotos.
    Kind Regards, Gabi

  • I had a table just like this for a few years! It was a painted IKEA table that I bought on craigslist.

  • I just pinned this! I love Cat’s boho-inspired space. It feels so comfortable and cheerful. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  • Thanks so much Samantha! If you’re curious there are links to the before photos at the end of this post:

  • Then after all of that hard work on the flat, you’ve moved!! Can’t wait to see the transformations in the new house! So pleased you’ve been featured on A Beautiful Mess 🙂 Alice xx

  • Hey!

    This kitchen table is so great!!!
    I will have this one!!!

    And the pics so great!

    best, patricia frome

  • I love the different chairs at the dining table!
    Grace, Faith, & Glitter

  • Oh my! Such a gorgeous space! I love the porch outside! Such a little paradise in the summertime!

  • What an absolutely gorgeous apartment! I would love to see before pictures so I could understand the transformation. Thanks for sharing with us!


  • Love the butterfly wall display! Beautiful home, looks very cozy!

  • This home looks like just my style.

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