At Home With Jess Rasmussen

In love with this dining area!We are happy to welcome Jess Rasmussen to the blog today to share her lovely home with us! Lovely living areaLovely living room details"My husband Steve, our two daughters, Evie and Wren, and I recently moved into a cozy, contemporary ranch style home located in a suburb of Phoenix. After Steve and I were married, we renovated a 1950s ranch in Central Phoenix, close to downtown. The house was instantly charming with lots of vintage flair. Eight years later, we found ourselves in a newer ranch, with less history and charm, but are eagerly adding our own touches to create a space and aesthetic that inspires us and instills a youthful and loving spirit. This home is 1,300 square feet, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, an office/shop, kitchen/dining area and living room. It is over 200 sq ft less than what we are accustomed to, but the floor plan works with our lifestyle. I enjoy experimenting with different patterns, textures, creating a layered, thoughtful look that is meaningful and functional. This mindset inspires my DIYs and keeps me keen to repurposing throughout out home.  I have a penchant for bright colors and playful vignettes, mid century furniture, lighting and color schemes which are all sprinkled throughout." Love the print on these curtains"I have always maintained, when it comes to making my home my own, to never pass anything up I feel like I can't live without, even if it's considered 'trash'. My most unusual piece is the white, display bookcase in our dining area. I was working in a retail setting, unloading our trash for the day, when I saw the bookcase sitting, ready for trash pick up. I called my husband immediately and asked him to drop what he was doing and come down to the loading docks to pick the piece up. Steve is used to these type of phone calls and didn't hesitate to pick up this beauty. It always looks amazing, wherever we put it. Doesn't need much décor, as I consider it more a stand alone piece. I have only seen one other like it at a  vintage shop downtown that was being auctioned off since there were so many interested. It's a fun story and a sleek addition." Pretty pops of color"We have so many special pieces in our home that we love but our favorites were passed on from Steve's father. The first is an old, wooden mail sorter from a Wisconsin post office that Steve's father worked in during the 50s. He actually managed to take it out of the post office before they renovated and used it as an organizer of sorts for his garage tools. When we inherited this piece, we decided to hang it indoors and over time accumulate loving tokens and treasures to display in it. We just hung it a few weeks ago, and it's a bit minimal now, but I regularly switch décor around. And I am sure these cubbies will take their turn storing and displaying many honor worthy trinkets.

The second piece, a soulful cow painting hanging on our back porch, was painted by Steve's grandfather, a farmer from Wisconsin. The thick, dewy grass licking the cows' hooves and the humid, pink blush tones of the sunset, brushed across the light cornflower blue sky, make me yearn for dusk on the farm. The scape also reminds me of the un-comparable Phoenix skyline and orange/pink variegated Arizona sunsets." Love all the vintage details"We spend most of our day in the living room and kitchen since it's open and more or less a shotgun path from room to room.  We sing, dance, play board games, get gussied up for tea, dine, snack, watch Mulan and play piano together all within this area.  

We are looking forward to using our back patio more once we are in our 'winter season' here.  Right now we enjoy it in the mornings, eating breakfast, drinking coffee or since we are in 'monsoon season', watching an occasional thunderstorm." Lovely outdoor seating Love the cacti!Thanks so much for sharing your home with us, Jess! You can find more of Jess over at her shop Evelyn's Whim. xo.

  • Cassidy,
    I made the Arizona cut-out with a thick chipboard and painted it gold with a hot pink heart for Phoenix. So glad you like it! Phoenix proud!

    Jess 🙂

  • Hi Beth! I actually got the curtains from Anthropologie a few years back when I worked there. We moved into this home in June and I was able to hang them for the first time in our own space. I love them as well!!!

  • Amazing house! I’m in love with the curtains! Did you make them yourself? I’d love to know the source if you don’t mind sharing. Im crazy for prints and this is so perfect!

  • are these homes real life? how do people get them to look this fab?!?! gorgeous photos, and home…

  • oh my word this is awesome. i love all the functional uses of the vintage items. adorable.

  • I love this! And especially the colourful curtains – they are literally glowing! Amazing 🙂 I wish I could introduce this much colour into our home, but my husband has very strong opninions … 🙂

    xx Kat

  • so cute and colorful!
    thanks for sharing your lovely home with us jess.

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  • I love the white theme throughout!

  • The mail sorter is such a great thing. I would use it for displaying all my pretty cups.

  • Nice !!

  • Such a mix of styles in this home! Each room is differently themed. I really like it!
    Esther x

  • loving the crazy curtains! dunno if i’d be bold enough to try something like that…wish i were 🙂

  • since I am currently sitting on a very hard office chair, that couch looks unbelievably cozy. is it just me?!

  • Lovely home! I love the white wall and the cows picture in the patio! it’s so cute! thank you for sharing!

  • I love the look of a home filled with so a bunch of unique, special pieces. That mail sorter is fantastic (and fantastically styled). Lovely.

    PS: These ‘at home with’ posts are so enjoyable!

  • Such a creative use of repurposed bits and bobs! I especially love the ‘grow young’ sign!
    xoxo Amie @ Spoonful of Vintage

  • Love the personal touches, very cozy with modern touches.

  • What a lovely home. I love the cabinet thing by the piano.

  • Loving her throw back style!

    xo Jennifer

  • Thank you for all of the lovely comments! You can see more of my home tour on my new blog.

  • I love that cubby cabinet more than all the decor in my house smooshed together. Beautiful.

  • Wow lovely home! Everything just fits so perfectly and that mail sorter is darling! Like a jumbo version of a typesetter drawer! Seeing homes like this just makes me so excited to move out of my family home and decorate a space of my own!! Great job.

  • Hello Andrea! We love the sofa as well. It is the Jackson Sectional from West Elm in “Shadow”.

  • those curtains are gorgeous!


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  • I love that mail sorter. So cute! Plus, what a lovely use of bold curtains.

  • Thanks for this great feature, ABM! I am collecting a photo (or two) from each home tour that inspires me on my Pinterest and loving all the different styles. Every single person has their own perception of the world and their own taste, so interesting to see little glimpses from others.

  • I love the “grow young” string art! Cute, cute, cute!

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

  • So cute! I love all the little vintage details, like the red, multi-layered fruit basket. The “Grow Young” sign is also adorable. What a good slogan to remember, especially with little ones around!

  • SUCH a beautiful space, these photos are lovely. So chic yet liveable!

    xo, Juliette Laura

  • Beautiful and inspiring. Love the mail sorting cubbies and the bust on the piano 🙂


  • Love love love it!. Great shoots.. Nice colors..

    Thnx for sharing..


  • ahhh another one from my hometown! i LOVE the the little yellow arizona outline (with a heart for phoenix) hanging up in the kitchen. is it homemade or can i buy one like that somewhere?!

  • love the showbox over the piano, perfect for every little thing.

  • What a beautiful home! SO fun! And her baby! So darn adorable! 🙂

  • I love, love, love the curtains. So earthy, beautiful, ethno-look perfect!
    I’m in awe of everything to do with prints and colours and feel that they add so much warmth to those rooms.

    Good night and something sweet from Germany:


  • I have to ask, where did she get the couch? Exactly what I’m looking for.

  • Great decor! I have noticed all the house tours have a similar aesthetic…would love to see something totally unique

  • So beautiful. I love the “Grow Young” sign. So fresh.


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