At Home With LaTonya Staubs

Love the vintage vibe of this spaceWe are so happy to welcome LaTonya Staubs to the blog today to share her sweet home with us! 
Love the yellow and teal accentsSuch a cozy dining spaceLove this sweet apartment"Our little home is located on the border of Clinton Hill and Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Our apartment is sub-level in an old mansion built in the mid 1800s. We are surrounded with plenty of parks, a porch, and a shared yard that separates an old carriage house (apartments inside) and our building. We moved here over a year ago and just recently signed another two-year lease. Despite the apartment being on the smaller end, we plan on staying put and growing as a family of four here. 
At Home With LaTonya StaubsSweet detailsLove everything in this corner"My favorite part of our home is our bedroom. I enjoyed decorating our living room the most, but our bedroom took the least effort and is the most relaxing, in my opinion. I love how the rest of our apartment is bright and colorful, and our bedroom is simple, clean, and cozy. It's the place where we spend a lot of time cuddling, despite our small bed. In the morning, the sunlight comes right on in at just the right angle. Our bedroom also leads out to our personal sunken-in porch (an old drainage system) that we spend plenty of time drinking our early morning coffees, watering plants, and hanging laundry. I've always dreamed of a simple and cozy room for plenty of cuddles, and this room is exactly it. 
Sweet spaceAt Home With LaTonya Staubs via A Beautiful Mess"Most things in our home were thrifted, free, or easy Ikea purchases. Mostly everything has a story, which I tend to babble about too much when having visitors. My favorite pieces of furniture in our home are River's kitchen, the couch, the TV console, and the record player in our room. River's kitchen was a find from Freecycle and was a complete mess that was a labor of love. Slowly it became River's and my dream kitchen, and maybe one day Oak will find it entertaining as well. I often forget it's a toy, as it has become such a staple in our home. The couch was our "first" large purchase in this apartment. It was delivered here weeks before we actually moved in, and it signified a new beginning for us. Our TV console was a random street find which was once a secretary's desk at a local school. I went and sat on it for a few hours while Peter found a dolly to bring it home. Lastly, the record player in our bedroom means a lot to me as it was my late grandmother's. We actually have a lot of her furniture in our apartment (River's book and toy table), and it brings in some of my favorite memories of her. Since our space is small, we are very careful about what comes in. If we don't need it or have a designated space for it, we don't purchase it."
Sweet dining space070614_2400Love this NY apartmentLaTonya Staubs with her sweet bundleThank you so much for sharing your home with us, LaTonya! You can find more of LaTonya over on her blog, LaTonya Yvette, or her webstore, Welkin NYC. xo.
Credits // Author and Photography: LaTonya Staubs
  • I love all the color incorporated throughout the entire home. It’s so bright and cheerful.

  • latonya is such an inspirational person! i love her insta account and her space is so beautiful!


  • Can I have this house? I love the wall decor <3

    xx cecil

  • Love the congrats of the bold colors versus natural really beautiful

  • love love love the different chairs around the table! definitely will be doing that in my own home some day!

  • Such a beautiful home! I love all the colour and designs on the walls 🙂


  • We did the same set-up for our “nursery” with the exact same bassinet (acquired off Craigslist)! Seriously…stressing out over a nursery the kiddo never even knows about and if you are co-sleeping with, never even sleeps in–what’s the point!? This apartment appears practical, economically sensible and styley. I like the real-life look of this home.

  • Aww, their home is beautiful! I’m surprised they said it was small, it seems quite large for Brooklyn.


  • This home is so lovely 🙂 I love the blue chairs 🙂

  • LaTonya, your home (and children) are beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us! That canvas with the boy and Little People farm is fantastic.

  • What a beautiful home. Looks like such a lovely environment to raise children in. I love your choice of colours too. Will definitely steal some ideas for my own little home. Thanks for sharing!

  • Love this home! I’m also reeeaally gonna miss these posts, could we start a campaign to keep them around?? 🙂

  • Wow! This home is just so beautiful. I adore that all of the walls are covered in so many wonderful trinkets / stories and would kill for that sofa.

  • Love the mix of crazy colors and natural simplicity. So good! Your home is beautiful LaTonya!

  • I love this feature but am always super disappointed that we don’t actually get to see photos of the beloved items these homeowners talk about! It doesn’t make sense. Really lovely home, but a bummer that we have commentary with no accompanying visual.

  • please don’t stop the “at home with” posts! They’re just too good!! I’ll miss them so much!

  • I love the little play kitchen in the living room. Such a subtle incooperation…

  • Ohhh beautiful, especially the combination of white and color. And funny, Ikea is everywhere … love from europe

  • I’ve never posted on these, but I LOVE this home and that last picture is precious. I wish you weren’t stopping these features!

  • I live in the burbs but we New Yorkers really know how to make the best of small spaces….great example, love it!

  • Finally, a person of color on the blog! Refreshing! Very beautiful Brooklyn apartment.

  • what a beautiful home 🙂 i always love white with lots of pops of color.
    xo, cheyenne

  • I love the turquoise chairs at the table under the window! But that last picture stole the show.

  • Such a great use of the space! I love the bright walls and pops of color throughout. I have apartment envy big time! The time you spend as a little family there will be so special. Some of my earliest memories take place in a tiny, but tidy, apartment my parents had when my sister and I were teeny tiny girls. Enjoy the moments with your little ones!

    Warm regards,

  • Love the pops of colour on the door and with the couch and chairs! It really pulls the rooms together and makes it look so creative 🙂

  • Absolutely incredible home tour….so bright, beautiful and peaceful!

  • I love the decorating, not too heavy, but not too light!

  • The couch and the plants are my favorite part!

    – Christina

  • Lovely place…love the cute and colorful dining space and the cozy bedroom… the whole house is so cozy!


  • So beautiful! I just adore the colors and then the calming bedroom! What a wonderful place to live! Very nicely done! Gonna miss these posts too!!!

  • I love the baby nursery. So natural and works for both a girl or a boy. Just beautiful!


    Laurali Star

  • Really going to miss these posts! They’re such a great source of inspiration 🙂

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