At Home With Jen Lula

At Home With Jen LulaWe are so pleased to welcome Jen Lula as our next guest in our "At Home With" series!

At Home With Jen Lula via A Beautiful MessLove the little details in this room."We searched long and hard to find the perfect house to buy. We'd been living in a loft style apartment for quite some time. And with our second daughter on the way, we knew it was time to find more space. We fell in love with this house. We loved the big open floor plan and wonderful backyard. It's not as updated as we hoped, but we're excited at the chance to make it our own. Gallons of white paint can do wonders!"

Lovely pops of colorPretty storage baskets"I love being able to tell people our daughter was born in this room. It really has nothing to do with the decor, but that memory holds the most value over any physical item in the room. We had plans to deliver her up in our bedroom, but she arrived with lightening speed. And we never made it off the couch."

Colorful string art in the living roomSweet kid friendly space.Clever way to store chalk"We've only lived in the house for 7 months. It's been a slow process getting each of the rooms settled and 'finished' feeling. This room is our second fully done room. When we first moved in, we finished my daughter Rowan's room first. And then we've sort of just been moving furniture around from room to room trying to find what fits. At first we had a big sectional in here with our tv. But since people always seem to congregate in the kitchen during parties, I didn't want the tv to the focus. I wanted it to feel open, welcoming and inspiring."

Cute chalkboard calendar in the kitchenPretty open floor plan"It's the room we use the most. We cook, we play, we create, and we do lots of reading together. With little ones in the house, I never wanted to make a space they couldn't live in. We have baskets for their toys, the drawers in the dresser are filled with puzzles and games and Rowan has her own little art corner. I love that even if I am in the kitchen getting dinner ready, we can all be close together enjoying each others company. In the winter Kev and I like to push the two chaise lounges together (we call it couch bed) and sit and talk in front of the fire."

Love these succulents in a vintage mixerJen Lula with her adorable daughtersThank you so much for sharing your lovely space with us, Jen! You can find more of Jen over at her blog Jen Loves Kev. xo.

  • where is the woven black and white basket from? I just love it! Beautiful, beautiful home!

  • This space is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing; keep the “at home with” posts coming! They are so inspiring:)

  • We love seeing that even though it’s still a work in progress, a space can still be warm and beautiful. Yes, truly lots of white paint can do wonders! 😉 And the string art is fabulous!

  • What an awesome bookshelf idea! So unique! And I love the string art quote on the wall, too… I’ve never thought to do this straight into a wall, only into wood 🙂

  • Lovely, lovely home! From a photographer’s viewpoint, the last shot is so special!

  • i absolutely love this style of interior design. lovely place! x
    – Jianine

  • I love that chalkboard calendar!! A must do in my next place!!

  • I adore the shelves attached to the wall with the desk. Where are they from?!

  • Hii how beautiful! Any chance we can get Jen to share where that gold accent table is from? It’s so cute!

  • Oh man, I love this home. Everything about it— the decor, the open layout. A super inspiring post and something I’ll be saving for future reference. I also really love those chaise lounges. The whole space is incredibly functional and beautiful at the same time! Bravo.

  • Love the thread art on the wall. I’d like to try these. Do you have a particular thread thickness with your project?

  • Oh my, I want that chalkboard calendar and the words of string on the wall, that’s fantastic! Thank you for sharing!

  • these pictures are wonderful!

  • Oooo! I love the yarn letters!


  • I love her whole house! The open floor plan, succulents, billy ball flowers, all of it! so cute and so fresh and clean.
    I love her comment about the wonders of white paint. So true!
    Leah Faye
    e plus l

  • Yet another beautiful space, but I have to say, I hope its similarity to other spaces in “At home with” is completely intentional. I love the ABM aesthetic, but in my humble opinion every featured space so far looks like another adorable room in Elsie’s house (except, as luck would have it, Emma’s kitchen). As an avid reader I was hoping to see some different ideas for how a space can be beautifully functional and modern, in the same way I get inspiration from the varied moods of sister style and your recipe collections. Will there be something a little different in the mix soon? I hope so!

  • Aw this is so adorable! I love it-this house says a lot about the owners. so sweet.

  • Oh my god the chalkboard calendar is genius and so cute! I also know the feeling of a ‘finished’ room. It’s heavenly. And then when your all done you start being inspired again and wanting to move more things around! Thanks so much for sharing.
    x eva

  • it seems like all of the homes you post about have white walls… why is that?
    beautiful home, love the chalkboard calendar idea!

  • Wow SNAP ! Ever stumbled across pictures of someone’s home and think THAT’S IT. That’s the ideas l have running around in my head, pulled together and achieved in real life.
    Pick me up off the floor.
    I have so many similar elements happening in my house, but as of yet haven’t been able to time them together. Now l can see how 🙂

  • What a beautiful home. It has a great layout and even greater decor.

  • It’s a beautiful airy space. I love the pipe shelving, is there a tutorial somewhere for it do you know? The string letters on the wall look great!

  • i love the chalk calendar! very creative!!
    how did she do that? i’d love to put one in my mom’s kitchen; she’s always forgetting things and i know having a fun calendar like that would help her immensely!

  • I adore her home!

    xo Jennifer

  • Yet another beautiful home! 🙂 I love that you guys do this section of the blog. Every home is lovely and so inspiring.

  • i’m floored with all the beautiful details of jen’s home!

  • Ahh! Its so light and open and clean! Love this, such a beautiful home!

  • What a beautiful space! It’s so bright and open. Loveeee

    Alex from

  • I love her home! From the yarn wall to the chalkboard calendar and the industrial shelf/desk oh my!

  • such an inpsiring home- love this!

  • What a beautiful place and I love the wall art! xx


  • You’ve done so well in such a short time Jen (and Kev!) Love your space. Hope I can get to your end of the country one day and see it in person!
    with aloha

  • oh my goodness the blackboard calendar in the kitchen is the BEST idea!! really inspiring home!

  • What a wonderful home! Feels so cosy!

    Lulu xx

  • I love Rowan’s art corner! Even the “This Month” calendar/planner chalk board is amazing. Great idea!

  • That pipe desk is amazing!

    xo Lisa

  • Is there a DIY for that pipe shelving? Would love to do something like that in my new home!

  • Those yarn letters are a fantastic pop of color! It would be really cool to make the chalk-board calendar too.

    The home is very beautiful

  • Oi Flor!
    Adorando seu cantinho…Parabéns e sucesso.
    Beijos e fique com Deus!


  • The chalkboard calendar is my fave! Great home! xx

  • Where do you get those colourful letters from that are on the wal – they are so cooool!

    Lotti x

  • I like the diffused lighting she’s got coming through the windows in her house. Very peaceful without being too subdued.

  • I’ve loved Jen’s blog for ages and its so great to see her beautiful little family and adorable home. Love the idea of the mixer as a plant stand. Super cute idea.


  • Elsie, Can you please finally tell us the mustard yellow you used on your upstairs door?! Thanks!

  • That house is gorgeous! I love the quote on the wall! Maybe you guys should do a tutorial on how to make one…. 🙂

  • Those bubbas are so cute!

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  • I love the touches of antique mixed in with the modern!

  • Wow! Everything about Jen’s house is just gorgeous! Everything is so lovely and perf and fresh and wonderful! xxx

  • Rowan is such a cute name for a girl! Also, wonderful home. These posts always give me inspiration to clean and organize my messy apartment.

  • Love this! Defiantly, has to be one of my favorites! Those shelves tho 🙂

  • I love those shelves next to that fireplace–they complement each other perfectly.

  • I love it! Especially the letters on the wall, such a brilliant idea! Going to try that one myself.

  • Obsessed with your “At Home” tours and in LOVE with this house! It is the perfect size, and they make a small space seem large. Really inspiring!

  • What a gorgeous home! I’m inspired to go out and buy some chalkboard paint to make a calendar on my walls now! 🙂


  • Wow, I LOVE the chalkboard monthly menu in the kitchen! What a great idea! Stunning home.

  • First off, I really love the homes posts. I love seeing the inside of peoples homes. I would love to see some homes that look a little bit different from one another. So far, almost every one has had, white walls, black & white pillows/rugs, minimal furniture. Lets mix it up!

  • I love the clean industrial look. It’s gorgeous. I also like the reusable chalkboard calendar painted on the wall– perfection!!

  • This place is adorable.
    It has so much room for anything.
    Perfect for a family.

  • elsie, i REALLY love her home is wherever we are!

    is there anything that you can let us know in regards on how to do that! a tutorial, video or something. id really like to do that for my bookshelf wall!!


  • This is so awesome. I wish I could decorate like that.

  • Very lovely house! Looks quite scandinavian (the interior). Nice and great space.

  • really love the living space. the calendar chalk board is super smart!

    – Janine

  • There are so many amazing things about Jen’s home! First, the ‘home is…’ yarn art is amazing. I love the colors! I’m a huge fan of the desk set up and the chalk paint all around is a great idea.


  • Such a lovely home. I love the open space!

  • Love those string letters! What a cute and simple little project! Great personal touches here.

  • Love that home ! the living room looks so cosy…

  • Oh such an amazing beautifull room! I love the way it all fits and Works out with kids. Maybe I should pull myself together and try such fancy wall-art with home-made letters.

    Lovely blog by the way. Started to read it in the last 2 weeks, and it is just fantastic.

  • You are an amazing decorator! Love all of you combos. I went to your blog and looked at your daughter’s room as well (with the branch -love!). I have a branch in my classroom as well. Might have to take it down and let the students add some pops of color with yarn! Thanks for sharing!
    P.S. Is there a place where you learned how to make those gorgeous and bright colorful letters on your living room wall?

  • That chubby makes the rooms look perfect! I love her space.

  • What a beautiful home… love the way the quote is written…


  • This space feels so incredibly peaceful – so much natural light, and warm details that feel very personal. You can definitely tell that the people who live here love their home and each other!

  • her house is so perfect! the perfect mix of old and new.

    Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

  • I love this! Plus that desk is amazing. I love my loft, but I can’t wait to have a home to be able to decorate it like this!

  • I want to know how to make the Home is Wherever we are together sign.

  • That is amazingly beautiful… especially the ‘Home is whereever we are together’ sign!

    ‘Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.’
    Ralph Waldo Emerson

  • Her home is beautiful! I love all the attention to little details 🙂

  • Cute home! The stand mixer as a plant stand when not in use is brilliant!

    The Occasional Indulgence

  • I love how this home is so bright and airy. Really feel happy. Also like the chalkboard calendar in the kitchen. Neat idea.

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