At Home With Kristin Rogers

At Home With Kristin RogersThe next person in our "At Home With…" series is photographer and mother, Kristin Rogers. Kristin is here to share her daughters' room:Adorable Kid's Bedroom"Our home is itty bitty, and I mean less-than-800-square-feet bitty. But it's ours, and we love it. It was built in the early 50’s so it has a bit of that era’s charm. I've realized our style is very eclectic. We love shopping at thrift stores, antique shops, garage sales and the “I got no shame” curbside find. We love books everywhere. They kinda ooze from every room in one way or another. We love to read and think they are beautiful to the eye."Adorable Kid's Art Display Adorable Kids Room"In particular our girls room, we wanted it to be child-friendly but not super childish looking. We for sure wanted it to be an environment of learning and creativity and make sure the books are within their reach! There's lots of nature in their room, jars filled with feathers they collected, stones they found and a dragonfly daddy brought home. Pinned butterfly display, a real bird nest, insect collections and field guides are about. A lot of their toys are wooden: Their wooden kitchen I found at an antique shop and wooden doll house are some favorites. My girls have lots of dress up clothes stored in a vintage Wizard of Oz chest to adventure through and create with. They each have books next to their bed: One has a shelf made out of a pallet, and the other has a dish display rack I got from an antique shop. I love how they can access those as much as they want before bed or when they wake up. I like to display their art and pictures on twine and tiny wooden clips around the room. So overall, there is simplicity but with nature goodness and eclectic décor."Lovely Nature Display"I would say the most unusual décor item in their room is our homeschooling bookcase. It was custom built by my hubby and painted and decorated by me. It is filled with the books and curriculum we will be using that school year with custom wooden dividers to break up each day of the school week. It has a lot of nature display, jars and collections on it too. It admittedly makes me happy to look at, but it's totally practical. It holds and organizes pretty much all I need for school at their young ages."  Lovely Kid's Bedroom"My favorite project in this room is the ceiling wrap around book shelf. It’s a small room and we adore books so it’s so nice to have the ambiance and space for books. Its special too me because my husband designed it, built it, installed it and painted it. It adds such charm to me and I love finding little decor tidbits to stick around the books."Lovely Kid's Room Details"We have lived in this house for a bit over 9 years and boy has it evolved. It started with green shag carpet (not the cool kind of shag) and yuck peach walls. Thankfully my husband is so handy and did most everything himself. Pulling up that carpet and revealing the original wood floors was a treasure. The room basically went from a dingy eye sore to an eclectic airy space that we love and hope fosters a love of learning."Cozy Kids Bed"We use this space as our daughters' bedroom and partial homeschool classroom. The girls love listening to music and dancing in there too. I love their little bedroom dance parties. We spend a good amount of time in their room, so I'm glad through the years its become a space we love."

Thank you so much for sharing, Kristin!  Be sure to check out Kristin's photography blog, or if you'd like to see more peeks of her everyday world, you can find her on Instagram (@kristinrogers).

  • Love this. I follow Kristin on instagram and her feed is one of my faves!

    Kirsty x

  • It’s always difficult to arrange so many things perfectly in a moderated room. You did it in a humble way…

  • This room is amazing. Lovely photographs too. Did you use just natural light to photograph these? I’ve just found your blog but really like it. Em xx

  • I want to copy this room in my future home for my two little boys! I love yellow! very beautiful!!

  • This is every girls dream room! I’m sure they will grow up with many happy memories there.

  • i would have loved a room like this as a child!
    (who am i kidding.. i’d still love it!)
    xo, cheyenne

  • Absolutely lovely – kinda like my cottage dream!! Can’t wait to have my own little place! Like u said…it may be small but at least it’s yours! Looks beautiful!

  • Awww! so cute and beautiful! ^^

  • Just love it, it’s so nice to see what people can do with small spaces. You don’t need a mansion or a ton of money to live beautifully and well!

  • I think the family would love the children’s story Keiko and The Treewoman. The story involves nature elements and appeals to all age groups. The story also has a deep message! I personally love the book!

    The room is also very beautiful and very inspirational!

  • This is the absolute cutest room. So precious!


  • LOVE! Love Kristin, love you guys. Great post.


  • I love this new At Home With…series!!! I like that you feature everyday women and moms. I like how the people you pick utilize small spaces cause that’s kind of always been my thing. I’ve lived in everything from an old railroad cabin from 1901 in Tallahassee to a tiny two bedroom apartment on the top floor now. Thanks to Kristen Rogers and the ABM team!

  • this is nice. I don’t have much in my sons’ room (they have bunks too) and they have nothing on their walls at all (I ordered a world map from amazon last month but they cancelled the order). My bookshelves are getting super filled and I have all the homeschool books next to my bed behind our door (and my husband complained the other day saying he’d like to be able to open the door more…ahh. What a great idea with building some shelves and putting them high up like that. I would adore learning how to make a teepee for the boys too.

    This bedroom is so pretty! I have a small place too, though I think slightly larger than 800 square feet (in a two bedroom duplex).

  • I am so inspired, I am getting so many ideas and not just for kids! This is such a charming room and as you said not too childish, you have accomplished a great space for all ages! Your taste is similar to mine so I am loving all the great ideas, thank you!

  • Fun, fun, fun! Love the color, teepee, realness, layers of books…

  • this is such a cute little room! and i would have thought the high black bookcase that wraps the room would make it heavy, but it doesnt!!! its a fun little space!!

  • Wish I had this room when I was little, so cute! The plaid on her bed is amazing too!

  • Just gorgeous, and multi-functional. I love how creative you have been with the space.

  • Fab room. I love all the ‘nature’ touches to explore.Rx

  • It’s such a great idea to have the book shelf right by the bed like that! I wouldn’t mind one of those myself… It’s a truly beautiful and inspiring space! Well done!

    Maria xx

  • Following Kristin on Instagram is a must. Her pictures are beautiful and give little glimpses into her life that are so inspiring. In fact she is the reason I check Instagram first thing in the morning before my email, it is that good.

  • I love that your girls’ room supports all types of learning, not just imaginative play. Even though it is a small room it is full of wonder and quiet space in the tent and beds. I love how personalized their beds are and the soft yellow is perfect for their space. A perfect example that matching bedspreads are not necessary for a cohesive room! I would love to see the rest of you home soon!

  • I’ve been following her blog for some time and am always charmed by the photos of her home. So glad you shared them here!


  • This room is awesome! Great job with it!


  • I LOVE how organic & cozy everything is! LOVE that everything is contained within 800 square feet! WOW!
    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  • omg this bedroom is a dream come true, i know is for kids but honestly i would be happy living in a place like this one, so pretty!!!!

  • That wrap around book shelf is the stuff dreams are made on. I never would have thought to go quite so high with storage, but in tiny spaces, making use of every square inch counts. I love that you guys are sharing peeks of such varied households, it’s really inspiring!!


  • this room is truly adorable. i love thrift shop chic and it’s so appropriate for a child!


  • I think this is one of the most dreamy spaces I ever did see. The bookshelf is a devine concept. Simply gorgeous…

  • This just threw me for a little loop-my name is KristEn Rogers! Perhaps in another universe I could have spelled my name with an “i” and been an awesome interior decorator. Perhaps.

  • That kids room is just perfect… Usually childrens’ rooms are just busting at the seams with toys, bright mismatched colors, and messes! This room is still completely a childs room, and yet it manages to have a really eclectic, beautiful vibe… I just love it…

  • Wow. These rooms you’ve shown. Wowee. I need them.

    Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze

  • Oh, so cute! This is how I imagine our future children’s bedrooms. So sweet.

  • Oh my wow these photos are gorgeous! This makes me so excited to get my own home!!
    xo Heather

  • love your pics, everyting looks awesome <3

  • I love this space! Such a fun and fascinating room for little girls to grow up in.

  • I adore this bedroom! It’s a perfect space for kids without feeling too childish. Definitely a space that can grow with the girls. The custom made wrap around bookshelf is amazing. It fits perfectly in the space and you would never guess that it’s an addition and not an original feature. I love the teepee too! What kid wouldn’t love a teepee of their own!? The vintage vibe of the room is just lovely. Thank you for sharing Kristin!

  • What a whimsical room. Mine as a kid was so boring in comparison

    Pixel Hazard | Bright Green Laces |

  • this is such a beautiful room and such a lovely place for your girls to grow up! i love how you use so much reclaimed wood in interesting ways and really love that they have vintage and mostly wooden toys!


  • Those insects are beautiful, what a lovely idea for a wall hanging, I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for one!

  • How adorable is this space? I love having nosey at other people’s homes. You get such a good feel for the person from their space.

    Great post!


  • a tepee? how wild! wish I had this while growing up!

  • I would have love having this room when i was a child!!!

    It is the most amazing girl room i have ever seen

  • Love the vintage feel to these looks. The bright colors are just great, very well put together.

  • So beautiful! She is one of my favorite Instagrammers – and her little girls are just gorgeous. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!


  • Oh my that room is a dream! I especially love the bottom bunk – it looks so cozy!

  • I love this room. It’s so cozy and very much reminds me of Moonrise Kingdom. I love that the ideas are all do-able. I think this will be a great inspiration for my daughter’s room as she gets older.

  • I love everything about this room. It makes me happy just to see pictures of it. What a wonderful space for your kids!

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