At Home With Jayme Ditto

At Home With Jayme DittoWe are happy to welcome Jayme Ditto to the blog today to share her gorgeous loft with us!

I love this bench seatingColorful dishesSmall details"We live in a split-level loft in the Deep Ellum neighborhood of Dallas, Texas. We are both graphic designers and lovers of all things handmade & mod.  We've really tried our hardest to make it OUR space. Not too feminine, not too masculine. Where we have pieces that are more 'Mitch' we add something that is 'Jayme' and vice versa. We were actually looking around our place the other day and realizing that almost every 'space' in our loft has something handmade, a DIY, or has been recycled in some way. We are kind of DIY fiends."

Bright detailsLove this outdoor seating used inside"Mitchell and I are fairly newlyweds. We moved into this space together right before our wedding this past December. Before the wedding it was total chaos. We did a full on DIY wedding, and this loft served as our studio. After we cleaned up our mess, it has truly blossomed into a home we have put our hearts and souls into. We both love working with our hands and come from families where building, making and creating are essential to making us tick. Although it's only been 7 months, we have really made the place OURS."

Love the colorful detailsAdorable crate storage"We have divided our loft into several nooks. First we have a craft/art supply area, mostly mine, that has a desk that M and I made from two yellow saw horse legs and a piece of semi-opaque glass from IKEA. Since that area of the loft is so dark, M found an IKEA hack and made a light with a bathroom mirror and some basic lamp wiring parts. We also added a pendant lamp from West Elm that is just funky enough to fit the space. On the walls I've collected prints, pennants, textiles, vintage farm equipment and photos to decorate with. I am kind of in love with the small copper nails I found at a hardware store and have used those to hang everything on this wall above my desk. They just add that little extra something. Some of the prints are a little off-kilter, but I kind of like them that way. That desk is usually pretty chaotic when I have my passion projects going on. 

Our other little nooks, like my Mexi Garden wall, is mostly assembled of little paintings I made to help inspire my plants to grow and vintage finds, like our piggies and watering spritzer. The paper flowers are left over from my bachelorette party, and I couldn't let them go to waste. They are so sweet. The retro music area upstairs belongs to Mitchell. We found those yellow lawn chairs on Craigslist for $40. They were in pretty good shape. I had to put a dash of my heritage in that area though, so in comes the serape! The clock was a gift from a friend, and the prints were a gift from my dad and are from Hatch Show Print."

Love every single detailSneakersSuch a cool board"We have so much natural light coming through our large windows, and that in itself is inspiring. It's perfect on sunny days for photographing fun things, or sitting and sketching by the windows on rainy days. Sometimes though, we just close the blinds, pretend we live in a concrete cave and build blanket forts.

Mitchell and I both have desk jobs, so when we come home we like to either roll up sleeves and work on our own passion projects or Y&B projects (or just we loaf and watch Parks & Rec). With the hours we work at our day jobs, being at home is such a privilege. We've really tried to make it playful and cozy, workable and livable."Jayme DittoAt Home With Jayme Ditto via A Beautiful MessThanks for sharing your home with us, Jayme! You can find more of Jayme over on Instagram under @jaymeditto and Mitch under @mitchellditto. xo.  *all photos by Meghan Kay Sadler

  • I absolutely adore this space!! Lofts are amazing, so much possibilities! Thanks for sharing =)

  • Those concrete pillars and brick walls add so much character to your loft, I’m envious! And Hatch Show is great, they are based here in Nashville!

  • You have a beautiful home! It makes me so much more excited to move into my own house!

    Hannah –

  • A fellow Dallas resident, how cool! Love your space and congratulations on the new marriage.

  • This space has great character!
    Love it!


  • how cute!


  • What a beautiful home, it just goes to show thrifted furniture makes your space look so much more unique and costs half the price.x

  • By far the coolest home you’ve featured! Love the style of it

  • Such amazing photos of a gorgeous space! Love all the bright prints. Rosie x

  • Oh those little rabbit heads! Beauty&originality lies in little details, for sure! xx

  • Wow!!! Love this space! LOVE LOVE LOVE how the skateboard is an art piece! xox

  • Oh! This is one of my favorites! Love that hutch with the glassware and china!!(and the piggies)
    Kudos for successfully combining His&Her tastes..not an easy feat!

  • I am loving this industrial feel and yet there is so much personality in the space! Very well done 🙂

  • This space looks like they really put love into every nook and cranny! I really like the yellow lawn chairs and how they add a pop of color to the space. The sneakers on the couches was really adorable too. Congratulations! (7 months in are still newlyweds!lol!)

  • Amazing! Love all the unique touches, such as the bunny knobs and the skateboard. It’s those kind of small things that truly make a home, more than any sofa or table.

  • Oh this is such a lovely space!

  • Such a beautiful loft! Love the posters and the crates used as shelves =]

    Aysha x

  • Love those stadium seats! I need those in my place!

  • I could live in this house, cozy and nice..

  • Ummm, don’t ever invite me over because I will steal all your stuff because it’s ALL AMAZING. Looooove this home.

  • Wow! What an amazing space! I’m dying over those gold velvet chairs. Want!


  • Hi, I’m a Dallasite too! In fact I have a booth at Lula B’s in Deep Ellum. I’m all about reusing what you’ve got to make your space your own! Your space is just perfect, I love it!!!

    Rita 🙂

  • The photography in this site never fails to amaze me. It’s amazing. They tell a story and I love it. (:

  • Amazing house, I’d love to live there! xx

    Martyna | NEON MIZZLE

  • I love all the little nooks and cupboards. There’s so much visual interest and you can really tell they spent a lot of time piecing it together.


  • What a loooooovely house! I’m especially fond of the crates used as shelving! I’ve always wanted to do just that, but I’m renting right now and can’t put holes in the wall, sigh.

    I also love that yellow glider, ahhhh!

  • There’s a whole paragraph about her desk and the pictures above it, but no actual picture of it! ):
    Other than that, I really like the vibe going on, especially with the not too masculine/not too feminine– it’s a look that I’m trying to go for in my new space!

  • What a fun loft! I have to say that although I love the at home with…. series, it kinda drives me bonkers that most of the time I don’t get to see an overall view of the space, just extreme close ups of bits and pieces. I’d love to see how all the bits and pieces fit together in the grand scheme of things.

  • I totally love it! So meany pretty details! I could never create such an amazing interior! xx

    Justine | BRIGHTON DREAM

  • Love when with basic things, you can make a confy place to live. Congrats!

    Check put on my new post!

  • Love the exposed brick!

    xo Jennifer

  • GAH! Deep Ellum is quite possibly my favorite place on Earth, so far. DEFINITELY my favorite place in Dallas. I miss it so much. Their loft is hella cool. The skate deck is my favorite art piece 🙂

    xo Ashley

  • Those little piggies are TOO CUTE! I want some in my home.

  • It looks like fun; I wish that had been more whole room shots to get a better sense of the space they worked with.

  • What great ideas for displaying art and collections! Very creative space.

  • Such a beautiful place. It is indeed an inspiring place.

    Cheers, Janaki

  • I love how everything looks so homey. Perfect home for newly weds. 🙂

  • LOVE this. Those knobs are amazing!


  • Love how alternative this home is!

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  • This is awesome. I wish I had the concentration to decorate this amazingly.

  • Wow, their space looks amazing! We don’t have a lot of natural light in our apartment, so I’m definitely jealous. I love how everything looks so personal and creative.

  • Beautiful home, great inspiration!

  • love this! we were in dallas last month and deep ellum was my favourite. so much inspiration there 🙂

  • i adore all the typographic art! these glimpes into homes are my favourite!

  • I live in Dallas! I love Deep Ellum. Such a cool party of Dallas. Thanks for sharing your home. Love it!

  • Those stairs are so cool! I also love the crates that she has hanging on her walls……I like it!

  • Love the little nooks! Really original stuff. Beautiful home 🙂

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