At Home With Erin Barrett

At Home with Erin BarrettToday we are so excited to welcome Erin Barrett to ABM as she shares her amazing home with us! Emma and I visited last winter and I asked her to share her home with you about five seconds after we walked through the door. It's incredibly cozy and well curated. You're going to LOVE this space! 

Cozy living spaceSo cute!"This is the first home that my husband Creighton and I ever owned. We were about six months pregnant with our daughter, Sunny, when we started shopping around for a house. Creighton is the drummer for Band of Horses and just so happened to be heavily touring during the time most of the house shopping took place, but as soon as I stepped foot in the door, I knew it was perfect for us. It was an older home that had recently been redone, but the best part was the fact that it was in our favorite neighborhood.  

Dining room"I would definitely say that I am drawn to a midcentury type of decor, but I like to throw in different elements to keep things interesting. There will never be a lack of indoor plants in any of my homes… There is definitely a crazy plant lady thing starting to happen inside of me.

Love this cart"The 12' ceilings and abundance of natural light are easily the best features in the home. I love the openness of the living room and dining room as soon as you enter the house. It has been a great place for entertaining friends and family.

Love this chair!Kitchen"We recently took down a good bit of the cabinet space in the kitchen and replaced it with some open shelving and a TON of subway tile. It really added a lot of character to the kitchen and made for a brighter, more inspiring place to cook. 

Kids roomMaster bedroomSurf board decor"My sweet husband surprised me a couple of Christmases ago with the most amazing pallet headboard. The fact that it reaches all the way to the ceiling above the bed makes it an even more dramatic and beautiful addition to the bedroom. 

Amazing outdoor space"After about two years in our home, we added on a door from the master bedroom leading out onto a deck and patio that we had built. The extra outdoor space has definitely been the best investment that we made in our home. So many fun parties, bbqs and mornings with coffee have taken place there."

Love this table setup!Thanks so much for sharing, Erin! You can find more of Erin on Instagram and Etsy and be sure to check out Band of Horses if you haven't already. xo.

Credits//Author: Erin Barrett. Photography: Jen Lee (blog, Instagram).

  • Love the house. You did such a great job decorating i. Do you remember the paint color on the wall?

  • Erin, my mom sent me this link and told me i had to check out your amazing home! Wow it is so beautiful and inspiring!

  • Where are the shelves from that house the records and player? I’ve been looking for something with wood and metal. Loved it!

  • I just won a weaving from her and it literally made my month 🙂 Big surprise she has a great house too!! Such talent in one little lady!

  • It would be so awesome if your “at home” series was punctuated with shopping links on various items in the photos, even if it’s just “paris flea market.” As a clueless decorating newb, would love to know where these folks shop!

    Thanks for the lovely home features. Def a fave on your blog so far!

  • I enjoy this feature of your blog, but could you show us what the front of the homes look like? I am always curious about what type of home it is.

  • I love your home decor! Where is the cart from that you’re using for record storage? It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.

  • Hello!! The table is from World Market, white chairs are from France & son and the sideboard is vintage 😉 thank you!!!

  • I wish I could remember the exact color! It was sort of a last minute choice… But I do know that it came from Lowes if that helps 😉

  • Thank you thank you!!! And I will pass that on to my husband 😉 xo

  • This is probably my favorite home tour you’ve done to date – love absolutely everything about it. Dreaming of owning a home some day..!

  • Beautiful home. This is definitely someone who knows and appreciates their own style..

    Well curated too. I just kept thinking. about how everything is so beautiful and simple…

    Most importantly, it feels like a HOME.

  • I’ve always wanted a hanging chair! Is it hard to install?

  • Such a lovely, airy, sweet home (and pup♥). And YES to Band of Horses. On repeat, always.

  • AMAZING home!! would love to know where your dining table, white chairs and tv stand is from!

  • Beautiful home! I especially like the wooden slats between the windows which would otherwise have been a boring wall. Keeping the curtains on one side while open, looks great and keeps the look of a headboard.

    I also thought that putting the plants on wheels was a great idea and a good tip for home staging too. Many times plants need the light but might be crowding an area. Just rolling them back into a better place when someone is coming to view a listed property, is a great idea!

  • OBSESSED! Where do I begin? The headboard, the huge kitchen table, the decor – everything looks AMAZING

  • What an adorable, cozy, “homey” home! I fell in love immediately with the casual yet still artistic design and pieces. All looks so effortless and livable!

    <3 Haley @

  • Beautiful home! I have a lot of the same artwork you have, I love the frame choices you make. Also really enjoy the yellow color of your front door. Could you share the paint color?

  • Um WHOA Band of Horses! So cool! Just heard them on my Pandora this morning! Your house is so pretty Erin!!!

  • I love the modern clean lines of her wooden pieces in the living room!


  • I would have to agree with Erin that the best parts are the high ceilings and lots of light. Lovely home, indeed!


  • Love this curated collection of items in her home. And I would love to know where she got the shelves from in image #5. It is exactly what I need for my kitchen right now.

  • I love this house so much! I just want someone to design my house like this!

  • what a great space. and I agree that if anyone hasn’t checked out band of horses, they really should! I love them so much. great musicians and awesome performers. how cool!

  • What a lovely decorated house! Love the colouring!

    Rhianna x

  • Looks amazing and sooo cozy. My favourite thing is the hanging chair. Defintely want one in my futur home

    Bisous, Marye

  • This house is beautiful, so pure and cosy! The bedroom is gorgeous!
    Band of Horses is an awesome band! This is so amazing that you know them!!

  • I really love the the Dinning room rug it’s stunning, lovely home thanks for sharing! xx

  • I’ve been shopping for my new apartment and I’m going with the same design of mid century modern. This apartment is perfectly laid out, I’ve it!

  • Erin, that pallet headboard your husband made is AWESOME! Got me thinking up some cool ideas for my new place!
    Bisous from Switzerland,

  • Such a pretty house! I especially like the simple design and natural colors

    Meet Me in Midtown

  • I love the wood plank wall in the bed room. If I didn’t sleep in an attic I would do that to my wall.

  • Erin’s home is one of the loveliest I’ve seen featured on ABM. The wall colors and furnishings are warm and calm. I also love the wood fixtures and the vibrant fabrics & patterns.

    Happy Tuesday

  • I wish I could tell you where the baskets were from!! They are a mix of vintage and new. Search antique shops! Thank you! – Erin

  • Our sideboard is vintage too! It’s one of our favorite pieces 😉 xo!!!

  • Pretty in love with the yellow couch. The kitchen is nice too and I think the teepee is cute.


  • Awesome house but AHH!!! Can’t believe you guys know people from Band of Horses!!! AWESOMEEEEEEE!!!!


  • This house looks gorgeous. They’re basically living in an amazing & tastefully curated art installation. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  • That is one gorgeous home!
    The open shelving + subway tile = perfect!!

    As Joy, I love the “At Home With” feature but it would be cool to know where it’s at.

    xo Ida

  • This is my favorite house tour so far. I do wish the house tours included some sources, I would love to know where the living room rug is from. Gorgeous!

  • I have the same EXACT sideboard (first photo)! Crazy. I bought it off Craigslist and have no idea whether it was vintage or what. Seeing it in someone else’s home somehow makes me love it more. 😉

    Also, I’d love it if in these “At Home With” features you mentioned which area of the country the homes are in. I mean, not exact neighborhoods or anything, but I’m always mystified…my guess for this one would be Venice or Santa Cruz. 🙂

  • This has to be one of my favorite houses you’ve featured. I love the idea of adding a record player and some vinyls to a bar cart- the makings for a party all in one place 🙂

  • WOW, what a beautiful home! So much to take in and explore visually.

  • so gorgeous! the first thing i thought was, ‘man, that looks cozy’! Thanks for sharing!!!

    xo. holly erinn

  • Oh pleeeease let me know where they sourced the wire baskets on the bottom shelf of their console. I have been searching for some just like that for our records and everything has been the tiniest bit off.

    Lovely, lovely home.

  • I loved the hanging chair at the dining room! And all the surfboards are SO COOL, just as your back yard. I loved the colors 🙂

    xo, Deborah

  • You weren’t kidding when you said ‘well curated’! This house is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing! I can’t wait to start decorating my own new apartment, and I’m pretty sure open kitchen shelving is going to have to be a part of it.

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