At Home With Jessee Maloney

The purple front door!We are happy to welcome Jessee Maloney to the blog today to share bits of her home with us! Darling dining areaLove the circle mirror“My home is new construction, I know that’s not every ones taste but its a perfect fit for us. My husband and I lived at his fathers for three years to fix our credit and save up for the perfect home. My daughter was born during that time and it started to get very cramped. Plus I was getting super antsy to decorate, build and just have a home that was truly OURS! We were about to just settle and get whatever home we could find, but then we found out about a brand new community not far from where we were. It was right at the foothills of the Appalachian mountains and the houses were classic on the outside and super open on the inside. We walked through the model, fell in love and signed a contract within a week. Since it was built from scratch, we were able to choose exactly what we wanted in the house. From what color the outside was (light gray, dark gray shutters),what color the hardwood would be, and even change the floor plan a bit. The four months it took to build also gave us time to pick out exactly what we wanted for inside the home. We weren’t rushed, which means everything was bought with purpose, not just because we needed something fast! It’s been three years and i am still in love with every aspect of our home. We’ve added a bit since we moved in, but all the original pieces are still here and are still perfect!” So many great collectionsIn love with this library“Most of our decor is a little unusual. We have a bunch of faux deer heads on the wall, and toys everywhere. I have an entire shelf dedicated to my Doctor Who collection and there is a plush toilet in the library. If something makes us smile, then we want it in our home. I am a stay at home mom who also runs my own business, so I am here all day, everyday. It’s amazing to be surrounded by all the things we love, it makes it so much easier.” In love with the couches!Jessee Maloney's home is full of great collections!JesseeMaloney_House_001Love this pillow!“My favorite find in this space is our knock off Eames chair! My husband and I found it in a thrift store right after we had just moved into our first place a little over a decade ago. It was marked at $200 and we were so upset we couldn’t afford it. We knew it wasn’t a real one, but it looked amazing and comfy. As we were walking out someone came over the speaker saying all furniture was 50% off for the next hour! Well, that we could afford, sorta. So we went and grabbed it and stuffed it in our car. It’s one of the few items that has traveled with us from home to home for the past 11 years. Sometimes it was too big for the space, but we didn’t care.” JesseeMaloney_House_012Books make any house betterLove this perfect little library“One of the nice things about living out in the country a bit is you get more space for your money. Plus it’s quiet. Our main level is really open, most of the rooms only have two or three walls and the only doors are the bathroom’s and the ones going outside. It was a huge selling point for us. Even though the rooms are completely separate from each other, they are still each unique and have a purpose. The living room is where my daughter plays and where our TV and other entertainment is. The dining room is where we eat most nights and its set up perfectly for entertaining. I won’t lie, I sew in there a lot too because the table is huge and perfect for cutting fabric. There is a room that’s open to the kitchen too, I call it the morning room/kitchenette. There is another table in that room too, when people come over they like to hang out around it. I think because its more casual. Our favorite room is the library. I believe the builders meant for it to be a formal living room, but we have no use for that! We do a use for a room to store our books, display our collections and showcase my art collection. It’s actually the first room you see when you come in the house and It truly defines us. It’s always changing and I’m always adding to it. I love it!”Love how clean and bright this home is!Love the openness of this floor plan!Great collectionThank you so much for sharing your home with us, Jessee! You can find Jessee at Art School Dropout or on Instagram! xo.

  • This is the first house tour I actually saw myself in, the library & all the collectables & the modern/esque house in general, just amazing. I am saving this one for when I’m in my own home 😛

  • Chris, I don’t mind sharing at all! The wooden geometric pendant over the white table is from Restoration Hardware. I bought it on super sale at one of their outlets last winter, so I’m not sure they still make the wood ones. But I do know they still make a metal version! I’ve been eying it for the 20′ area above the front door.
    As for the mobile in the corner, I made those pieces out of polka dotted paper straws and thin wire! 🙂

  • Hello Jessee,
    I love the geometric pendant lamp over your round white table! Do you mind sharing where you found this jewel?

    I’m also admiring the smaller geometric mobile-type pendants you have strategically dropped from the corner of your living room ceiling. Are those wood, metal, other material? Did you happen to make them or find them? So fun!


  • Dying. This is basically my dream home. I want to see a close up of the Doctor Who collection!!!

  • I think this is my favorite home that I’ve seen here so far! It has a great personality 🙂 and it feels so livable. I love, love, love the library!

  • It’s a beautiful house – honestly, there is TOO much stuff and how can someone possess so much material goods?! As much as I love thrift shops and neat finds, one must enjoy the stuff otherwise it looks like a hoarder. That’s my 2 cents.

  • I’d prefer a newer home too, especially if it’s a new construction at a good price! People say that older homes add character, though your home is the perfect example that’s not always the case. You’ve added plenty of character to this new home! Well done! 🙂

  • I have the exact same mid century hutch as in your library! I use mine as a tea station in my dining room, but I’ve been considering swapping it for a true buffet. I do love the piece so much & I love the idea of using it to display a collection – I might just have to pull a collection of something together.

    Truly beautiful home.. Thanks for sharing!

  • LOVE the floors! Their home is so open, airy, and fun. 🙂

    xo Ashley

  • It’s by artist Robin VanCalkenburgh and her shop is: !!

  • Thanks! It was a cut n sew fabric panel from spoonflower:

  • What a lovely and inspiring space! I love the really cute and artsy details. That area with the mismatched frames is absolutely swoon-worthy. So beautifully quirky ♥

  • Hey JESSEE thank you so much for sharing your home pics…It feels so nice to have a house like your’s…Looks amazing! Such a wonderful place to come home every day…

  • Where did you find the white ceramic dog/deer pictured in the 6th photo? It’s great!

  • What great photos! Oh my gosh! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  • It’s one of my favorite purchases! It’s cast plastic and the shop is:

  • Thanks! The light gray is called Greyish and the dark gray in the dining room is Special Gray, both are Sherwin Williams. 🙂

  • The Lego head is a giant cookie jar I bought at the Lego store a few years ago. I’ve seen even bigger plastic ones on amazon! (And I may have added them to my wishlist)

  • Yep! I may be obsessed with ikea, haha! It doesn’t help that I live close to THREE of them.

  • Sarah, thank you!
    The couches are from Ikea! The Karlstad series. They stand up really well too. My daughter jumps on everything ALL the time, and has spilled numerous drinks on it. They still look and feel great.

  • Oh! I love this SO much! It’s just so whimsical and fun and fabulous! I love how you were able to add so much character to a new construction home!

  • I love how personal and quirky their space is! I would love to live in their library–such a cool room!

  • So fun and playful!! Do you mind if I ask where did you get the gigantic LEGO HEAD from? Im in love. Thanks!!

  • Wow! What a gorgeous home, Jesse! I love the home library area – so cozy and inviting! And I just love all the pictures and art on your walls! Thanks for sharing with us!

  • I really love this house. Want the same pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaassseeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Gorgeous and so interesting! Love seeing their personality in all those wonderful knick-knacks.

  • Ok, I could move in right now! Thank´s for sharing this made my day. Love from Sweden.

  • I adore the grey paint colors on your walls. Pray tell what they are!
    Love your home.

  • Oh, man- I love so many of their things! (The Tick! The Hitchhiker’s Guide! The Disney!) It is all displayed stylishly and lovingly which is very inspiration for the bits-n-pieces in my home.

  • Wow. Great house! I love it when you can walk into a space and immediately everything looks like it has a story to tell.


  • Where are those couches from? They are *perfect*. I have a hard time selecting furniture, but just seeing them, I am in love!
    Sarah M

  • it looks amazing! i really love the light in the 2nd picture and the decoration all throughout the house is just stunning!

  • They are the Billy bookcase series from Ikea! They come in two widths, and two heights which makes it really easy to customize. We use them for storage in almost every room of the house.

  • I love the way this house is decorated. Love the unusual finds which make up with lovely home.
    the way to my Hart

  • That log pillow in the first shot instantly made me know I would be in love with this space. Anybody with a plush toilet seat cover (your tush gets cold in the early morning) and globes has a golden star in my book.

  • This is definitely one of my favorite ‘at home’! I have SUCH a hard time finding furniture I like that is within my price range. WHERE are those couches from? They are *perfect* size, color, and pattern. (I’m hoping price range, now!) They are so lovely. Definitely my style.
    Sarah M

  • I am in love with this house, It has so much character I love all the toys. You were so lucky to be in that thrift store during that hour :p xx


  • I would love to know what paint colors you used on your walls. I adore them! Super cute home.

  • What a lovely home. I wish I had a home like this. Someday maybe… I can only hope. Thank you for great inspiration 😉

  • Where did all those incredibly cute and simple white bookshelves in your library area come from? I’ve got more books than I care to count and those are perfect!

  • I LOVE all the toys and knick knacks. I always see so many spaces that are so bare and while they look beautiful, it just make me think I have too many things. Then I see this and go, “oh, it can be done tastefully!”

  • Come and see our new charity blog:!

  • I really like the decor…I like things that look clean! not things that look cluttered…;)

  • Thank you very much!! The cabinets are actually the same bookcases from the library, but with doors. They are the Billy bookcase series from Ikea. (I have an ikea “problem” haha) they are perfect because you can customize the size and choose from different colors and type if doors!

  • LOVE the artwork wall! What a great mix of frames and prints! And those little touches of Mickey Mouse are darling! 🙂

  • this is a beautiful home! i love how all of the decorative elements and frames really pop with the white wall.

  • I love this house! Quirky but cool. Is that a real Eames chair or knock-off? Either way, I love it!

  • I can assure you that this is my favorite house ever posted in this feature. So beautiful and fun. I wish I could afford to buy so many fun things for my house. Everything I own is second hand and things I didn’t pick out. My house is comfortable but I feel like someone else lives here.

  • Love the colors in this house! I really want a library too!

    May I ask where the cabinets next to the fireplace are from? I’ve been looking for some like that–narrow and not too big! Thanks!

  • I love this home! There are so many wonderful personal touches. It seems like a wonderful place to live and create.

    The Rambling Fangirl

  • What a beautiful home they’ve created! I love how they mixed old and new furnishings…it’ looks so cozy!

  • her house is so cultured i adore it!

  • i LOVE that ikea library system going on!!!
    i now cannot wait to move rooms so i can go buy myself more because my book collection just keeps growing.

    this is probably my favorite home from the at home series!!!


  • I love those low bookshelves lining the walls with all the picture frames and such hung above!!

  • Thank you!!! 🙂 the big fluffy lamp is actually from Ikea. We have the big one in the dining room and the little one in our daughters room. They put off the prettiest shadows and they are super affordable.

  • Her home is absolutely gorgeous. Definitely an inspiration..
    Eventually we are moving into a home of our own and currently we are getting things here and there for it. Her home shows that you can have several different tastes in things and it just works. I love that.

  • Beautiful home. If Jessee reads this, message me via my blog…..I would *love* to know where you got the huge feathery/fluffy/ball lamp above your dining table from…..its divine and **perfect** for a space I have at home….thank you xxx LOVE your home!!!!!!

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