At Home With Erin Thiessen

At Home With Erin Thiessen via A Beautiful MessOur next room tour guest is Erin Thiessen, who you may also know as the other half of the Oh So Lovely duo. Erin is here to share her closet/work space with us!

Beautiful rainbow closet"My husband, Derek and I, along with our cat, rent the second floor of a hundred-year-old house that has so much character! If

you would walk into my home, the first thing you would notice is all of

the color! I began collecting vintage 50s and 60s furniture, knick

knacks and clothing when I was a teenager. And I love feeling like I am

stepping back in time when I walk through my door! It's

only around 800 square feet, so it's not huge, but it is big enough to

let me have the room of every girl's dreams…a room turned closet! A

place to showcase all of those beautiful dresses, skirts, tops and

shoes! I'd say the

majority of things in my home were bought at thrift stores and antique

stores, and it just so happens that the pieces I collect are usually

pretty colorful. And my closet is no exception! This space has the least vintage-y feel to it of any room in my home, but I wanted the clothes to be the focus of the room. It is one giant rainbow of pretty 50s and 60s dresses with polka dots, prints and an abundance of cute collars!"

Gorgeous saturated room"Clearly

I love to organize. And I also love displaying things, so this closet

is the perfect opportunity to show that off. I started arranging my

clothes by color a few years ago and haven't been able to stop since! I

love being able to wake up in the morning and dress according to my

mood, and the color coordination makes that pretty easy! It may look a

little excessive, but I do own neutrals too, I swear! Those drawers are overflowing, and, besides, it's not like I could wear dresses every single day!"

Colorful shoes

Lovely room details

Lovely clothing organized by color"I

have lived in this home for about two and a half years with my husband,

and before that my brother lived with my husband. And before Derek it

was my sister and brother, so it's been in the family for over 7 years!

Because we're renting, not a whole lot has changed, except for the paint

colors! When I moved in, it was evident that the boys could have cared

less about paint colors, but that quickly changed once I settled in! My

kitchen is now bright yellow, the living room is chartreuse, our bedroom

is a green-ish turquoise and the closet room is orangey-red! Obviously

I'm not afraid of color, I absolutely love the warmth that it brings to a

home. When I first moved in, this space was our bedroom,and all of the

other rooms were switched around too, but because of the layout &

light in of all of rooms, we decided to switch it all up! It's taken

pretty much the whole two and half years to find a place for everything,

but I'm finally content with the way it is! That said, I am happy to

say that we will be house hunting in the next year and can hardly wait

to have a little more space and a yard…and hopefully another closet


Rainbow room details

Retro style office spaceThank you so much, Erin, for sharing your closet/work space with us! You can stop by Erin's blog or you see more peeks of her home over on Instagram by searching for ohsolovelyerin. Photos by Tristan Fast

  • Wow, love the colourful retro-y vibe going on here, particularly love that photo with the shoes peeking out! Keep up the great work, really love this new series, it gives me a lot of inspiration to keep in mind for when I finally move into my own larger space 🙂

  • This space is so bright and happy! It’s wonderful!

  • Love the colours, brightness & the organization! You’ve got such fun items all around your room.

  • The room is amazing, very kitch-retro!! I want her closet :3, the only thing i am not a big fan is the wall color, to much red for a space


  • Speechless…this looks amazing with all those colours.
    And I love your dresses and shoes…


  • I can’t stop looking at this gorgeous space! It makes me happy without even being there. The colors are lovely. My home will look like this some day 🙂

  • Woooow it looks so good! I’m totally in love with this room!

  • I’m getting ready to redo my office/studio space so I love to see these ideas! Great space, would love to see more!

  • Oh my goodness! I love this beyond words!!! I’m travelling right now so these pictures really make me miss my full wardrobe! LOVE!

  • I don’t even have the words for how much I love this house. Oh my gosh. One day! Those are two seriously stylish ladies.

  • That is an amazing space. Just goes to show that you don’t need a huge space, you just need style. I even love that little antique television.

  • I love it!! My dream home would have a little sewing room just for me (woman cave!!) but i never thought of using somthing like that as a closet. So Creative!!

  • This is such a lovely home! I can’t wait to buy a house and attempt to make it look as beautiful as this! 🙂

  • What an amazing space!I would love to do any kind of work in this space!It just cheers me up!And I love the closet-workspace duo!

  • such a gorgeous space!
    loving all the bright colours & those dresses <3
    just lovely

  • Your room looks neat and tidy, my room is totally the opposite. I wish if I could have mine like this.

  • What a lovely room! All those outfits too, I am lusting after your wardrobe! Thanks for sharing. X

  • Oh my goodness, this is just wonderful! This is what I hope my house will look like; I have been collecting things for my house for the past year or two from thrift stores!


  • Www like your blog!
    What about follow each others?

  • I want this room! I wish I could be as organized and creative to build a space like that. I am absolutely in love with this closet room!

  • Love the use of color without being too much. Such a happy work place!!

  • What.. no teepee? lol 😛 But seriously.. this house is absolutely awesome! Totally diggin’ the sweet colour story!

  • Ahhhhh, to have a closet room filled with vintage loveliness. Sigh. Oh, and I would love to see the rest of the apartment.

  • the colors just makes you happy walking into it!

  • Wow! That is one space that I could cosy up in and stay forever! Beautiful interior designing! Big thumbs up!!!

  • Ohhhh my god! Amazing closet!


  • gorgeous. props for not featuring somebody who isn’t misappropriating another culture.

  • Love all the color! Is that tooth knickknack a plastic box? It’s so great!

  • The hanging chair and the wall planters really seal the deal for me! Beautiful space. -Erin

  • How awesome is this space!! So gorgeous! Love the bright colors. I can’t wait for the day I can dedicate an entire room for my clothes!! Boo to apartments and their narrow walk in closets! 🙂

    Styled By The Moon

  • Love all the bright colours, and loving this “At Home” posts!

    Keep em’ coming 🙂


  • Wow, really so nice. I love that colors. Have a great day.

  • would absolutely love to have this colourful closet!
    LOVE the colours!!

  • What a beautiful home! So colorful and that closet, I want it too! xx

  • Holy moly, a little too much color for me but it looks great! Jealous of her organizing skills…

    Strive to Thrive,

  • What a gorgeous space- like a ray of sunshine. SO funky and full of personality yet practical too with all of that storage space.Rx

  • wow, this is totally fantastic! i love colors and would like to have a home like this

  • Love the colors! I wish I could have this closet!!


  • Such a colorful space!!! love the closet!! very cute!

    <3 Val

  • I am so jealous of her closet size and rainbow of beautiful clothes! Very cute space.

  • This is the single most amazing room I have ever seen! That red wall! 😀

    xo eden

  • I’ve been re-doing my closet and room, it is my workspace/catchall since I live with my parents. It’s functioned well so far, I just have way too much stuff to fit into my closet, so I decided to live out of clothes baskets for four months (I know!) and what ever was left in the closet that wasn’t a fancy dress that I purchased in those four months was donated. It was hard, but with a job that allows me to wear jeans and a shirt everyday (ad agency) and I”m a quick iron-er, I wasn’t looking ragged. But I’m halfway there!


  • AHHH I love this. This room’s amazing. On of my (two) rooms is painted in a similar color, and I think I will turn it completly into a huge closet. I WANT TO OWN YOUR CLOTHING… <33

  • I envy your ability to stay so neat! My space would look like a tornado hit one week later! Super cute.

  • What a gorgeous space. Love the brightness of the room – must be so fun picking out what to wear in the mornings!

  • Dying to see the rest of this house! This room is amazing. xo

  • Love all the color and I also love how this is your work space area and your closet! Such a great idea. Thanks for sharing Erin.

  • It would never occur to me to paint a room that color, but I absolutely love it! It makes all the other colors really pop. I like the little hook rack to hang your bags on too – definitely going to steal that idea!

  • I love how colorful this closet is!! It makes me want to move just so I can look for a home with a wonderful walk in closet. xx. McKenna Lou

  • I so appreciate people who can do COLOR in their homes. It looks amazing here. Thanks for sharing!

  • everything looks so clean…
    i wish it could stay like that at my house. afraid that with an almost two year old toddler running around the house that is just NOT an option!!

  • I love how you always try to find a way to include interior design into your blog. It makes me happy 🙂

  • loving the color coordinated closet! my first thought was…i should do that. my second thought was…i’m a new yorker and three-quarters of my wardrobe is black. but, a girl can dream. :]

  • LOVE this space. The colors are amazing! So perfect.

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