At Home With Eden Passante

At Home With Eden Passante via A Beautiful MessWe are happy to welcome Eden Passante to the blog today to share her beautiful home with us!

Love all the unique details in this spaceLovely details"We bought a 1950s fixer-upper, ranch style home last year. We fell in love with an area outside of Los Angeles and looked for three years until we finally found this house. The two giant oak trees on the property and the 'real' fireplace sold me on this home. You can’t build fireplaces in California anymore, so finding a house with a wood-burning one is a huge bonus! Since our house is pretty new to us, we still have a list of projects that need to be finished, like bathroom remodeling, molding, backyard renovation… the list goes on! But we’re slowly making this house our home. We did a few months of work before moving in. We refinished original floors and added new oak flooring. We also remodeled the entire kitchen on a budget (IKEA cabinets, and I LOVE them!), removed beams, added a skylight, installed new lighting, and smoothed out every inch of the walls because they had the most disgusting thick texture on them! That made a big difference in the space!

In love with this dining space!Cozy home"I’ve always wanted an American flag to hang in our home. Last year for Christmas, before we bought our house, my husband surprised me with an enormous hand-stitched, 48-star, vintage flag he had custom framed. The flag was in such pristine condition he had our friend, who’s an ager/dyer for movies, rough it up a bit! It’s the first thing you see when you walk into the kitchen/dining room area and is definitely the center of attention. It’s completely custom, and I love knowing that we’re the only ones who have this unique piece in our home!

"Right now my favorite area is our kitchen and dining room. It’s open, white, clean, and reflects my modern-farmhouse style. The long teak dining table is my favorite piece of furniture. I’ve always dreamed of having a dining area big enough for a massive table where our friends and family could gather. I filled this space with meaningful things, like vintage photos of our grandfathers that I restored from pocket-sized pictures and travel finds. And of course we have my husband’s guitar sitting out for impromptu concerts!

Beautiful white kitchenFloral detailsGorgeous white kitchen"I’m still working on our room. We added the shutters above our bed, and I love the way they look when they’re open. The turquoise chair was my very first re-upholstery project that I literally just made up as I went along. It looks a little messy, but I can appreciate it because I put endless hours into that chair! I found it on the street and threw it my car 🙂

Love everything about this homeDIY Reupholstery"We moved in last June, and the house looks drastically different inside and outside from the remodeling we’ve done so far. It basically went from a dark, outdated fixer-upper a year ago to our beloved home. The space will continue to evolve, as we’re planning on finishing the backyard this year, because in Southern California your backyard can be a second living room! We’ll also tackle some smaller details like molding, doors, etc. I want to do everything right now, but I know that the longer I wait for things, the more I’ll appreciate them!

Love every detail in this photoLovely bar setupPlanter with feet- perfection"My focus is to keep this home inviting, kid-friendly, and enjoyable for everyday living. Overall, I want the home to feel comfortable, never too fancy, and full of memories. We use every inch of our home, and I love that. It takes a beating from our toddler, and I often find crayon marks on my white walls or little dents in the floors, and I have to say it brings a smile to my face! It’s lived in, it’s broken in, and that’s what makes it ours."

Eden Passante via A Beautiful MessFresh flowers and gold accentsThank you so much for sharing your lovely home with us, Eden! You can find more of Eden over on her site, Sugar and Charm. xo.

Credits // Author and Photography: Eden Passante

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  • That flag really is the SHOW PIECE! It’s beautiful. I love original things like that.

    xo Ashley

  • Beautiful home, love the simplicity and the use of whites. Very charming.

  • You have all made me smile reading these beautiful comments!! I’m honored to have our home feature here on ABM and I’m thrilled you guys love it!! Thanks everyone! And thanks again for having me ABM team 🙂 xo

  • Such a lovely light and bright kitchen, Eden you’ve got great taste and styling.

    Sarah x

  • I love Eden and I’ve been following her blog for years. So lovely to see her gorgeous home featured here!

    Maria xx

  • WOW! You just made me look at my home with a whole new light with this “My focus is to keep this home inviting, kid-friendly, and enjoyable for everyday living. Overall, I want the home to feel comfortable, never too fancy, and full of memories.” I always feel my house has to be perfect, mess free, and everything in it’s place. I’m going to just be happy with what I have!!

  • Absolutely gorgeous home !! I love it ! I will be sure to go play in her blog. I bet it is stunning too ! xx

  • I could most definitely live here!! All the white – with hits of blue, natural woods and rustic metals – makes for such a fresh, inviting home; whoever thinks that white can be “cold” needs to see this space!! And I’m crazy about those kitchen light fixtures!!

  • I adore every ounce of this.

    I’m actually getting ready to move at the end of June (to my first studio– no more roommates!) and can’t wait to decorate. Since the space is small, I’ll have to get creative and will definitely be turning to your blog for inspiration!

  • I LOVE Eden and her beautiful home. It is such a reflection of her hospitable, gracious personality. xo

  • What a lovely house, I love each corner! The rug is so pretty, I need a similiar one for my home!

  • Nice decoration, love it! x

  • YES! I love it when parents have a house that doesn’t look like a Toys ‘r Us exploded inside of it. Great job, Eden!

  • Love it! Bright and beautiful. All of this in less than one year? Amazing. Good work.

  • In any case, clearly they are honoring the flag with that beautiful statement piece.

  • Such a beautiful home. I love the light airy and minimalist feel to it. The kitchen is especially my favourite.

    Sarah xo | PolkaDotLemon

  • I love all the white furniture!! I don’t think I would be able to keep them from getting dirty haha 🙂

  • What a beautiful home! So many rich browns and pastels! Love it!

  • You know, I don’t normally like all white or mostly white houses, but somehow this really works. The wood floors add a lot of warmth, and there’s so much natural lighting. I may fall in love with white…

  • Such a cool space!! Just wondering…why are fireplaces no longer allowed in California new-builds?

  • lovely place…love the dining and kitchen…and all the old charming decor…


  • I love how clean and bright this space is! It is always so inspiring seeing people create their dream homes.

  • 18 U.S. Code § 700 – Desecration of the flag of the United States; penalties -(1) Whoever knowingly mutilates, defaces, physically defiles, burns, maintains on the floor or ground, or tramples upon any flag of the United States shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for not more than one year, or both.

  • Such a beautiful home and it’s so light and classy! I love it!

  • Wow – I want every last bit of this. Gorgeous! I feel like Eden and I would be besties- I’ll have to check out her blog immediately. 🙂

  • What a gorgeous home! I love the mix of masculine and feminine touches in her house. And those brass lamps and the bar?? I’m so jealous. The simplicity of her style is gorgeous too, she doesn’t try to fit 1000 little things into each space. Time to de-clutter! Thanks for sharing! I’m feeling inspired 🙂


  • Such a beautiful house and gorgeous photos! I love it.

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