At Home With Denise Bovee

At Home with Denise BoveeWe are so excited to introduce a new series, "At Home With". In this new column we invite people who inspire us to share their favorite space in their home. We love peeking into another person's world, don't you? Our first guest is Denise Bovee. She inspires us each day with her beautiful instagram photos of family life. Here's what she has to say about her favorite space, an outdoor patio: Sunny Outdoor Space"I live in a teeny tiny apartment space. It's my 2 girls, my husband and I in a 2-bedroom, 1-bath apartment. There is a perk: It has a open patio area. Picture a sun room, but with no roof, just trees hovering above. Although at times I've felt trapped by the tight quarters, I feel we've made the best of the space given. We have made this outdoor spot our hangout. We use it for homeschooling, dinner with friends, hang-drying our clothes, housing our chickens, etc. Basically it's the heart of our home."Neatly Stacked LogsCozy Outdoor Space"I have an old American flag hanging above our outdoor table. It belonged to my biological father. He gave it to me recently, along with a box of old records and random drawings he drew of Mick Jagger. I love it so much and feel it completed my outdoor space."Outdoor Patio Set"My absolute favorite item in my space is my spun-fiberglass patio set. I found it on Craigslist for $70 bucks! I pretty much die over them. I drove about 2 hours to pick them up and have never regretted one second of that drive!"Playful Outdoor Space"We have lived in our apartment for 2 years. When we first moved in, I thought I was using the space well… I was wrong. It's taken me 2 years to really understand how to utilize such a small space well. I'm a little embarrassed by that time frame, but sometimes it takes a while to see how you function in a space. Every corner is important to us. If it's not being used, well I'll figure how to. It's a mixture of pattern and texture, and I feel it finally represents us well… or me well..heeehee"Lovely Outdoor Patio"I'm a homeschooling photographer. Every morning we wake up, weather permitting, and do our outdoor studies. We feed our chickens, sweep the porch, read some books, yada yada. I will say, my favorite time is when our friends or family are over enjoying a dinner. We listen to music, play games and eat dinner…it's a dream. My heart is on the road in an outdoor setting. This satisfies my heart for the time being."

Thank you for sharing your space, Denise! Be sure to check out her blog, We Go To & Fro.

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