At Home With Jodi Wilson

At Home With Jodi WilsonOur next "At Home With" guest is Jodi Wilson from Che & Fidel. Jodi is here to share her daughter's room with us.Darling kid's room details Jodi Wilson room tour via A Beautiful Mess"Daniel and I moved into this little house when I was six months pregnant with Che, so essentially it's been our one and only 'family home'. It's a renovated 1960s split-level house with timber floors, white walls and lots of windows. The best thing about it is the view—we look out onto beautiful big gumtrees. It's particularly gorgeous when it rains. The most recently decorated room is Poet's. And although it's tiny, we all seem to spend quite a bit of time in there. It's light and comfortable, and she likes to potter about—it's nice to watch." Beautiful Blanket Sweet room details"I commissioned Kathryn from Maggie & Sparrow to create a quilt for Poet's first Christmas. I wanted it to be French-inspired, much like Poet's room—muted shades of grey, blue and olive with dusty pink and cream. Kathryn collected a range of vintage and boutique fabrics for me, sewed and quilted it to perfection and wrapped it in brown paper (tied with string) for Poet and I to open on Christmas morning 2011. I was so excited, and it was so lovely to take the time to look at each little patch. I hope it's her forever quilt. It sits on the end of her bed, complimented by the Hello Milky handprinted French linen doona cover.

I also framed a photo that Tim Coulson took of me when I was 38 weeks pregnant with Poet. It was a really beautiful time, waiting for her to come, and Tim captured the love, expectation and wonderings in this one shot. I also love that my tea cup is sitting in the grass…"  Adorable child's roomLovely kid's room details Darling doll collection via A Beautiful Mess"We are proud homebodies. We love nothing more than hanging out together in our home. All of my work happens at home, from a computer on a trestle table in between the lounge room and the kitchen. When Daniel isn't working on set (he works in the film industry), he's home with me too. Che has just started school, so in the afternoons and on weekends he's building Legos, reading books or begging for pancakes. At the beginning of summer, we moved our dining table onto the veranda, so we've been eating alfresco all season—simple pleasures." Adorable kids room Lovely children's books"We have lived here for close to six years. The space has evolved to include a work-from-home space for me and the changing needs of the children. Over the years I have spent many a day decluttering—getting rid of 'things' to ensure we have an element of calm in our space. I'm a big believer in the beauty of simplicity, and I try to create that in my home—beeswax candles, ephemera from nature, a pile of well-read books. I suppose I'm most inspired by the wabi-sabi aesthetic (I wrote about it here)."  The sweetest kid's room Darling room tour via A Beautiful MessThanks for sharing your space, Jodi!  Stop by and say hello to Jodi over on her blog Che & Fidel.  xo.

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