At Home with Katie Shelton in Springfield, Missouri

At Home with Katie Shelton Our longtime friend and ABM contributor, Katie Shelton, is giving us a tour of her home today! We couldn’t be more excited to share how she’s transformed our former studio house into a home for her family.

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“Many of you may recognize this house from when it was the ABM studio house. My family and I were living in Springfield, MO when we found out the previous house we were renting was being sold. The home had too many issues for our budget for us to purchase, so we frantically began searching for a new place. The stars somehow aligned, and Elsie and Laura were moving to Nashville (*sniff* miss you guys), and the studio house was being sold around this same time. After much consideration, we decided that our family belonged in this 1870s historic house. I now live here with my husband, Johnny, my two daughters, Hope and Poesy, and our two cats, Google and Moonstone.

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At Home with Katie Shelton At Home with Katie Shelton At Home with Katie Shelton “I decided to keep the dining room chandelier that Laura made over, but was afraid of my style not working in such a classic space. I thrifted a beautiful vintage painting of a woman in a gorgeous gold frame and, yes, glued a bunny head over her face. I don’t know where that idea came from. It just seemed like fun! The hutch is a vintage score that fits perfectly, and the pink shelf from the old Red Velvet store houses my ever-growing skunk collection!

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At Home with Katie Shelton “Our living room is my favorite space in our home, with my bedroom coming in a close 2nd, and entryway (that wallpaper—SWOON) coming in 3rd. I made the decision to flip-flop what was originally the traditional living room (which is now our music room) and the study because the lighting in the study was so serene and peaceful. I doubted my decision for months as custom pieces such as cabinet doors and a window seat unit were being built and we had big, blank walls. Eventually it all came together, it just took some time.

At Home with Katie Shelton At Home with Katie Shelton “Our wallpaper on the large built-in shelving was the first to give this room the vibe I was going for. The door in the corner of the room isn’t functional, and after MONTHS of wracking my brain with how to make it less awkward (seriously, I would just sit and stare at that door), a light bulb finally went off! I had some acrylic shelving cut and painted some cheap hardware store brackets gold. Voila! The plant shelving on the door was the perfect touch behind my favorite green velvet chair from Article. It is the coziest for cuddling up and snuggling. Another favorite piece in this space is our crazy gold chandelier. I have a pretty eclectic style, and I love the quirkiness of it in this space!

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I’m obsessed with picking up unusual trinkets that give a home personality, so you can probably imagine how many favorite pieces I have around the house! My vintage Playboy bunny chair that sits at my vanity is so fun. My husband saw it in a thrift store window one day while he was out running errands and rushed home to pick me up to check it out. What can I say? He knows my style! 

At Home with Katie Shelton At Home with Katie Shelton At Home with Katie Shelton At Home with Katie Shelton At Home with Katie Shelton “My family has been in what we now call ‘the Skunkboy house’ for a little over a year, and it feels like HOME. It’s a space for gathering friends for dinners, craft nights, band practices, and backyard parties. I’ve always dreamed of having a place like this. A place where my girls have their unique rooms to play and grow. A place where I sit down after a long day of working in my studio and doing all the mom things, and just look around and continue to be in awe that we live here. I’m sure our home will continue to evolve over the years, but I’m so happy with how far its come in this short time we’ve lived here.”

You can find more of Katie on her blog, Skunkboy and Instagram. And be sure to check out a Mixtapes show if you live nearby! 🙂

Author: Katie Shelton. Photography: Elise Abigail Randolph.

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