At Home With Coury Combs

At Home With Coury CombsOur next guest in our "At Home With" series is the lovely Coury Combs. Coury is here to share her living room space with us. Gorgeous Living Space"One of the major reasons we moved from Downtown Los Angeles to Nashville about a year ago was to buy a house with some space—space to move around, space for our future baby, space to dance and do cartwheels if we want, and space to store Christmas decorations most of the year (it may sound silly to some, but after living in 500-700 square feet for 7 years it becomes an issue). Even after living here since September 2011, some days I just can't believe this is my house. Sure, the weather in LA is amazing, but it's worth the colder winter to have a house we love."  Lovely Mother DaughterBeautiful French Doors"The first time I walked into this room with the tall fireplace and 25 foot ceilings, I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. I pictured our future child crawling on the floors and the ridiculously tall Christmas tree we would have each year. Now we have been blessed with a gorgeous angel of a daughter called Goldie, and my daydreams are coming into fruition." Lovely living room touches Adorable living room detailsPom Poms on the wall"Mornings in this room are the best! The sun shines in with gusto! When it gets really chilly, we make a fire and drink our coffee down there. We just love spending time together, listening to Gabe play the piano, and reading to Goldie. It's never too soon for fairy tales."   Living Area DetailsSweet living room details"Everything in this space is special to me because everything we have collected in our lives together represents a wonderful memory or a place in time. My mom brought me that huge roller skate when I was down with morning sickness during my pregnancy. My brother gave us the yellow vase for Christmas one year, and it's actually from Whoville! My sister made the pink poms for my baby shower, and I kept them and made a heart above the piano. There are a few items from the Pasadena Flea Market, which we used to frequent in LA." At Home With Coury Combs via A Beautiful MessThank you so much, Coury, for sharing your gorgeous space with us!  You can say hello to Coury over at her blog Fancy Treehouse.  xo.

  • Gorgeous home! I love the combination of rustic features and modern pops of colour. The home is almost like something out of a fairy tale!

  • Wow! I love the house! Btw what’s the name of the blue flower? I’ve asked so many people but nobody knows it. Thank you. 😀

  • This is an amazing house! It definitely makes me want to buy a house instead of living in an apartment.


  • That is an amazingly gorgeous space. I love how it is full of items that have meaning for them such a lovely idea I hope to build on in my own home

    xo Emily @

  • Lovely, eclectic space! I’d love to know where the bunny head is from if it’s not one-of-a-kind.

  • You have a beautiful home! And welcome to Nashville! It’s a great place, and I promise you’ll fall in love with its quirks in no time.

  • This gave me inspiration for furniture placement in a similarly shaped room in my house. BTW, Tennessee is a great place to live no matter what part of the State you’re in. 🙂

  • I’ve come back to this post three times just to ooh and ahh over this room. SO, so lovely.

  • OMG the baby! Sooooooo adorable… The house is beautiful and loving the heart idea on the wall. Awesome!

  • What an adorable home. I like the mish mash of random thing in her collection. Too cute!

  • cooolll.. Lovely site..
    thank for sharing with us..

  • Lovely! We did the same thing this year…gave up the downtown Toronto condo and got a place in the country. It’s a bit of an adjustment but a very sweet way to live 🙂

  • Love her! She’s got such an amazing and unique style!


  • Coury has a beautiful home!

    xo Jennifer

  • WOW! That exposed brick is just jaw-droppingly stunning. Major house envy 🙂 thanks for this series, as someone who is doing up an older house I’m getting so inspired!

  • These photos are so gorgeous! I love her blog but this little peek into her home is awesome.


  • Awww Gabe & Coury are one of my faves!! i LOVE the pops of Black in the pink frilly foo foo home that she has! So cool!


  • Adorable! Ah! I love the lavender table and all the little details and hydrangeas oh and her dress!

  • Love the space! Especially the dog bookends. I wonder where one could find them?!

  • I agree about the tiny space in LA! I want to move out of California because the houses here are just too expensive if you want a good size, but I love the weather here (although Fall could use some work…we don’t get typical Fall here).

  • and i thought our 15ft. ceilings were high! that house is beautiful!

  • So lovely! I love Coury’s home!


  • This space makes me happy! Love it.

  • This is such a lovely space! Coury looks like such a fun lady, and her style is so charming. Seeing this room makes me want to see the rest of their home!!

  • Beautiful space! HOW do you get things from Whoville? Do you mean it was actually from the Grinch set? I’m so jealous 🙂

  • I love this feature!! Give me so must inspiration.

  • Coury’s house represents her fashion sense and personality so much it’s wild! Thank you for sharing!


  • Such a great post! I’ve been following Coury on her blog for years and it’s so cool to see a glimpse inside their home, so lovely!

  • The upholstered coffee table is gorgeous! And I love the bunny on the wall. Like Coury, I too live in a tiny rented apartment and it’s hard to make it homely when you can’t really make any permanent changes.

    Those high ceilings… I have 10ft ceilings, which are about the only ‘big’ part of my apartment. It’s nice to see how someone else has made use of all that vastness! Hoping all the crafty projects I’ve got going on to fill up some wall space will make it all a bit more like a home.


  • Love this house!! Its so cozy…every detail is amazing 🙂

  • That looks really so nice and I like that pink details.

  • This room is jaw dropping! I love it, thanks for sharing! xx

  • So beautiful! & that babies wrinkles are killing me!


  • beautiful !!
    check out my new post:

  • Beautiful space! Nashville is such a wonderful city to live in too. I lived there for 3 years before moving back home to Pennsylvania and I still miss it sometimes!

  • This is my favourite kind of interior- lots of bright, quirky touches. Amazing!
    Katie xx

  • I love that every piece is unique and meaningful in her home. I know that’s becoming the trend, but doesn’t it just make more sense? I love the mismatched vibe and the story behind each belonging.

  • I love how open and airy the house is! I feel like it would be a very invigorating space to live in.


  • I love this new series on ABM! This space is especially inspiring. I could definitely see myself getting cozy by that fireplace with a cup of steaming coffee.

  • Making such a huge room cozy is difficult, I would think; but she’s done it perfectly. Really enjoying this series!

  • So inspired by the colors in your home, Coury! You truly have an eye for decorating!


  • Love the eclectic feel! Decorations mean so much more when they’ve been collected over time. Beautiful 🙂

  • Gorgeous room! I would fall in love with those extra high ceilings and the double doors too. So so so beautiful.

  • Gorgeous room! It definitely works and has a wonderful flow from entrance to exit! 🙂

  • lovely space! I love the pink in this room. I am always afraid to use pink for fear of making the room feel too feminine for all of the boys in my house, but they did a great job of splashing it around and making it work wonderfully! 🙂

  • oh Coury–your house is amazingly beautiful–I can honestly see you and Gabe in every room and of course to get to see Goldie in the pictures was so wonderful–I just want to kiss and squeeze those arms and legs! Thank you so much for showing us your beautiful home–it is decorated gorgeous!

  • I havent yet managed to move out of my family’s home…but i keep getting wonderful insperation on what i’d love my own spae to be. I love the open feeling this house seems to have, my aunt lives in TN and going to visit her is so much fun becaus of the feel her home gives off. I really love this house…I really can’t wait to have my own!

  • This apartment is to die for

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  • I love following Coury and her home is so beautiful! I would love to have a fireplace like that!! So beautiful! Please keep up the ‘at home’ series, its just great!

    xx Ashleigh

  • Your home is so lovely! I could definitely live there and feel at home. It’s personal and unique, I love it.

  • I’m loving this series! Coury’s house is beautiful, and I love all of the personal touches. I think the fireplace is my favorite part because it makes the room look so inviting.


  • Wow what a fabulous space, love the quirky decor! Especially the pink pom pom heartm the rabbit head on the wall and the white roller skate on the piano 🙂


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