At Home With Kristin Rogers

At Home With Kristin RogersThe next person in our "At Home With…" series is photographer and mother, Kristin Rogers. Kristin is here to share her daughters' room:Adorable Kid's Bedroom"Our home is itty bitty, and I mean less-than-800-square-feet bitty. But it's ours, and we love it. It was built in the early 50’s so it has a bit of that era’s charm. I've realized our style is very eclectic. We love shopping at thrift stores, antique shops, garage sales and the “I got no shame” curbside find. We love books everywhere. They kinda ooze from every room in one way or another. We love to read and think they are beautiful to the eye."Adorable Kid's Art Display Adorable Kids Room"In particular our girls room, we wanted it to be child-friendly but not super childish looking. We for sure wanted it to be an environment of learning and creativity and make sure the books are within their reach! There's lots of nature in their room, jars filled with feathers they collected, stones they found and a dragonfly daddy brought home. Pinned butterfly display, a real bird nest, insect collections and field guides are about. A lot of their toys are wooden: Their wooden kitchen I found at an antique shop and wooden doll house are some favorites. My girls have lots of dress up clothes stored in a vintage Wizard of Oz chest to adventure through and create with. They each have books next to their bed: One has a shelf made out of a pallet, and the other has a dish display rack I got from an antique shop. I love how they can access those as much as they want before bed or when they wake up. I like to display their art and pictures on twine and tiny wooden clips around the room. So overall, there is simplicity but with nature goodness and eclectic décor."Lovely Nature Display"I would say the most unusual décor item in their room is our homeschooling bookcase. It was custom built by my hubby and painted and decorated by me. It is filled with the books and curriculum we will be using that school year with custom wooden dividers to break up each day of the school week. It has a lot of nature display, jars and collections on it too. It admittedly makes me happy to look at, but it's totally practical. It holds and organizes pretty much all I need for school at their young ages."  Lovely Kid's Bedroom"My favorite project in this room is the ceiling wrap around book shelf. It’s a small room and we adore books so it’s so nice to have the ambiance and space for books. Its special too me because my husband designed it, built it, installed it and painted it. It adds such charm to me and I love finding little decor tidbits to stick around the books."Lovely Kid's Room Details"We have lived in this house for a bit over 9 years and boy has it evolved. It started with green shag carpet (not the cool kind of shag) and yuck peach walls. Thankfully my husband is so handy and did most everything himself. Pulling up that carpet and revealing the original wood floors was a treasure. The room basically went from a dingy eye sore to an eclectic airy space that we love and hope fosters a love of learning."Cozy Kids Bed"We use this space as our daughters' bedroom and partial homeschool classroom. The girls love listening to music and dancing in there too. I love their little bedroom dance parties. We spend a good amount of time in their room, so I'm glad through the years its become a space we love."

Thank you so much for sharing, Kristin!  Be sure to check out Kristin's photography blog, or if you'd like to see more peeks of her everyday world, you can find her on Instagram (@kristinrogers).

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