At Home With Coury Combs

At Home With Coury CombsOur next guest in our "At Home With" series is the lovely Coury Combs. Coury is here to share her living room space with us. Gorgeous Living Space"One of the major reasons we moved from Downtown Los Angeles to Nashville about a year ago was to buy a house with some space—space to move around, space for our future baby, space to dance and do cartwheels if we want, and space to store Christmas decorations most of the year (it may sound silly to some, but after living in 500-700 square feet for 7 years it becomes an issue). Even after living here since September 2011, some days I just can't believe this is my house. Sure, the weather in LA is amazing, but it's worth the colder winter to have a house we love."  Lovely Mother DaughterBeautiful French Doors"The first time I walked into this room with the tall fireplace and 25 foot ceilings, I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. I pictured our future child crawling on the floors and the ridiculously tall Christmas tree we would have each year. Now we have been blessed with a gorgeous angel of a daughter called Goldie, and my daydreams are coming into fruition." Lovely living room touches Adorable living room detailsPom Poms on the wall"Mornings in this room are the best! The sun shines in with gusto! When it gets really chilly, we make a fire and drink our coffee down there. We just love spending time together, listening to Gabe play the piano, and reading to Goldie. It's never too soon for fairy tales."   Living Area DetailsSweet living room details"Everything in this space is special to me because everything we have collected in our lives together represents a wonderful memory or a place in time. My mom brought me that huge roller skate when I was down with morning sickness during my pregnancy. My brother gave us the yellow vase for Christmas one year, and it's actually from Whoville! My sister made the pink poms for my baby shower, and I kept them and made a heart above the piano. There are a few items from the Pasadena Flea Market, which we used to frequent in LA." At Home With Coury Combs via A Beautiful MessThank you so much, Coury, for sharing your gorgeous space with us!  You can say hello to Coury over at her blog Fancy Treehouse.  xo.

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