At Home With Janae Hardy

At Home with Janae HardyLiving roomToday we are welcoming Janae Hardy to the blog to share her beautiful home with us!

Dining roomGold couch!"We moved into this home about a year and a half ago. Location played a big part of it. For me, it is all about the neighborhood, the house comes second. In our town we have just a handful of neighborhoods that have older homes with character. The neighborhood we live in is really great for walks and it is close to the park and downtown. Most people who move to that area are seeking out that style of older home, and there is an appreciation there. I love that. Another perk to having an older neighborhood is that the front porches are big. My husband and I have a theory that front porches started disappearing when the television made an entrance into society. We love our front porch. Each evening we like to swing on our porch swing, wave to passersby, catch up with neighbors and let the kids play in the yard. 

Janae HardyLove this yellow couch!At Home with JanaeMantle"My favorite part of the house is the large living area. The kitchen and the family room are connected. I am able to cook and let the kids play. I also love that we have lots of windows. Light is everything to me when it comes to a home. I am able to have lots of plants and nothing beats light streaming through. I love white walls as well. The light will just bounce off the walls making everything feel light and airy.

Cute gallery wallAt Home withKids roomPlant lovePurple ceilingDecor details"We haven't been in this home very long, just under two years. I'm always editing our home. If I find a new piece, then an old piece comes out. My husband made me promise that if I buy something new, I have to get rid of something. This approach keeps me accountable. When you go to thrift stores or estate sales often, you have a tendency to bring too much home and the house gets overcrowded. My husband loves the minimalist look, so I try my best to keep the house how we both like it. I also want the kids to love our home and feel like they are a part of the space. So keeping things colorful and vibrant is my way of doing that. My little girl loves making art and decorating her room and she has become quite good at it. I want to foster creativity in all my kids and I think it starts in the home. I hope our home evolves to accommodate that mantra." 

Thanks so much for sharing, Janae! You can find more of Janae here. xo

Credits// Author and Photography: Janae Hardy

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