At Home With Kelly Moore Clark in Ruston, Louisiana

At Home with Kelly Moore ClarkToday we are welcoming Kelly Moore Clark to the blog! We designed a camera bag with Kelly last year, and we're super excited to have her back on the blog as she shares her home with us. It's beautifully decorated!

Pops of yellow!Gold cart"When we were searching for a new home, my husband wanted to buy something brand new that was move-in ready. I of course did not like anything brand new! I wanted something older that we could put our own personality into. When we found this place, it had been on the market a while because no one would touch it! With a chopped up floor plan and peach colored cabinetry and trim throughout, it was an eyesore. I was able to see past that to what it could be with a little love and attention.

KitchenLove this chairDining roomKelly Moore Clark"My kitchen and living room are my favorite spaces in the house! Since we opened up several walls, it's now all one big space. We get lots of afternoon sunlight, so I love having all of the windows open and enjoying the sun-filled room as we hang out, eat, listen to music and just live our lives. We also completely fenced in our backyard, so as the girls come in and out from playing on their playground, it all becomes one big living space.

Kids roomBedroomBookshelvesMaster bedroom"My grandfather was a carpenter and also taught my father to build furniture when he was young. Our bedroom suit was made by my grandfather in the 1950s, so this is something I treasure! Recently, my father also built me a buffet in my kitchen, so I know this is going to be a special place for years to come. I am also a plant addict! Almost every corner of my house is filled with some type of plant! I feel like beautiful plants bring life to a home."

Thanks so much for sharing, Kelly! You can find more of Kelly here and on Instagram. xo!

Credits// Author: Kelly Moore Clark. Photography: Martin Graham Myers.

  • I would love to know as well who did the Our Father canvas. I love the folk art style!

  • Her home is so beautiful! So inspiring!


  • Oh my gosh! I am so in love with her house! I’m loving how there are a lot of windows that invites natural light to come in. And her kitchen is so spacious! <3

  • Love your bright and airy home, Kelly. I feel the same way about having tons of plants. I won the camera bag giveaway last year, but never received my bag. Such a bummer.

  • Wow…her home belongs in a magazine everything is so perfectly placed. So beautiful

  • Those blue beds are sooo cute! I’m obsessed!!! 🙂 personally, yellow is not really a colour I go for but I quite like the yellow in the living room 🙂

    Xoxo Jessy

  • So in love with that kitchen!! The accent wood looks amazing with the white!
    ♥Heather and Melissa

  • This place looks so homely and perfect! A really nice family home with quirky, personal details! So glad you featured this.

    & Projects

  • This place looks so homely and perfect! A really nice family home with quirky, personal details! So glad you featured this.

    & Projects

  • The design is really good. She has added primary pieces that highlight the room it occupies.

  • Love the color combinations! The plants over the green chair stole my heart. A perfect, charming space.

  • As someone who is thinking about starting their own family I LOVE seeing how this home totally shows your style and is a place that’s super kid friendly. PS, am in love with the matching kid’s beds!


  • Gorgeous space all around! The play room especially made me smile so big. Thank you Kelly for sharing the link to your past home tour and how you go through aesthetic phases like a regular human being 🙂

    I am curious if your girls painted the prayer above the bed? That is a beautiful idea.

  • Love this and all of your “At Home” features. Would love it if at the end you put info about where everything is from, i.e, DWR, thrifted, family heirloom, Ikea, etc. (like you do with your outfits). It’s always fun to see and sometimes I am really interested in finding something similar!

  • The exposed wood in that kitchen is so gorgeous! I love it!


  • I had no idea she was from Louisiana. I’m from Lake Charles. So neat to see creatives from around here.

  • Lovely space.The white walls help pull all the pieces.

  • Hi Kelly! You have a beautiful home, and I am sure ABM readers are so grateful for your comments here. Could you please share the source of the glider you are sitting on in the photo of you? Much thanks!

  • I adore the beds in the girls’ room- are those vintage? They are awesome!

  • LOVE this so so so much! Some of my dear friends are friends with Kelly and her family, so I was excited to check this out!!!!

  • I honestly love how spacious the kitchen looks! The book shelves/display area is a great idea too. I’d love to make one for my room as well. 🙂

  • I am such a huge fan of Kelly! I love her bags AND her house. I used her tutorial to build concrete countertops at our last house..and I met her at WPPI (and dance awkwardly in a circle next to her at a party after) and she is soooo nice. Seriously loving her house! 🙂

  • I guess I should have at least brought out the capt’in for the photos ?

  • I agree on the bar cart! My hubby said no liquor within reach of our 2 year old :/ bummer!

  • I also now have a deer head in my kitchen on a black wall, but it didn’t make it in this feature 😉 #getcrazy it’s in my Instagram from a week or so ago if you want to see it!

  • Love both of your homes! I hope this didn’t come off as critical. I was really just curious. 🙂 I love seeing everybody’s takes on their homes. I always encourage others to just do what feels right. This series definitely proves that people are maybe starting to do that more, instead of focusing on what will sell their home best. Also, that giant cow painting print in your last home…love. ha!

  • Love love love those built-ins around the fireplace! But I have to say a bar cart without any alcohol on it just looks sad. 🙁 Haha. Beautiful home Kelly!

  • I agree with this! My home is not mid-century inspired like so many of the homes on here are, and I would love to see a little more variety in the designs. Otherwise, I love this series! 🙂

  • Steph – check out my last kitchen 🙂
    I was in my ‘quirky color phase’! I’m now in my white EVERYTHING phase. I’m pretty sure my next house will NOT have white cabinets because they are so hard to keep clean!!

  • What a beautiful home. I really love those wood accents in the kitchen!

  • LOVE this space! I think the yellow and colourful accents are so “happy”. Who doesn’t want a happy home?

  • I think it is such a brilliant and inspirational piece. Love the photography too. Xxx

  • This home is absolutely beautiful. It has everything I would like to have in my future home. I’m all for combining old and new. For me sunlight is so important. I love to see big windows in homes. It makes everything more awake. It just feels like home. You are really lucky to leave in home that is so gorgeous. xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

  • Hey Steph,
    We’re always looking for more variety in the spaces we share! If you scroll through the archives there actually is a lot, but I can see how they seem similar since, yes, there are a lot of white walls (that’s what’s in style right now).

    We also get most of our tours from reader submissions- not surprising that we share some similarities!

    xx- Elsie

  • Ohh, like my dream house. So much light in house- it`s one very important element

  • I love the “At Home With…” series, but I have a question. It seems like many of the spaces are repetitive of one another. Many have the same white walls, white cabinets, eclectic/MCM decor going on. While I LOVE that, I was wondering if you’d ever feature more homes with different tastes? I know you’re probably just showing what you know your readers like (smart!), but as a designer I know there are so many different wonderful designs out there. Anyways, this is totally not meant as a critique, but more as a question that’s been in my head for awhile. 🙂
    I seriously love the series and the blog. xo!

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