At Home With Emory Kurysh

Dining areaToday we are welcoming Emory Kurysh to the blog as she shares her beautiful, rustic home with us!

Emory Ann Kurysh"My husband and I built our home from the ground up. We had originally wanted an acreage and had searched for one with an old farmhouse for nearly six months. We weren't having any luck in finding our perfect home. On a whim, I went for a drive to a provincial park that was only 20 minutes from the city in which we currently lived and worked. I immediately fell in love with the area, and had a feeling that this was the type of country life that would best suit us. With very few homes for sale in the park, we ended up purchasing an empty lot, and thus began building our new home. Being influenced by the lake and the surrounding area, and having both lived on an acreage, we decided to build our version of a reclaimed cabin and barn-like home. We designed it from scratch and employed contractors that I have known for seven years. It came together like a dream. We named it The Little Barn, and moved into our new space in January 2015.

The little barnLiving roomAt Home with Emory Ann KuryshKitchen"My favourite space in our home is our kitchen. In five years, this is the fifth home that we have lived in together, and it is also the first one with a kitchen that is big enough to fit a table. Our kitchen is technically 9' x 12'. However, because it is open concept, it is more like 12' x 24'. It seems like such a silly thing, but actually having a large kitchen is the one of the reasons why I love this house so much. To celebrate this achievement, I ordered a custom picnic table with built-in seating on one side. The other side is a 9' church pew that was gifted to us from my mother. I put a childhood blanket of my husband's on the pew, as well as a few animal hides that were my Baba's. Her antique household items are displayed on top of our table, in addition to some from my mother, and a plant from my in-laws on the large kitchen windowsill. I do all of my reading and blogging whilst sitting at the table, and I love when my two dogs curl up at my feet on the shag rug that I placed underneath the table. 

Kitchen storageShelving"In keeping with a rustic home, we specifically decided against countertops and cupboards. Instead, we hung vintage crates from my antique store and use an old armoire that my mother restored when I was a child to hold all of our kitchen wares. We purchased a stainless steel commercial sink, and kept with the industrial theme with a 7' tall fridge and double oven. Our only countertop is a reclaimed wood island with metal sheeting for a workspace. I just love it!

Entertainment areaDecor details"Our entertainment unit is one of my favourite pieces. We designed it to fit the long, narrow space beneath the stairs, and my husband constructed it out of reclaimed barn wood that he collected with my brother-in-law. I adore the items that I collected from my Baba's estate as well as the ones that were given to us by my mother.

BedroomBathroomGuest bedroomBedroom details"I love our IKEA purchases, mainly our stainless steel shelving solutions and all of our lighting that can be found throughout our home.  I could not live without our vintage wool blankets or cast iron antique spare bed, nor could I part with our record, book, and movie collection. I have hand-picked every item to fit into The Little Barn. It's still not much, but all that we own, I can honestly say I cherish."

Thank you so much for sharing your space with us, Emory! You can find more of Emory on her blog and on Instagram. xo.

Credits// Author and Photography: Emory Kurysh

  • You’re welcome! Thanks for taking the time to read it!


  • Thank you so much Kaleigh! They have so many beautiful spaces on here. Your comment has made my day!

  • Hi Jeanne!

    I actually purchased the cart at a big box store in Canada named HomeSense. Do you have that in America? Anyway, it’s all reclaimed wood, on four casters, with a bumpy sheet metal top, hooks on the one side, and more! We had it in our old home, and I used it to hold my succulent collection. When we designed this home, I specifically didn’t want countertops (crazy, I know), but rather to only use this island.

    People have been trying to buy it off of us for years, and it’s no wonder why! It really is a conversation piece.

    BTW there are many tutorials on how to make something similar online. I thought ABM actually had one, but perhaps I’m mistaken? :-)))

  • I absolutely love the grey triangle ceiling – very unique & fun to decorate I’m sure. Beautiful home!

    Erin //

  • Incredible! I love the simplicity, not to mention the LIGHT! Fab, thanks for sharing 🙂

  • What a lovely home! I can’t even pick a favourite part, but I’m a big fan of the rustic crate storages and the kitchen cart.

  • Loving the high ceiling and red telephone box shelf 🙂 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • I love this! It is so lovely, charming, rustic, and modern! Great job infusing it with your own style


  • I think this is my favorite so far for this series! I love LOVE the simplicity of everything. Nothing in excess and the beautiful natural materials used…gorgeous! I hope my sunroom table looks as good as their dining room table in the very near future!

  • I love this bright clean look! It looks like such a relaxing space to be in!

  • You just answered my question, “Where in Canada?” Hello neighbour. Nice place.

  • What a dream home! I love the open spaces, wood furnishings, and the light pouring into each room.

    Happy Wednesday

  • Such a beautiful home! Very unique pieces! Thanks so much for welcoming us into your home! 🙂

  • What a lovely home! Every room looks so light and airy. I especially like the high arched ceilings, and the wood floors. I can tell you spent a lot of time picking and choosing each piece in every room. I’m also completely inspired by the colored pairing of the mint twin sized bed frame and the white and yellow-ish striped rug. Gorgeous!

  • I love the indoor picnic table and all the exposed wood! it’s so gorgeous!


  • This is so beautiful! My favourite is the telephone booth bookshelf in the bedroom–soo cute 🙂

  • This kitchen/dining area is seriously amazing! And I really love that entertainment stand, but most that it’s tucked away under the stairs rather than the focus of the room. That’s always something I’m looking to achieve. Beautiful home!

  • Love the kitchen cart. Can you give any more details on that? Thanks!

  • Love the picnic table and all the exposed wood on the walls! Such a pretty home!


  • Hi Sarah,

    Good eye! In regards to our table, two of them are faux sheepskin from IKEA while the other two are real. We usually have more on the table, real ones, but I didn’t want to overwhelm the photograph with them, so I removed them when I took the picture. All of our rugs are real, as well. 🙂

  • Beautiful home.

    I really wish ABM stated the city and state of where each home is located at the beginning of the article. It is frustrating to read and the writer talk about cities and the countryside etc and never anywhere can I read where they are talking about! Am I just missing the locations in the “At Home With…” articles???

  • I’m obsessed with this decor!! It’s so charming, and the picnic table/crates on the wall are right up my utilitarian loving alley!!! I always joked in college I was going to furnish my house with patio furniture and spend the money on clothes…maybe I secretly just loved the idea of outdoor furniture indoors 😛

    xx Jill

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  • Aren’t those “animal hides” on the table the small faux sheepskin rugs from ikea? I’m almost positive they are..same with the cow hide.

  • It’s beautiful!! I love the space, the high ceilings, everything x

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