At Home With Katie Stratton

At Home With Katie StrattonYou may already know our next home tour guest, Katie Stratton, from her blog Katie's Pencil Box. She is here today to share her lovely loft space with us!

At Home With Katie's Pencil Box"A favorite spot in our little house is my loft. It's the perfect space to

just sit and be still—to read or craft or get inspired. It's also the

first place my 8-year-old son Max and his friends want to go.

It's kind of a club house or fort for all of us!"

White space"We kept the original floorboards from the attic space that makes up the loft. I love that they are all mismatched and worn."

Lovely Loft"I loved to climb trees and read books in them when i was a little girl.

That was the inspiration for the space, a place to climb up in and get

away for a bit."Clean white space"Making the most of a tiny space, just a couple of chairs and an end table make the room functional. "

Lovely details

Loft Details"Like the rest of the house, the loft is still a work in progress. I have

big dreams of adding rooftop windows or skylights some day."

Thank you for sharing this lovely space, Katie!  Be sure to stop by Katie's Pencil Box to see more peeks of her beautiful home!

  • I have no words. The room was decorated very professional. Very nice and awesome work !

  • I love it sooo soooo much! I am inspired to make my own “creation station” when we buy our next house!

  • the floor is so amazing! i mustn’t forget about it, when i’m moving (:

  • I love the white atmosphere with pops of pattern and colors for inspiration, it looks comfortable and so inspiring! Thanks for sharing this!

    Olive xox

  • I love the white walls! I want to get white walls when I move into my own home because you get to play with color and I love me some color!

  • The pictures are so beautiful & inspiring! Love the decoration and the white furniture.

  • Ohmygosh, this is so beautiful! I love the mostly white with little pops of color, looks so peaceful and inspiring!


  • It looks so peaceful, clean, and yet sweet. I really like the white with pops of color and the fur!

  • Well, I looked at Michelle’s lovely jewelery and I had a hard time choosing just one favourite. Did I go with something personal like the bird on the ring (sterling) like a bird on my shoulder. I loved the umbrella necklace so I’d be prepared for any occasion. The two branches are just so spectacular!!!

    In the end, I settled on the skeleton key because I teach children with special needs and I call my little school the Magic Backyard. The meaning of the Magic Backyard is a place where all the stories from all the world live. Occassionally the kids will ask me if there is a key to the imaginary gate. Wouldn’t it be great to wear one around my neck! Perfect!

    Lisa Gillis

  • I am totally in love with this space! So cozy and inspiring!

  • Wooo the little bowl of stamps…so simple and sweet. I always feel so guilty throwing out beautiful stamps…so definitely using this idea. Thanks!

  • I love the ladder to this wonderful, calming space! I wouldn’t want to leave, once I climbed up. Just send up snacks and tea once and a while please…

  • such a cute use of space! the floor boards are amazing.


  • What a lovely space! It inspires me to spruce up a room in my house!

    Thanks for always sharing such great content!

  • What are the laws on republishing newspaper articles in a book? Are there copyright issues?

  • What a fabulous little hideaway! It’s so light and bright in all white too! 🙂

  • I love how it’s so white! You can’t go wrong with white!

    Maria xx

  • What a beautiful space, the light is incredible, I think I’d want to stay up there all the time!

  • Gorgeous! I love that house!

    Craving for that floor!


  • I absolutely adore Katie, and am always amazed by photos she shares of her home. The loft space is amazing! I am always so inspired by her eye for design. Sooo beautiful. It’s great to get a closer look at everything!

  • Unreal! It’s so clean and pristine. I would turn this into a beautiful mess in no time.

  • Absolutely divine! I love Katie’s blog, and not surprisingly, I love her home! I love how clean and fresh it is, combined with so much warmth. And the floorboards! You can just feel the love.


  • Its so white and open! I love it 🙂 what a gorgeous space!!


  • So beautiful, love the floorboards too. And those flowers are gorgeous!
    Ronnie xo

  • Thats adorable! I always wanted a house with a loft space, or a hidden area just to relax in.

  • I love this space so beautiful and clean and pretty!

  • Love when someone can take a cozy space and make it look so airy and open.

  • Lovely. I would love to have a little space like this. I absolutely adore those fluffy white rugs. I’m inspired to do another room in my house with a similar design style.

  • I love the total white!!!

  • absolutely soft and pretty 🙂 Do you really climb that ladder to enter it? Wild!

  • It looks like such a cosy place where you can sneak away to. So lovely and the floorboards look absolutely amazing.

  • Simply gorgeous. What a dream office. Xo Inna


  • Love this! Looks like a nice cozy work space. I would never be able to work there though, I would be paraniod about keeping it clean :S

  • Katie, you have such a beautiful craft space. The room looks like a blank canvas waiting to be splattered with inspiration and creativity! 🙂

  • I love those floorboards! I have that same mini table, with a similar fluffy rug 🙂

  • Katies home is absolutely gorgeous, I love the little peeks you get of it through her photography.
    As someone who often find white spaces to be sparse, unhospitable and severe, I am always impressed by how Katie’s home feels warm, large, airy and inviting.
    But I won’t lie, the black wall in her living room is still my favourite!


  • How lovely! LOVE the sheepskin, and LOVE how everything is a monotone cream color. Peaceful, relaxing, and makes you want to CREATE!

    -Daisy Nguyen from the PS BANANAS! fashion blog:

  • A lovely spot for a lovely person to hang out. Katie’s Pencil Box is a real favourite. She makes her life, even the crumbier parts, seem so wonderful!

  • What a lovely, inspiring space! I love the idea that this loft is a sort of grown-up tree fort 🙂

  • Lovely! I love the white… its’ so beautiful!

  • Could Katie pop round to my place and tidy it please? I love the combination of minimalistic yet homely and lived in/ Our place just feels like an on-going project at the minute- not in a fun way (think rain water coming in walls, boiler making scary rumbles etc).Rx

  • This is a beautiful space! I love the white everywhere and the floorboards! So bright and airy, no wonder the kids love being in there!

  • What a beautiful space! It would be so nice to have a retreat like that where you can get creative or read.

  • Oh wow! this is such an incredible and sweet place! so amazing :O


  • I love all of the white! This looks like a great room to be inspired.
    Isn’t That Charming.

  • I like this bookshelf so much! Simple, but still great!

  • This is so inspirational! I love when rooms are white – it gives neath and feminine look! x

  • Oh how awesome! I love that idea of a little door and a ladder to crawl up into your own little space!

  • This is so cool! I really want to get my own place soon so that I can snazz it up! 🙂

  • Katie’s loft space is very chic! I love all the white against the wood floor; they work together beautifully!

  • Omg, I love this loft! The floor is just gourgeous!

    I just finished renovating our old house, everyone thinks I’m crazy 🙂 Next year we are moving out and I will do so much more crazy things 🙂 So I love this feature, it’s inspiring, keep up the good work! 🙂

  • gorgeous!! i love her decor and fashion style. the photos on her blog are always lovely.

  • the design of the wall is perfectly organized and really really cool


  • Such a wonderful post, I absolutely love Katie’s Pencil Box! Beautiful beautiful photos!

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