At Home With Jen Lula

At Home With Jen LulaWe are so pleased to welcome Jen Lula as our next guest in our "At Home With" series!

At Home With Jen Lula via A Beautiful MessLove the little details in this room."We searched long and hard to find the perfect house to buy. We'd been living in a loft style apartment for quite some time. And with our second daughter on the way, we knew it was time to find more space. We fell in love with this house. We loved the big open floor plan and wonderful backyard. It's not as updated as we hoped, but we're excited at the chance to make it our own. Gallons of white paint can do wonders!"

Lovely pops of colorPretty storage baskets"I love being able to tell people our daughter was born in this room. It really has nothing to do with the decor, but that memory holds the most value over any physical item in the room. We had plans to deliver her up in our bedroom, but she arrived with lightening speed. And we never made it off the couch."

Colorful string art in the living roomSweet kid friendly space.Clever way to store chalk"We've only lived in the house for 7 months. It's been a slow process getting each of the rooms settled and 'finished' feeling. This room is our second fully done room. When we first moved in, we finished my daughter Rowan's room first. And then we've sort of just been moving furniture around from room to room trying to find what fits. At first we had a big sectional in here with our tv. But since people always seem to congregate in the kitchen during parties, I didn't want the tv to the focus. I wanted it to feel open, welcoming and inspiring."

Cute chalkboard calendar in the kitchenPretty open floor plan"It's the room we use the most. We cook, we play, we create, and we do lots of reading together. With little ones in the house, I never wanted to make a space they couldn't live in. We have baskets for their toys, the drawers in the dresser are filled with puzzles and games and Rowan has her own little art corner. I love that even if I am in the kitchen getting dinner ready, we can all be close together enjoying each others company. In the winter Kev and I like to push the two chaise lounges together (we call it couch bed) and sit and talk in front of the fire."

Love these succulents in a vintage mixerJen Lula with her adorable daughtersThank you so much for sharing your lovely space with us, Jen! You can find more of Jen over at her blog Jen Loves Kev. xo.

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