At Home With Julia Ballmaier

Swooning over the tealThis home is over 500 years old and absolutely gorgeous!We are happy to welcome Julia Ballmaier to the blog today to share her lovely home with us!Love everything about this roomPretty dresser details"We (myself, my husband and our three sons 3 years, 5 years and 10 years) live together in an almost 500-year-old, half-timbered midieval house in a town in the center of Germany! Our home is one of the  oldest in my town. And if you book a guided tour, it is actually a point of interest, showed to tourists (just from the outside). Every wall is crooked and so is the floor, especially in the kitchen. If you live in this space you really have to love old and special things. We live in the second floor above the family-owned bakery. If you want to visit us, you have to go through the bakery, because there is no seperate entrance to our space. Our living space is about 127 qm and a big attic of the same size. We also have a big terrace."Love the open feel of this roomSweetest little kitchen"There are so many favorite things in our space. I am so lucky, because I have found so many things in the bulky waste (trash) and upcycled it. For example the red sofa at the hallway, the string shelfs in the kid's room, and the chairs around the table. And we have found some very old cabinet/cupboards on the attic. This furniture is from my husband's grandparents, whose family lives for more than 150 years in the house. So we renovated the furniture and gave it new life." Such a sweet room for kiddos"I think the whole space is pretty unusual. When people visit us the first time, they step in and say 'oh, what a sweet place—it looks like a dollhouse!'" In love with that clawfoot tub!"We've lived in our house for 5 years. We renovated the whole space before we moved in. All the electrical had to be redone, and also the roof had to be reconstructed. It was a hard job. But we love it. Every day is something new, like decorating the walls in the children's rooms, because they are growing so fast." Love this outdoor areaThank you so much for sharing your beautiful home with us, Julia! xo.

  • Wow, what an amazing and special place!! I love the pops of color they’ve brought in!!


  • Julia, your place is so amazing…I love the white painted wood in the living room and the kitchen wall paper and the bath tub and there is no end the way you have got the house decor done itz so preety…

  • what a lovely home. creativ, awesome, combined the best stuff of comfort and design.
    well done julia

  • OMG this house is my dream house!! I love that it’s all white and full of color splash, it’s perfect! And the kitchen!! Looks like a dollhouse! So cute!
    Congrats on your beautiful home and thanks for sharing it with us girls! I love it!

  • I love this house! So sweet, and definately looks like a dollhouse! Really inspiring, thanks for sharing!

  • I love these posts! I am inspired by how others make their homes homey! Beautiful images!

  • hi, hannah! the flamingo is a vintage and handmade bird. i found it on the flea market! thanks a lot for your nice words!!!

  • I am totally in love with the bath. I love baths on feet 🙂 And I really like the color palette, how spacious everything looks, the big green vases and the mini cacti conservatory.
    Lots of inspiration!!


  • I simply love the kitchen. It´s just so sweet. No wonder people compare this home with a dollhouse.

  • Wow what an interesting little home! I love everything, all the color and the bathtub with the onlooking flamingo. Julia’s bed has a severe lack of pillows, though. 🙂

  • OMG! My friend Julia is on your Blog!!! She didn´t tell me and I´m so happy that such a lot of people can see her wonderful house now!!!



  • I love love LOVE their idea of putting the board with holes in it (I don’t know the exact name for it lol) behind their bed, using it as a headboard! So creative. 🙂 xo Ali

  • I love the giant mirror with the molding around it. I would love to have something like that in my home.

  • this space is so bright and fun!! I love all of it. What a great bathroom! So many happy details hiding everywhere. Thanks for sharing your home, Julia!

  • FAVORITE HOUSE TOUR EVER. it feels like a fairy-tale. that kitchen. that bathroom. and the fact that it is over 500 years old…so magical!

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  • I am obsessed with the flamingo in the bathroom! I must know, is it vintage? Handmade? It is so whimsical and lovely.

  • I’m obsessed with the fabric on the chair in the first picture. Any chance there is a source?

    I really like everything about the whole house.

  • The white walls are gorgeous! I love the big full sized mirror in the bedroom, and the use of color throughout the house. This post has some great inspiration since I am moving in a month need ideas 🙂

  • I love all of the light fixtures, especially the lamp in the first picture, and the covered cacti. Such a pretty space! The dining room is incredible!


  • What a gorgeous home!!! Thank you for sharing!


  • I love the cute and quirky modernity of the decor in such an old and historic home – thanks for sharing!

  • Her house is so cute!

  • I love the mint in the bathroom! Would love to have a tub like that one day !


  • wow! what an amazing space! it’ so beautifully decorated and full of history and character

  • OH so lovely…and the fun details. Thanks so much for sharing Julia!

    E & E – this feature has quickly become a favorite 🙂

  • This is my favorite read home that has been shared! So wonderfully cozy and bright and a mishmash of wonderful details. The martini on the beautiful clawfoot tub made me laugh. What a sweet space they’ve created. Thank you for sharing!

    PS. That teal chair in the first photo is to die for.

  • I think this might be my favorite home that’s been shared here! It’s so quirky and vintage–and that tub, oh my! Lovely home.

  • oh wow.. i love all the colour against the white walls and the beautiful teal bathroom and delightful wallpaper in the kitchen! feast for the eyes!

  • This house is truly beautiful, what a wonderful space!

  • Love the map bedroom! What a fun mix of prints and colors and decor! So cute. And it helps to have an adorable chunky baby at your kitchen table! Just darling!

  • Such a lovely space! I love all the details- and especially the birds!
    We recently moved and gave a little look into one of our new rooms as well.



  • I love the red lamp, the butterflies (are they real???), the big map, the bathtub and all the light!
    What a beautiful home!

    Have a calm and happy All Saints’ Day!

    Love Bambi

  • Your home is really lovely Julia! I would be like a kid in a candyshop if I would visit it 🙂

  • I love not only the red lamp, the butterflies, the big map, the bathtub and all the light – I love the complete beautiful home and it´s so great that you show here a home from Germany

  • What a lovely home!
    The colors, the design. I love it!
    Thanks for sharing you’re amazing decorated home with us 🙂

  • Wow! I can’t imagine getting to live in such a wonderful little piece of history, very cool space!!!

  • Wow! Wunderschön! I love the soft colour palette and the white base. Living in Germany for more than two years now, I know that it’s all about strengthen the light becuase it can be really dark in Autumn/Winter.

  • Julia, your place is so inviting! The playful colors and fun accessories make it feel like a welcoming home. I love knowing the interesting family history of your home, too. Thanks for sharing!

  • this is one nice home! I just love everything from the floors, to the kitchen to the bathtub! Major home-envy going on here 😉 xx Cici

  • Ohhhh, what a seriously special home. I love all the different blue tones. So lovely! And how fun to live in a home with such a long history. You know that house could tell some serious stories.

  • This might well be my favourite home ever. I love the white painted wood in the living room and the kitchen wall paper and the bath tub and …!!!


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