At Home With Laura Armenta

At Home With Laura ArmentaWe are happy to welcome Laura Armenta to the blog today to share her lovely home with us! Love the textures in this room"My family and I live in a 1931 red brick bungalow in a quiet historic district of downtown Phoenix. We rented this 3 bedroom home about a year and a half ago after falling in love with the neighborhood. Originally our house had only one bedroom, and topped at 800 sq. feet. A few years later, two more bedrooms were added. Then in the 1970s, the back porch was closed off and converted to a laundry room and studio. My husband Felix currently uses that space as a music room/bike storage space. Present day the house is double its original size, but my favorite area of our home is by far the original living room/dining space. This part of the house has beautiful wood floors, a fireplace and huge windows on every single wall, which give us beautiful natural light." Pretty details Love that blue accent wall!"Most of our furniture was purchased on Craigslist, or at thrift shops, so each piece has a story. Both our parents also love thrift shopping, so they periodically find really nice pieces for us. Our dining table is probably the most unusual find. It sat forgotten in the basement of an old church until it was put up for sale, and my parents bought it for $10. After they purchased it, the table sat at their house for a few months until one day they drove it 300 miles from their town over to us." Love the blue wall and curtains!Lovely space-- really into that fireplacePretty patterns and textures"We've lived in our home for about a year and a half, and the first few months, we moved furniture around a lot. The L-shaped space was definitely a challenge to furnish and decorate. The huge windows on every single exterior wall, the huge open space, and the limited electrical outlets of an old house made it even more difficult." Sweet pups Pretty office space"I work from home and spend most of my time here, so it's important to me that our living space always feels comfortable and lived-in. I love mixing colors, patterns, and love having plants around to fill in empty spaces. I love being able to just sink into the sofa with my morning coffee before heading into my office to work on a daily basis. Our little family of three (and our two nosy pups) all love having this open space in which we can relax. Before dinner, our dining table doubles as a homework station for our son, and the big living room rug makes the perfect platform for pillow and blanket forts on movie nights. I'm really glad we've been able to make this relatively small area into a multi-functional space." Lovely details What an adorable pupThank you so much for sharing your lovely home with us, Laura! You can find more of Laura over on her blog Sweet Paper Plane or on Instagram. xo.

  • beautiful home & even better, she’s from my hometown & writes for the new times! awesome post!!!

  • Honestly I don’t like this style. I prefer scandinavian or modern style but still I think that flat is nice;)

  • such a cool home! love the white walls and all of the unique and colorful pieces


  • This home is gorgeous! I love that blue accent wall!

  • Growing up in Phoenix, so many of the homes are cookie cutter now. I love the older historic homes closer to downtown/central. Especially this house, it’s adorable! Would love to see what the outside looks like 🙂

  • It’s so great to see someone living in a small home who doesn’t talk about adding on another 1000 square feet to make it just right. We recently downsized over 600 square feet and its been tough but it feels good to purge unnecessary items. I’d do an even better job but its just a temporary situation so I don’t know what might work in the next place. But if I don’t love it, it’s out! Beautiful space, love these home features.

  • Gah!!! Be still my heart- I love this home so much! So much inspiration in each post and totally my style. <3

  • Love It!!! I am also from Phoenix so seeing someone on here from Phoenix excites me!!

  • I love how in each of these homes they have the perfect rugs for the space. I have been searching forever and just can’t seem to finish my room off!

    i also am loving the granny afghans. so happy.

  • I really wish you would feature some smaller living spaces! I live in a studio and would LOVE inspiration. Not to mention, I bet a fair amount of your followers are not home owners. Just an idea!

  • Absolutely beautiful! I’m SO eclectic that it’s almost too much. So, I’m so drawn to like-minded interior decorators. L.o.v.e.

  • Laura’s house is so cheerful and inviting. I like how colorful it is– not overwhelming at all.
    I am in love with the giant “A” on the fireplace… I would love to know where it came from!

  • I really love this look. It’s not as retro-chic as some designers, but with the same bold colors. I dig.

    The Rambling Fangirl

  • gosh, those pups are so cute! i love the colors in the home and how they’re so bold and primary. the brick fireplace is a nice balance.


  • What a beautiful home, such lovely unique pieces!

  • I was captivated by the gorgeous warm glow of the brick fireplace with its sloping interior. Not usually into fireplaces, but this is cool 🙂

  • Amanda, we commissioned the painting from a friend. I’ll have more info on it on the my blog soon! There’s a really great story behind it 🙂

  • Hi! There’s a better look into my home office on my blog 😉 I’m glad you like it!

  • I am so excited and happy to share our home with everyone. Thank you so much, ABM, for letting us share our space. I am overwhelmed and so humbled by the positive comments; they mean so much!

    Thanks again!

    Laura and Felix

    Our pups Emi and Oliver are always happy to steal the show 🙂

  • Hi Amanda- we’re always looking for homes to feature with different styles. Since this is mostly a reader submission feature it doesn’t surprise me that a lot of homes have certain similarities. If you scroll through our archives there is a ton of variety!

  • Such a cute home. Love all the colors. I have the same ikea rug, love to see how it’s used on different homes.

  • I love it all!! we are in the process of downsizing our home in the next few years & I so love hearing how others are perfectly happy in smallish spaces! Thank you for sharing!! LOVE The BOSTONS!

  • Completely enthralled with the colors in this home!! Very inspirational! Thank you for this post. 🙂

  • Yay, color! I love love love this home! That blue paint is so lovely! Also, I’ll never NOT look at a post with pups ;D

  • The peek of the office was such a tease! I want to see more…I love it!


  • Super sweet home, love it all. But, PUPPIES!!!!! Those Bostons are so adorable, really love that portrait in the dining room. What’s the story behind that?

  • This home looks great like all of them but each house seems to have the same style. Are there any other home tours coming up with different aesthetics?

  • wow, i like it a lot! blue and white walls with all flowers and crocheting! Dreamy ^^ So warm!


  • Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing!

    ~ SVICA Jeans ~
    “The Customizable Tuxedo Stripe Jean”

  • Great, colorful house. All of the homes on the site definitely have the “A Beautiful Mess” aesthetic. Love the glowing fireplace.

  • This home is really gorgeous. I love the mixture of colour and patterns, it looks very homey and cosy. I especially love the fluffy chair! xx

  • Love all of the natural lighting, the plants, the textures…basically the entire package.

  • Beautiful! I’m absolutely in love with that fireplace of hers.


  • 1. each home tour gets more amazing and beautiful
    2. I can’t pick a favorite thing from her house, there are too many neat features!
    3. Love that this is in my hometown
    4. That dog!

  • Such a lovely home! LOVE the color combinations. And those puppies! They are the perfect home accessory! 🙂

  • I that these cobalt blue walls really make the difference in that house. They bond everything so cohesively.

    tsiou, from

  • Wow! I was instantly drawn to this post. Her home is beautiful, I love the eclectic style and feel of it. It just feels so homey and personalized!

  • We love red bricks…we’re from a very industrial part of Germany where there are a lot of red brick buildings, so they’ll always look like home to us:-)

    Love from Europe,

    Birdy and Bambi

  • Thank you for sharing this with us!
    Love the living room 🙂
    I have a new post on my blog: come visit me! 🙂

  • I really like this house! One of my favorites. I love the navy walls and the brick fireplace.

  • I love her space! I am truly inspired by the mix of colors she uses. I am trying to be more bold and brave in my space.

  • I love everything about your home! I love the idea of a light in the fireplace, so cozy. 🙂 You have the perfect mix of vintage and modern.

  • I love the deep blue wall in the living room! The gold frame against it is beautiful.

    and the pups, they’re amazing too.

  • I love the blue accent wall and i am definitely in the when in doubt, put a plant on it category.

  • I love everything about this! I’d never thought of using dark navy/blue as an accent colour before but it is gorgeous!

  • Lovely house! Although pretty much everyone who’s shared their home has the same Ikea rug!

  • Love the fireplace! The bricks…the …everything. Amazing!

    Thanks for sharing.


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