At Home with Emily Vallely in Long Beach, California

Hi friends! Today, we’re sharing Emily Vallely’s apartment tour (spoiler alert: it’s a vintage wonderland). So many treasures. I follow Emily on Instagram, and was so excited when we received her home submission.

It’s very likely you’ll want to head to the flea market when you’re done reading this! 🙂

“I live in Long Beach, California—just south of Los Angeles. I moved into this apartment last June with my boyfriend, Brandon, and this is our very first apartment. I picked it because it was built in 1937 and has so much history and unique vintage details. Also, our friends live in the same building as us, which is a huge plus!

“My mom and I are vintage dealers at an antique mall called Magnolia and Willow in Long Beach, so I’m constantly finding unique items. It’s really hard not to keep everything I find, but I’ve honed in my decorating style over this past year and try to only keep things that I absolutely can’t live without. “I’m in love with the vintage nude painting hanging above my fireplace. It was one of the first things I bought for my apartment before moving in. I purchased it from my friend, Julie, who owns the Vintage Emporium in Long Beach.

“On my dining room wall, where I have a collage of portraits, there is a finger painting that my mom made when she was a little girl with her grandfather. I never met him because he died before I was born, but she loved him so much and I love having a little piece of our family history on my walls.

“My favorite room is probably the bathroom. This is the only room I had painted, and I just love the pink walls. I also love the original tile. I feel like you can really go crazy with bathrooms and make them super kitschy and girly. Getting ready in this room instantly lifts my spirits.

“Above our bed there are two big eye prints that look like me and my little sister, Lucy. I grew up dancing and Lucy is a dancer, so these remind me of her.

“We also adopted a Siamese kitten at the beginning of this year, so I’ve had to do quite a bit of plant rearranging, and sadly had to sell a few plant stands that she kept knocking over. 😉“We’ve lived in this apartment for almost a year. I decorated the entire place pretty fast, but of course after living in a place for a while, you start to realize what you need and don’t need, so I’ve definitely refined it a lot. I’m finally at a place where it feels really comfortable and homey.”

Thanks so much for giving us a tour, Emily! Be sure to visit Emily’s blog, The Vintage Vegans and her Instagram here.

Credits // Author: Emily Vallely. Photography: Casey Liu.

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