At Home With Kat Evidente

At Home With Kat EvidenteWe are happy to welcome Kat Evidente to the blog today to share her lovely home with us! Sweet record cabinetDarling gallery wall"My husband, Leo, and I live in an 850 square foot, 1950s track home in a quiet neighborhood in Ventura, CA. I’ve grown to love every detail of it as we made it our own. It was not easy to create a more ideal space because we were limited to what we can do since our place is a rental. Good thing is, we both love a good challenge." Perfect record storage Love all these details Beautiful succulents"For the living area, we managed to acquire a good mix of midcentury-inspired and handmade pieces that tell who we are as a couple and as individuals. And since our living room is part office/work area, our main goal is to keep our home inspiring and cohesive. As wedding photographers, we believe that living in an inspiring and organized home will not only keeps us sane, and our minds fresh, but it will also bring out the creativity in us.

My favorite piece is our Danish modern credenza that we found in Los Angeles while combing through a row of midcentury furniture shops. We made it a home for some of our favorite items in the living room, such as our record player, books, and vinyl. We love how clean and simple it looks." Sweetest kitchenWire lighting fixtureLovely kitchen detailsAt Home With Kat Evidente via A Beautiful Mess"In addition to our living space, we are blessed to have a spacious backyard that we use for barbecues, dinners, board game nights, and cocktails almost every time we have friends and family over. The idea with the backyard is to keep it minimalistic (like the rest of the house,) because we appreciate the open space that it brings. Our outdoor space also offers a quick escape when we feel a bit burnout from processing a ton of photos that we deal with from time to time." Lovely back patio area Love the firepit on a pallet"Leo keeps himself busy with building wood furniture during his free time. In particular, he built our patio dining table and benches from scratch, among other things in our home. It’s always a blessing to be able to enjoy the fruits of his labor. His wood pieces are not only great but they make our place more like us." Perfect back patioThank you so much for sharing your lovely home with us, Kat! You can learn more about Kat (and Leo) over on her blog The Hidden Art of Homemaking. xo.

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