At Home with Jacqui Saldana in Southern California

Amazing nursery tour!Today we are welcoming Jacqui Saldana to the blog! Jacqui’s story is so heartfelt and inspiring. Before her son, Ryan, tragically passed away two years ago, she created her blog Baby Boy Bakery to share stories of motherhood and kid-friendly recipes that she made with him. Since then, Jacqui has dedicated her blog to the special times she had with Ryan in many ways, like creating monthly recipe kits that you can use to teach your children how to cook while making special memories. Her daughter, Mila, was born last month (congratulations!!), and we’re so excited to share her nursery tour with you.

At Home with Jacqui SaldanaBookcase/The Land of Nod

Gorgeous green crib At Home with Baby Boy Bakery Doll/Hazel Village

“I worked with The Land Of Nod to create the perfect space where my little girl, Mila, and I could spend time and grow within. When I started the design process with The Land of Nod design team, I started with thoughts of hope for Mila rather than colors or furniture pieces. I wanted what I hoped and imagined for my baby and her future to guide me in the process of creating her space. I began with how I imagine my daughter—unique, soft and subtle with bright streams of wild running through her. From there I decided on bright pops of color set on a backdrop of light and neutral color with wild gold highlights throughout. To carry out the unique element, I settled on this fun green colored crib first and the rest of the furniture fell into place around it.

“Another gorgeous focal point in the nursery is this fantastic watercolor print. I thought the pink artwork went well alongside the green crib. We had it framed without glass since it was being placed above the crib. The artwork to me is beautifully soft but still makes a fiercely strong statement. Two things I hope my daughter portrays in the future.

Baby Boy BakeryAdorable baby clothesAt Home with Baby Boy Bakery Pop Up Greens brought in a tall fiddle leaf fig tree and small succulent in a hand painted moon pot. I also added a snake plant I planted in a basket last year and a tiny cactus I bought at a craft fair. We have definitely accumulated a bunch of beautiful little lady clothes. One thing I like to do is display a few special baby clothes. In Ryan’s nursery, I displayed the outfit he came home from the hospital in. In baby girl’s nursery, I decided to display deliciously girly green dress by Little Minis and comfy cute sweater by Geo Fox Apparel.

Love this teepee! Baby shoes!Baby shoes/Zuzii

“Even though Mila won’t be able to play inside her teepee just yet, I thought it would be a perfectly fun element to add to her nursery. This beautiful lace teepee with colorful pom pom garland adds a touch of whimsy and I can’t wait to see how she plays amongst it. Right now it sits pretty with a mini gold lounge chair and a handmade dolly waiting to be played with. I also added tiny lights inside for fun nighttime story reading.

Decor detailsRyan's watercolorsFrames/The Land of Nod

“The most important thing for me was to find ways to incorporate my son, Ryan, into his little sister’s nursery. We decided on a gallery wall displaying a few of his art pieces. There are three art pieces Ryan created in the last months he was at preschool—a purple jellyfish made from his small handprint, a bright yellow flying bird and a joyous basket of flowers. The large framed piece is a compilation of artwork Ryan and I did together usually during our craft times on the weekend or before dinner. Now that they are hung, I sometimes go into the nursery and just sit and look at his artwork. I like to think of his tiny hands hard at work creating. I like to think he knew who he was creating these art pieces for. He definitely knew, those flowers were for his little sister.

Cute shelvingAt Home with Jacqui Saldana “My son Ryan and I spent a lot of time at Disneyland. It was a our favorite place. I decided to subtly display Ryan’s Micky Mouse ears in the bookcase underneath the window. On Ryan’s 5th birthday last year, I was about 6 months pregnant. We went to Disneyland to celebrate, and while there, we decided to get ‘Little Sister’ Micky Mouse ears. They are now displayed on the white and gold shelves above the changing table. I hope to share memorable moments at Disneyland with this little miss soon.

At Home with Jacqui Saldana “You can see how I displayed my hopes for my daughter and our future together with the pieces in her nursery. In my Mila’s nursery, everything tells a story of what was or what will be. I am thrilled to bring her inside and tell her stories of the past and dream together for her future.”

Thanks for sharing this special room with us! You can find more of Jacqui on her blog Baby Boy Bakery and Instagram. xo.

Credits // Author: Jacqui Saldana. Photography: Megan Welker.

  • This is such an amazing post. I have goose bumps sitting here reading about the little life that was & the new life & how Jacqui incorporated these to create such a magical space. So special. Thank you for sharing. xxx

  • Love Land of Nod and I love the sentiment behind and the actual result of this nursery. I think what does it for me is how it steers away from a far too girly and dainty look and instead enforces personality, experiences and joy. Many of these pieces can stay with her throughout her life, rather than becoming something to break free from as she grows older. She’s a lucky girl!

  • This nursery looks great! I think the perfect combination of bright objects on a light and warm background works great. Besides bright colors help the child’s development, as I know. So I create a vivid art prints for nursery and children’s rooms. Well, it’s just fun!

  • I was wondering where the mobile came from. I don’t see it on the website, but I just adore it!

  • Absolutely gorgeous nursery!! Especially love the lace teepee, definitely a must!

  • This room is beautiful. I am so touched by your story. Thank you for sharing and much love, Emily

  • These photos represent everything I ever wanted in a nursery! Just gorgeous!

  • What a lovely space. I love how modern and clean it is, but it’s also so colorful and cozy! Very beautiful!


  • So beautiful. I’ve followed your story for the past couple years and think of you often. I’m so happy this new life has entered yours, and I love how Ryan is present in all things. Can I ask where the gorgeous quilt over the side of the crib is from? Huge congrats again.

  • What a sweet, full of life nursery! I love all the pops of color. Curious question… I noticed the snake plant is actually PLANTED in the basket. How do you keep the basket from molding?

  • This nursery is gorgeous! I’m obsessed with all of the deep wood tones and tribal patterns and colors! Such a great space.


  • I love everything about this–the room, the decorations, the way Ryan’s artwork is displayed… just gorgeous.

    Congratulations Jacqui, on the birth of your daughter!

  • Such a beautiful space for little Mila to grow up in. Maybe it’s because I’m a mom myself, but I teared up at the end where Jaqui talks about Ryan’s artwork and its display.

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  • This is such an adorable space! I’m in the process of planning a nursery and am feeling way inspired by this. Where is that beautiful pink painting above the crib from?

  • I absolutely adore this nursery, so much thought and care has went it to it – baby Milla is one lucky little girl! This post was so inspiring, thank you so much for sharing x

  • My husband and I are trying to get pregnant and all I can think about are the potentials in decorating a baby room. Honestly, I only had white cribs in my mind but I SO love this punch of color!

  • I love how she combines colorful accessories for the child and ‘normal’ furniture in warm tones, it’s really a nice mixture that suits both the child and the adult!

  • Ooops, I have never cried when reading ABM before. That was just a gorgeous story. My middle son’s name is Ryan, so I guess the thought of losing him. Absolutely beautiful way to honor your little boy. Thank you.

  • I love the paint color! So soft yet warm. Any chance of getting a source?

  • Both the images and the story behind them are truly beautiful! Thank you for sharing them with us.

  • Love that green and the rug

  • love love love this! love all the neutrals with pop of colour everywhere! so much fun! a great environment for a baby!

  • Super, super adorable. I love this and this is my dream future nursery for when I have bebes.

  • Hi Kate!

    Thank you for your kind words.
    The rug is from The Land of Nod.

  • Love this room! Especially LOVE the rug!! Is there a way to find out where Jacqui got that amazing colorful masterpiece of a rug?

  • I am seriously in LOVE with this nursery! It’s so different from the ones I’ve seen in the past. I love the colors and the meanings behind every item that’s in the room. Baby Mila will grow up into becoming a beautiful and creative girl! Thank you ladies for sharing this! It has given me a lot of inspirations for my baby’s nursery.

  • Oh my gosh. GORGEOUS!! I remember the day I heard he passed away…I was in tears and I have often thought of Jacqui and her family in my prayers, especially every time I see red balloons. This nursery is so beautiful and I love how she incorporated Ryan into it all. Just lovely. <3

  • What a fun room!!!! I love the teepee and all the fun colors!!

  • An incredible space filled with both beauty and strength. Thank you for an inspiring post and best wishes to your family.

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