At Home With Erica Feldmann

Love everything about this dining area!We are so pleased to welcome Erica Feldmann to the blog today to share bits of her home with us!Adorable felix in the prettiest chair!Love that rug in this setting"My boyfriend Dave and I live in a two bedroom apartment in Somerville, MA with our cats Moscow and Salem. We fell in love with the space right away because of its natural light, original French doors and two porches! Best of all, it was in our price range, which is no easy feat here in the Boston area. Humor is definitely our common language, and I think that has a huge impact on how we decorate. I love incorporating a little cheekiness into a vignette and hanging artwork that doesn’t take itself too seriously."

Sweet art for the living room"My favorite find, well I have two. (I can’t help it I’m a Gemini!) The first is the Felix doll that lives on a chair in the living room. This was mine when I was a little kid, but it lived at my Grandma’s house. I loved it so much, and I always tried to take it home with me, but she would say that it had to stay at Grandma’s house. 20 years later when I left for the East Coast, it was my going away present.

The second is my giant Bird/Panda painting. It was a gift from a dear friend, and I just love everything about it. The artist’s name is Derek Erdman."

Love everything about this room

This chair!"The most unusual item we own would have to be the North Wind Chair in the bedroom. My mom found it at an estate sale in Milwaukee before I was born. When I was a kid I was totally fascinated by it, and as an adult I can say I’ve still never seen anything else quite like it. It’s supposed to guard your house against evil spirits, so my mom gave it to me for protection when I moved away from the Midwest for grad school. So far its worked great!"

Hanging photos lining the hallwaySuch an adorable kitchenSuch a fun collection"The fact that our apartment is so big allows us a lot of autonomy when we work from home. I do most of my blogging from the dining room, so Dave can work on his films in our office/guestroom. The two porches are great, because one is much better for relaxing and the other functions as the 'HausWitch Workshop' where I do all of my DIY projects. Having such a big, functional kitchen is a huge switch for me, and it has totally changed the way I feel about cooking. All the sudden I love spending time at our big island trying new recipes. Since both of us do a lot of work from home on top of our day jobs, my favorite times are when we can steal a night to watch a movie or some ridiculous reality show on the couch."

That chalkboard bubble!Love the french doors in this home!"Dave and I are just starting our second year together in this apartment. When we first moved in, we struggled to find ways of combining our tastes. We aren’t super different, but Dave definitely leans towards more classic/traditional, while I like bright, Scandinavian-modern. Since budget is the alpha and omega of my decorating process, we’re doing our best to combine our stuff as coherently as possible while saving up for meaningful pieces that we both really love. Honestly though, the biggest change to our space has come from adopting our kitten Salem. It’s funny how ALL OF THE THINGS can be in place, but sometimes another little family member is what really makes the space feel like home."

Dream dining roomCute display for Instagram photosThank you so much for sharing your lovely home with us, Erica! You can find more of Erica on her blog HausWitch or over on Instagram! xo. **photos by Samara Vise

  • Hi metalheadfairy! I actually address this problem a lot on HausWitch. My clients in the Winthrop Waterloo chapter in particular had totally conflicting taste! I think I ended up making them happy so maybe you can gain from that post. In general though, I deal with this on every single room I re-decorate. Its a tough one but with a little finesse you can totally make it work! Thanks for you comment!

  • I got it on Craigslist, but its from IKEA. I think they still make it! We do have a box spring and a mattress as well. 🙂

  • i really enjoyed this post so much – but then again i am a sucker for interior design posts! erica and dave have made such a beautiful home out of their space and they are very lucky to have so much space! as a gal living in the city, i would die for even the smallest of two-level homes! the photography was also very lovely. thank you for introducing me to erica, i will check out her blog for more!
    xx rae

  • I love the decorated eggs at the hallway. It just brings color to the living space.

  • beyond perfect. i get the whole taste clash with your boyfriend thing. I’m planning on moving out probably in a year and getting a place with my boyfriend. as of now, he still likes glass and metal and shiny countertops. If i let him have his way, our place is going to look like a high end office space. my style’s more like the one here, and lots of light colours, white walls, some wood, open shelving and a nice labrador as well? =) but anyway, HOW DO I MASH OUR TASTES AND MAKE THINGS WORK OUT?????

  • That chair. Omg I’m in love. It’s SO beautifully carved and I’ve never seen anything like it, either.

    xo Ashley

  • Your bed is my dream bed. Do you remember where you found it and does it need a boxspring/foundation?

  • I love the bones of the house. All the windows and natural light would be so lovely to have.

  • Erica has such a wonderful home!

  • So pretty! Thanks for sharing!

    The North Wind chair is beautiful…It reminds me of the logo of my university (the sulis head of Bath, UK) The sulis head is also a protector 🙂

    Also love the quirky patterned Russian dolls…I see these all over the place (I do live in Russia after all!)

    Check out some of my adventures:

  • Love the glass doors in between the two rooms and what a great kitchen! xx

  • The pictures in the hall are amazing! North Wind Chair is also really cool, never seen anything like it! xx

  • That North Wind Chair is one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen. I love the printed pillows in the living room as well.

  • What a wonderful home you created! Its seams to be so clear and colorful at the same time!

    Love from Germany
    Bird & Bambi

    Already remembering sunnier days here in Germany…

  • Beautiful home! It looks so cozy! And those sunflowers are marvelous on that kitchen table! 🙂

  • I love how her house manages to fit totally within a contemporary aesthetic while being really unique. That estate sale chair is awesome! – Leah,

  • Great pictures! I love the color scheme in the living room. Really loving this series, ladies! Keep up the great work 🙂

  • What a beautiful space, I really like all the little personal touches, like the print in the kitchen about dancing and the washing lines of pictures in the hall

  • love those photos lining the hallway! how gorgeous. and that chair is pretty unique too!

  • I love the North wind chair, it’s unusual, very original and beautiful! I understand that you were fascinated when you was a child!
    I love as well your Felix doll, it’s so cute!
    Thank you fo sharing your home!

  • I love how she hung the photos on her wall! Lovely!

    ❤️, Brittney @ True Vintage Love

  • Erica and Dave have a gorgeous home. My favorite part is the photograph clotheslines along the hallway. I love the modern prints on the Russian Dolls.


  • This is a gorgeous space – open and airy but homey and cozy all at once! I love the clothesline of photos – I’m hoping to do the same in my space soon 🙂

  • I’ve been loving these “At Home With…” posts – so much inspiration for my first home! I am studying at Boston University, and living in a place like this one outside of Boston is a dream for me! I love the French doors and the Felix doll!

  • this home is stunning! love the photos hanging in the hallway


  • Their home is beautiful! I love the North Wind chair and the story behind it. Also, you guys are cracking me up with your hover-over captions.


  • I’ve been loving these “At Home With…” posts. I am studying at Boston University and can only dream of owning a place like this and living outside of Boston someday. What an awesome space – love the French doors and the Felix doll!

  • I love the photos lining the hall way! I think it’s such a creative way to hang them without having to deal with frames!! I’ve been looking for a creative way to display photos in my home. I’d love a gallery wall but I’m sooo OCD when it comes to hanging up photos. This would eliminate the stress and be way more creative

    Jamie @
    The Growing Up Diaries

  • oh sweet baby jesus, I LOVE the photo garland in the hallway! simple and elegant and lovely and I really, really need one, too!

  • Thanks a lot for sharing, this is such a fantastic and tasteful home, and I´m so in love with this wonderful old chair


    I LOVE her grey and chartreuse living room color scheme. Totes gorge’.

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