At Home With Emily May

Beautiful stained glass windows and a fireplace-- so lovely!
We are pleased to welcome Emily May to the blog today to share her beautiful home with us! Love that gold lamp!Love this bedroom!Love the trim on the sheets"We live in Covington, Kentucky in a small home that's nearly 100 years old. The home was neglected for most of its life until a pair of house flippers restored it in 2007 and then purchased by me a year later. The stained glass roses in the front window is what initially drew me in. I saw the roses ("Rosie" is a family nickname) and knew the place was meant for me.

My home and I seem to have grown together over the years. I bought it as a single woman 5.5 years ago and now my husband, Aaron, and our two dogs, Biggie and Suge, call it home, too. And it's here where my love for decorating, DIY and crafting really started to take hold. I finally had my own space I was able to make my own and I haven't been able to stop since." Love the green sofa!This home is so lovely!"My design style has changed quite a bit since I moved in. I remember staying up until 3 am my first few months here, painting the walls every color under the sun—blue, green, black, etc. Since then, I've noticed the rooms and corners I love are those that are bright, with white walls or very dark walls, wood tones and a bit of color and sparkle."  Those chairs are too good!I'd love doing laundry if my space looked like this!"Because we live relatively small at about 900 square feet, each room pulls double (or even triple) duty. Our second bedroom acts as an office and studio. Our kitchen is the basecamp for crafting and laundry almost as much as it for daily meals. Our bedroom, because its so open to the rest of the house (no door!), ends up being extra seating when friends are over. Sometimes living small is inconvenient, but most of the time it's really refreshing to be surrounded only by things we truly treasure. Plus, it gives us the freedom financially to do the other things we love." Love the color of the walls!!Pup pillows!!Thank you so much for sharing your home with us, Emily! You can find more of Emily on her blog Go Haus Go or on Instagram! xo.

  • I love the bright white spaces with pops of color. Big fan of the grey sofa with the bright green pillow!


  • Is your bed an IKEA malm bed painted white? If so, what kind of paint did you use? Looks great!

  • I have a vintage love seat that looks like it matches one of her couches! This is such a great space!

  • Hi Jen! The pet portrait pillows are a brand called Fauna. You can find them lots of places online but my favorite online store to purchase them is Design Public. They have a great selection! Here’s your dachshund one:

  • The grey, more-modern sofa is the Clare sofa from Macy’s. I can’t say I recommend. The fabric stretches and wrinkles and generally drives me crazy. The green sofa was an estate sale purchase awhile back.

  • Hi Natalja… not a DIY (but that’s a genius idea!). It’s the “Between a Rock and a Lamp Base” lamp from Land of Nod. I found them at the Illinois outlet for very, very cheap. I cannot afford the actual retail price!

  • Thanks for including me! You’ve given me a few very exciting days. I’m so appreciative!

  • I keep saying it but I love this series so much. I just loving seeing real, creative, unique homes that are wonderful and full of pretty and feel welcoming and aren’t ‘styled’ up the wazoo. Love it!!

  • I live 10 mins from Convington. It’s typically not seen as a great part of town so it’s nice to see that someone so stylish and nice lives there!

    xo Ashley

  • Love the whole place. Covington is a beautiful town, and your house just seems perfect for the town. Have cousins living there. The doggie pillows are amazing. Something I would love to do.

  • I love the two people who live in this amazing home, my beautiful niece and good looking nephew Aaron and Emily May.

  • Can we just take a minute…her dogs names are Biggie and Suge?!?!?! HA!!! Love it.

  • Where are the couches from!?? I’ve been stalking craigslist for 4 years and thrift stores (I worked at one for 3 years!) and have yet to find a decent couch/ sofa at a reasonable price so I’m thinking I need to buy new…

  • Such a cute space! My husband and I are currently living in a condo just under 500 square feet, so I feel you on the small space living. I love it most of the time, but it can occasionally be inconvenient.

  • I love the personality of the pops of color in these spaces! What a lovely home. Ours is the same size (though there are 5 of us), so it’s definitely inspiring to see what Emily May has done in such a small space!

  • The gold kitchen chairs are made of awesome! And I’m madly in love with the green sofa as well. Gorgeous!

  • As always…LOVE your post! What cute style and totally inspiring! Love the doggies! <3

  • I absolutely love the forest/trees wallpaper! It reminds me of the TV show Once Upon a Time (my current obsession -> )
    I have a small house too. I too have multiple rooms that have more than 1 purpose to it. Like 1 room: it’s my laundry-drying, wardrobe, photo storage, DIY, office-room. It’s a lot but my bedroom only consists our small bed (1.20m in width) and an extra drawer for underwear and socks. Still I really like my house, it feels like home!

  • Love!! I live in cincinnati which is near her! I tried to visit her website but it must be down 🙁

  • I love your website it is the best inspiration! I def think you provide a service that deserves income. I never notice ads but I am on your site more and more. I really dislike the mind pollution of ads and think it is awesome to support companies with consideration for their products and practices instead. Sorry I just got a pop-up and that hasn’t happened since like 1999. It’s just a turn-off.

  • I love the clean, light, brightness of this space. Its how i envision my very own home.

    I love everything about this space.

    Thanks for sharing.


  • Please share the info on where to buy the pet portrait pillows. There’s a mini dachshund in my house that is begging to have her face on a pillow! Thanks!

  • Whoa! My name is Emily May too. Always so strange to see someone with the same first and last name. Love your place, Emily! Especially the coffee table and rug. Gorgeous.

  • That bed spread is beautiful and the feature wall in the kitchen is so unique, love!
    the way to my Hart

  • I only just noticed the pop up comments when you hover your mouse over the pictures! They’re so cute!

    What a beautiful home!

    Maria xx

  • Wow, this woman has killer taste! Like earlier commenters, I LOVE the wallpaper in the laundry room but every wall works so well with her pieces. Also, those kitchen chairs are gorgeous.

  • Hi!
    I like the green sofa, but the house in generally looks very nice.

  • Love the entire house. My first thought was that the bedroom looks like a living room, but in a good way. And those upholstered chairs in the kitchen are incredible!

  • I feel so inspired with these photos can’t wait to have my own place and decorate it as I please 🙂

  • Perfect space, and perfect PUP names! Can’t wait to start following your blog, Emily May!

  • That is a beautiful home. I am a big fan of smaller spaces, they just feel cozier to me.

  • LOVE that chevron pillow! And the yellow scotch chairs.

  • I feel like this is a perfect home. I love so many things from that golden lampshade to that puppy pillows. Thanks a lot for sharing this space on your blog Elsie and Emma.


  • Wow those mustard coloured chairs are AMAZING! Love the place, so beautiful!

    Gracious Silhouettes

  • I like inspirations like that. I am looking for some new in my flat/ Have a great day.

  • Perfect home, Emily! I love it.. It looks so cozy and fun!

  • I think my favorite bit is the wallpaper used behind the laundry machines! What an AWESOME idea to spruce up what is usually such a drab, hidden space in many houses.

    And of course the doggie portrait pillows are adorable!

  • Agree with you Elyse – that detail in the laundry room is so unique. The rest of her house is lovely though.

  • Really nice home! I love the wallpaper in the kitchen, your bed…everything is beautiful!

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