At Home With Katie Costick in Los Angeles, California

At Home with Katie CostickToday we are welcoming the lovely Katie Costick to the blog as she shares her beautiful LA home with us! We are totally digging the laid back style in her space, along with this amazing art board in her office. Ready to see more?

Living roomCouch/Ikea.

Blue wallHutch/Tini.

Love this pillow!“Our home is located in East Los Angeles, CA. I live with my husband Andrew and our dog, Bmo. I am an interior designer, stylist and actress (catch me in “You’re the Worst” as Jimmy’s youngest sister on FXX this fall). When I first viewed this house, I felt sorry for it. It was very worn and neglected and the previous occupants had not taken good care of it. The place definitely needed a facelift, and as an interior designer/stylist, I wanted to inject my own ideas and concepts as well as restore what was already there. This home has a lot of wonderful natural light, which I absolutely love. Being from England, I was used to grey drizzly days, but California is completely the opposite. My influences as a designer and in my home come from the colors of my surroundings—blue skies and oceans, tropical palm trees, turquoise swimming pools and stunning pink and orange Californian sunsets.

Vintage bottlesOffice art“My favorite space is currently my office which my husband and I share. I take up most of the space, I confess, with fabrics, art supplies and throw pillows for my Etsy Store, which is still in the early stages. I did a makeover in there recently, got rid of a bunch of stuff and pinned up all my art pieces on the notice board. I’m currently working on a range of upholstery fabrics, so this keeps me motivated! I love to paint in my spare time, so this has enabled me to get more of it into my life.

KitchenCollectibles“I’m a huge fan of vintage and repurposing or up-cycling and I’m obsessed with thrift stores and yard sales. This is key for my projects and the clients I work with. A lot of the furniture we have is vintage or secondhand with some new items peppered in. If it can be reimagined and redesigned, then I’m into it. My absolute favorite item of furniture is the the yellow painterly floral arm chair upholstered in a Designers Guild fabric. DG is my favorite vendor for fabrics and wallpaper. Their stuff is so fresh, colorful and inspiring.

Katie CostickDecor detailsAt Home with via“Some of my most treasured items have been carried over from England in my hand luggage, even when I was told I was crazy or it wouldn’t be possible. I proved them all wrong! Not one item was broken or damaged. I have a big antique bottle collection some of which date back to the late 1800s. Some of them I literally dug out of the ground with my Auntie as there was a Victorian rubbish tip near her house full of old jars and bottles and other random junk.

Master bedroomLamps and Bed/Ikea.

Guest bedroomSide Tables/Ikea

“We’ve been living in this house for about a year and a half. Our home is always evolving. It’s my laboratory where I can experiment with new colors and arrangements. I’m always changing the throw pillows because I am obsessed with them, and I find awesome fabrics I just have to incorporate in my concepts. I’m very lucky to have the freedom to do that and a very tolerant husband!”

Thanks so much for sharing, Katie! You can find more of Katie via KCC Interiors and on Instagram! xo.

Credits:// Author and Photography: Katie Costick.

  • I love her style! I really like how she mixes more modern design elements with more traditional pieces really well!


  • Oh, East LA!!! XO
    I live next door in Monterey Park!
    This home is full of light, color and I love everything about it!
    I love how this totally beats what people think about it!
    Yay for LA! <3

  • It’s my favorite book! If I see a copy in a thrift store I tend to buy it even though I have enough already!

  • Hi Chandana the plant is a Fiddle Fig leaf tree. I got it and the pot from IKEA!

  • A beautiful space, and I love that you can make any space design worthy even on a budget. It’s nice not to feel pressure to get the top of the line items. Just paint the kitchen white!

    Love the fiddle leaf fig!

    Analog House

  • I really like the couch area in particular it’s cozy and comfy looking but stylish. I could see myself relaxing there 🙂


  • The art-board is amazing! Love the interior (: Tons of inspiration!

    xx Jia,

  • The art-board is amazing! Love the interior (: Tons of inspiration!

    xx Jia,

  • The art board is so awesome! I’m really speechless! I would like to create a similar wall in my office too!!
    Thanks for sharing!

    xx Elena

  • I love, love this space! It looks so open and airy and quirky at the same time.

    xx Mad Cherry

  • Wow I love Katie’s home! All the different colours look wonderful, without being overwhelming. Massive decor envy right now!

  • What a lovely home with lots of color! I love that working space and all those colorful art pieces. I personally like a little bit more modern style but I was kind of surprised how much I liked those chairs. Just beautiful.

  • The train ticket pillow is so creative, i love it. Love her bright space with a fun mix of color. Beautiful.

  • I love some of the space saving measures you’ve used, like hanging a lot of little images in one space and using ledge shelves. Thanks for sharing!

  • Thank you so much – ABM is such a brilliant blog! My Brit friends and family always say how American I sound but I’m glad to hear the British is chiming in appropriately!

  • “I’m a huge fan of vintage and repurposing or up-cycling and I’m obsessed with thrift stores and yard sales”

    That could be me !!! haha, love love your home!

  • I adore the inspiration board and the train ticket cushion. Beautiful home.

  • All the pinned fabrics and prints make for a great inspirational piece as much as it is decorative! I absolutely love it!

  • Her home looks amazing! I especially like that art wall and think I need to incorporate something similar into my workspace soon.

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