At Home With Julie Williams Driemel

At Home With Julie Williams Driemel via A Beautiful MessWe are so happy to welcome Julie Williams Driemel to the blog today to share her lovely home with us!
Lovely living spaceGorgeous chairLove all the colors in this space"This space was a pretty good blank canvas when we bought it. While it's been home from day one, after two years worth of projects, it feels so us and has become super functional to fit our lifestyle. I love the bright windows with big mountain views as well as the mix of pretty little bits gathered from thrift stores, our travels, gifts, and special family hand-me-downs. Our decor is such a mishmash of items we've gathered over the years, which I love. Nearly everything has a story of some sort – clippings of plants that have been passed down through both our families for years and years, colourful vases that were collected for our wedding, the big long shelf in Morris' room is constructed from a set of retired vintage jumping skis my dad snatched from his local ski club, beach treasures we've gathered while visiting Adam's hometown on Vancouver Island, several pieces of art and wall hangings from family members [the tapestry above the mantle was a wedding gift to my great grandparents from family members in Sweden shortly after moving to Canada], the table and chairs are the same set that Adam grew up with, a vintage camera collection that my mother-in-law keeps adding to, the red mid-century rocking chair my mum bought for us…"
The light in this space is perfect!Sweet nurseryDarling nursery"The latest project around here has been Baby Mo's room – it's such a bright and cheery space. It was important to me that it be a part of the house that I would love hanging out in…I've been logging some serious hours in there since he was born back in January."
Love this gallery wall!Green walls in the bedroom"Our home is small and modest, but it's all we need and I can't wait to watch our little family grow here. We are so lucky to live in the awesome community of Canmore, in the Canadian Rocky Mountains…the outdoor surroundings are a huge part of our lifestyle."
Love the couch in this spaceKitty!Love the built-ins in this spaceLove the pops of color in this space!Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home with us, Julie! You can find more of Julie over on her website or blog! xo. 

Credits // Author: Julie Williams Driemel. Photography: Julie Williams Driemel and Lindsay Ross.

  • I’d love to know where you found the dark green and the red pendant light fixtures!

  • what a gorgeous space! all of the colors are amazing!


  • Nope. There just aren’t any words to describe how PERFECT this home is! #ALLTHEHEARTEYES

  • I loved the pops of color and specially this wall picture of the woods! For now I live in a rental, but as soon as I get my own place, I’d love to have a pic picture of my home town on the wall just like that!

    Gabi Barbará

  • The prints (both pretty perfect for a mini mountain man!) in Morris’ room came from Urban Outfitters.

  • Favorited the last pict, but lovee all the detail. thank your for share us this beautiful home…

  • At Home With is my absolute favorite feature on ABM! It’s always so inspiring to see these amazing, creative spaces!

  • oh how I love their spaces!!! So adorable but functional!

  • Hello!! What a charming home! Could you share where you found that adorable Bear Hug print? I LOVE IT!


  • I love all the plants! Unfortunately, all my plants keep dying. Except the succulents. They thrive but I don’t know why… Maybe I keep my place too hot…
    The Accidental Mama

  • What a GORGEOUS home! I love all the little details, and the big print above the crib makes me swoon! ♡

  • Carley – this couch is by Gus Modern, a Canadian company! They have retailers all over the country…we got ours from Crave in Calgary. It’s the PERFECT piece for our living room.

  • Hey Corey, the red rocker is a restored midcentury piece, it doesn’t have any designer markings on it that I’ve noticed. I’d suggest keeping your eyes open at thrift stores with the mindset of perhaps refinishing it!

  • Hey Amy, the woodland tapestry in Mo’s room is from Urban Outfitters…it’s definitely my favourite wall in the whole home.

  • Isn’t’ this rocker awesome?! I had the same mindset about all the traditional glider chairs I’d seen for babies’ rooms. We tracked it down at a rad little shop in Victoria, BC that collects and refinishes mid-century pieces…such a good find! I admit, it turned out to not be the most comfy for long nursing sessions in the early days…but now that we’ve got our groove, it’s perfect!

  • Hey Briel, our amazing couch is by Gus Modern, we purchased it from a shop called Crave in our nearby city. It was a bit of a splurge […by my thrifty standards] but SO worth it!

  • Lovely space..loved everything, so cozy and colorful.. loves the bedroom gallery wall…and camera collection in the living room..


  • Love how simple, yet personally all of the spaces are! Very inspiring indeed! And I love the colours!
    Xx from the Girl in the Houndstooth Coat

  • This house looks so amazing! I am extremely jealous!

  • Her home as a beautiful eclectic feel you don’t find often enough – it’s cohesive and has so many interesting accents! Love!

  • I would love to find out where you got your couch from. I’m in Canada too, so it gives me hope I can find something equally as cool 🙂

  • I am also interested in finding out who designed the rocker! It’s a gorgeous piece. Would Julie mind sharing who designed the piece? Thanks so much for sharing your warm home with us!

  • I love the white walls with the accent wall. So colorful and fresh!
    So glad at home is back! It’s so precious!
    xoxo Sydney at Twine Interiors

  • Gorgeous!! My actual dream home. The colours are fantastic. I love how they’ve used a totally neutral palette and then added pops of bright colours everywhere. Stunning 🙂 xx

    Little Miss Katy | Fun, Food & Fashion!

  • Hello fellow Canadian! so fresh and bright! Love it. Can I ask about the large tree print in the nursery? Did you have it printed? I love it!
    I too am BEYOND WORDS THRILLED that at home is back……I’ve missed it terribly

  • I love the colors you selected for the walls. They are perfect. I especially like that green. I am normally not a green person, but that color is lovely!

  • So glad you’re still posting these!!
    Julie uses plants so nicely in her home.
    I can’t get over that mantle… it looks so fresh, and surprisingly doesn’t seem cluttered despite the number of vases/plants/etc.

  • So so lovely! What a beautiful home! The pops of color and fun prints are perfect! Thanks for sharing!

  • “At Home With” is one of my favorite ABM postings! Love love love. BEAUTIFUL home and very inspirational. You can tell it’s filled with a lot of love!!

  • Sooo…when can I move in? This house is so darling! I love the olive oil can/planter in the window! Fingers crossed my house is just as inviting and charming one day…

  • Totally swooning over the baby nursery! So detailed and personal. Very inspiring!!

  • This is beautiful! Where did you find that ROCKER?! We are expecting in March and every rocker/ glider I’ve seen makes me want to throw up in my mouth. Yours is perfect!

  • Such a happy eclectic home. I’m always so pleasantly surprised at what a difference houseplants make. They make a home so much more warm and homey feeling, don’t you think? And that pink chair is a beautiful piece!

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