At Home With Janae Hardy

At Home With Janae HardyToday we are happy to welcome our friend, Janae Hardy, to share her lovely attic bedroom with us! Beautiful vintage“I grew up always dreaming about living in a certain neighborhood. It really is idyllic. There is a strong sense of community and family where we live. To us, the neighborhood was more important than the house. We searched the area for months. One of our friends had bought a house from an elderly person and flipped it. After their family outgrew it, they put it up for sale. We fell in love with it and bought it. It’s a 2-bedroom bungalow from the 1920s. Our friends that flipped the house did a beautiful job, so many of the details look original to it’s 1920s design.” Gorgeous vintage-y bedroom“I think the most unusual part about our space is everything can be broken. I learned a long time ago that whatever I love or whatever is expensive will get broken. That just comes with having kids. I hate to say that. If I heard myself saying that ten years ago I would have laughed, but it’s true! One time I found a giant antique wine jug at a garage sale from an older couple who bought it 50 years ago in Greece, and they brought it back on the plane with them. The woman who sold it to me (for $10) asked me to take care of it and even gave it a hug. As I walked away, the husband and wife looked at their old jug like they were letting a child go. Ha! A year later, my daughter, Hazel, slammed her little ride on toy into it and shattered it. I cried, then I was determined not to let a ‘thing’ breaking make me so sad.” Beautiful vintage detailsBeautiful white washed floors“We have lived here 3 years. We’ve done quite a bit of work on it. I guess that’s typical for older homes. The biggest change was that we renovated the attic. I had never been in the attic. It was the scary kind that was super hard to get access to. We had a builder friend that we talked to about possibly renovating it for us. He came over one day, scoped it out and said it was totallydoable. He sketched the plans and we went for it! We really enjoy having the extra space. It feel like a new house. I love knowing that there was an old attic just sitting in our house for nearly 100 years and now it is getting used!”At Home With Janae Hardy via A Beautiful MessGorgeous vintage details“It’s wonderful to come upstairs at the end of the day and have a peaceful, quiet space. We painted everything white and stained the wood floors white, so the light bounces everywhere and just makes you happy.” Pretty bedroom detailsThank you so much, Janae, for sharing your space with us! You can find more of Janae over at her blog The Itsy Bitsy House. xo.

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