At Home With Katie Shelton

Katie Shelton's darling living room via A Beautiful MessOur next guest in our “At Home With” series is our very own Katie Shelton! Katie is here to share her adorable living room with us today! Love the family portrait in the centerAdorable little reading corner“We moved into our sweet little 1930s-built home in mid-Missouri about 6 months ago. When we walked into this house, it was love at first site. The house was the right size, in a great neighborhood, and full of charm. I definitely had my decorating woes when we first got here, going from a tiny box of a living room to a long, spacious area. Now that we are settled, I can’t help but chuckle at myself for being so intimidated by it. This space is perfect for all of our friendly get-togethers, mama/kiddo dance parties, and snuggling under covers with books. We spend a lot of happy time in this space.”
White walls and doorKatie Shelton's darling mantleGorgeous vintage floral chair“Not only does our living room play double duty with two different seating areas, it also opens up into the dining room. Keeping this in mind, I’ve done my best not to fill the space with too many things. It’s my nature to want to fill every corner with every cute this-n-that I find. But I know it’s more important to keep our room filled with lovely, functional items, so it doesn’t feel too cluttered.”

Lovely white living spaceWhimiscal house with vintage trinketsLovely and bright living roomLiving area with multiple sitting areas

At Home With Katie SheltonAdorable vintage plastic-canvas cuckoo clock“I have two very favorite finds in this space: The vintage floral chair was a perfect addition to the living room and helps tie all the colors together. Plus, it’s a rocking chair. I mean, how could I pass up a vintage floral ROCKING chair in the prettiest pattern I’ve ever seen? My other favorite find is the giant yellow “S” over in the reading corner. I love pieces that are pretty different and distinct, and I think these two things add so much to our room.”

Love all the vintage details

Darling living room details

Lovely paint by number pillowAdorable sheepskin chair“It’s been a fast 6 months for us, but I’m happy with how our home is coming along. I’m sure in another 6 months this room may change a bit, but it will remain kid-friendly and cozy. I love watching my girls climb on the furniture, pretending they are tight rope walkers or gymnasts. I love sitting in the fluffy rug and having snacks at the coffee table. I love reading a book in the corner or relaxing at the piano. It’s a really good space for our family, and I’m excited to see it evolve over the years.”

At Home With Katie Shelton Thanks so much, Katie, for sharing your space with us! Be sure to stop by Katie’s blog Skunkboy and say hello! xo.

  • Beautiful! I completely relate – i constantly have to remind myself not to fill every corner.

  • I’m in LOVE with her living room! The bright white and all the natural light coming in from the windows… Wish I could do a living room swap 🙂

  • I totally understand the inclination to fill every corner with cute things! My boyfriend and I just bought our first home and I’m trying so hard to keep it more open and minimalistic. Beautiful space :o)

  • I love Katie’s living room! It feels so modern and fresh despite all the cute vintage finds. That floral chair is the best and works so well with all the white! But I also love the “clock”, the big S and the cute pictures so much. (: Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Love the vibe here…

    Check out my new outfit post :

  • such a beautiful space. love the light.

  • wow, it’s amazing!! I love that little dollhouse type shelf 🙂

    -Emma from little motley

  • Katie`s space is just so adorable!
    I probably would have cluttered it with a lot of things,but now I have to admit it just looks so much better with only a few special things!


  • wow…whimsy galore. i love whimsy. such a fun quirky style. thanks for sharing:)

  • Ahhh! I’m in love with the wicker elephant side table– and I tend to hate wicker! This is adorable.

  • Amazing! I really want that mirror on my wall.

  • Such a lovely home! I love the decor!

  • So much playfulness in this room!! I love it.


  • Skunkboy<3
    Love it.

    xo Melanie

  • I love how much light filters in. It seems like a good place to enjoy a morning coffee in the sun. 🙂


  • Great post! Can we follow each other on Bloglovin? Please search for me at

  • Absolutely gorgeous decorating, I love the doll house!

  • She has the cutest home!

    xo Jennifer

  • I love how bright and light the space is, and those doors to the dining area are so great! It’s so lovely and full of such pretty, personal touches! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • The dance party pic definitely makes the post. For some reason I had no idea Katie was a mom. She’s lookin’ mighty fine.


  • So lovely! Beautiful livable design!

    Juliette Laura

  • Amazing space and lovingly decorated. Every little thing tells its own story. Plus that last shot dancing is adorable.

  • i adore this, such light, quirky style! so beautiful!xo, aiyanajane ||

  • there’s so much to love about this home that i don’t know where to start! particularly love the ‘S’ though!

  • This home is too perfect for words!. There is charm around every nook and cranny. I could totally see myself living there. They did a terrific job decorating and letting lots of natural light in.
    Have a great weekend

  • Her living room is so quirky and amazing!!!

  • This home is amazing! I love all the tiny details!


  • That last picture is the SWEETEST. Such a fun mom with excellent taste. 🙂

  • I love this series you are doing! Everyone’s homes are so beautiful! So much inspiration!

  • I like it, Looks really nice and that flower chair is amazing. Have a nice firday.

  • So cute. I love the floral chair!


  • I’m glad I’m not the only one whose children use the furniture as a gymnasium. Love her style!!

  • I love Katie! Her blog is so cute, and her home definitely matches that!


  • I love watching Katie’s girls play around in the living room, doing all their gymnastics and stuff on Vine. One thing I noticed is that she doesn’t have a TV. Is that right?

    Maria xx

  • I love everything about Katie’s home! Perfect layout and admire her blog too 🙂

    Lulu xx

  • Such a beautiful room! Full of light! And there are so many pretty details!

  • Love the white walls, gorgeous french doors and pops of color!

  • her house is perfect – love the mix of sophisticated friendly decor
    kw ladies in navy

  • I love Katie’s space – its bright and cheerful just like her! I really love that she has Hope’s “Hello” print up on the wall – so sweet to show off her creative work ♥

    xx Ashleigh

  • I love so much about this! So simple & beautiful.


  • Katie and her little family are just the cutest! That last picture with Poe is killing me. Such a sweet living room too.
    Love it!


  • I want to sit in that fur covered chair so bad, it looks incredibly comfy!

  • The cuckoo clock and flower chandelier are beyond fabulous! These lovely white, light and airy living spaces featured here make me wanna re-think my red, orange and yellow walls…
    Thanks for the tour, so inspiring!

  • Beautiful! Katie, what is the brand and name of the white paint you used? Looking for the perfect white for our house. Thanks!

  • I love her living room! Such a bright and airy room. And it has enough space for dance parties? What else could a girl want!!!

  • This apartment is really nice, she has a very beautiful things!!! I love the house clock, it’s so cute!!

  • Gorgeous! I am such a huge fan of white rooms filled with color and Katie pulls it off perfectly!

  • I love Katie’s blog and I adore her living room! It’s so bright and cheery!

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