At Home with Lindsay Kujawa in Temecula, California

At Home with Lindsay Kujawa Plant Shelves/DIY.

Hey, friends! We have a special At Home feature for you today. Lifestyle photographer Lindsay Kujawa is sharing her renovated home with us today, and get this. It used to be a barn!

Here’s some before photos—

BeforeBefore And after!

At Home with Lindsey Kujawa Around January of last year, my husband Ian and I started throwing the idea around of us possibly moving. We loved Temecula Wine country (in California) and knew we wanted to be in that area, but none of the houses for sale were our style. Then one evening, my husband pulled up a 12 stall horse barn that was for sale on Redfin and asked me what I thought about it. He said maybe we could gut it and completely transform it. I am usually the one with the crazy ideas, so this was completely unexpected coming from him. I LOVED the idea of a possible barn conversion, so the next morning we decided to go drive by the barn and see what we thought.

At Home with Lindsay KujawaSofas/Thrive Furniture, Coffee Table/Mt Hood Wood Works.

At Home with Lindsay Kujawa “I remember driving by slowly and immediately getting goosebumps and teary eyed (I’m an emotional person, haha). I KNEW it was for us! I also knew it would be the craziest adventure ever, but we decided to jump in with both feet and go for it! We did a ton of the renovation ourselves along with the help of family and friends, which made it that much more special in the end.

At Home with Lindsay Kujawa “Our two chairs in our living room were thrifted Danish midcentury chairs that my aunt found for me, and we had them reupholstered with West Elm fabric. And I would say the thing that I am most obsessed with (ha) in my home is my plant wall. My motto has always been, “When you can’t find art, add plants.” And I feel like the more plants you have the merrier. 🙂

At Home with Lindsay Kujawa Pendant Lights/Barn Light Electric.

At Home with Lindsay Kujawa Dining Table/Pottery Barn.

My favorite space in my home is the kitchen. It’s a little bit modern and a little bit country, and I just love it! I always dreamed of having an all white kitchen with open shelving, and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. We love to have friends and family over, and it’s always the space that everyone gravitates towards. I also decided to leave the ducting exposed, and I feel like it’s the perfect industrial touch for our home.

At Home with Lindsay Kujawa At Home with Lindsay Kujawa Headboard/DIY.

At Home with Lindsay Kujawa At Home with Lindsay Kujawa Nightstands/West Elm.

“When we took on this renovation, we wanted to try and reclaim as much as we possibly could. The ceiling is all lined with the original horse stall wood. And all the exposed beams were wrapped, and then we hand distressed and stained them ourselves… that was a lot of work, and I don’t think I ever want to do that again. Haha, but it was worth it! I would call my style modern farmhouse, and I love mixing new with old and giving thrifted items new life again.

At Home with Lindsay Kujawa At Home with Lindsay Kujawa “We have lived in our home for a little over a year now, and it’s just such a rewarding feeling to know that we did so much of it ourselves!”

We’re in love! You can find more peeks of Lindsay’s home on Instagram. xo.

Author: Lindsay Kujawa. Photography: Lindsay Kujawa and Paige Buffington


  • The very inspiring article you have shared and brilliant ideas in this moment. I loved the way it renovate and the only thing that women loves. Thank you for sharing!

  • Your ductwork looks great! We are just finishing framing now and the idea came up today to expose the ductwork in the 26 ft cathedral living room. Your post makes me think what about the whole house. Would you do it again? Help!

  • this is absolutely gorgeous!!!!! I am living for it! My fiancée lives in the Temecula area (Fallbrook to be exact) and it truly is such a great area of California. we will definitely use this as inspo when we renovate our Temecula home one day!

  • I love that kitchen! I have a similar style in mine but mine’s all black and white. Wouldn’t have minded a nice wood but beyond my budget 🙂

  • Absolutely stunning! I love how all the walls are painted white, it’s so bright and happy! All the details really add character. Thanks for sharing!

  • I was so surprised when I saw my hometown name-dropped on ABM!!

  • As I was looking through the pictures I thought to myself I can see how someone would feel this’s very white and sterile, but for someone like me who loves simple and no clutter it’s heaven. I love her motto when you don’t have art use plants. That’s my home, plants and very little “stuff”. I think even just added a bit of color on the wall would make it more cozy?

  • Love this home so much! I was just out looking for homes out in Temecula and your home popped up. Are you selling it?

  • This house is absolutely stunning. There is something so special about being able to turn something into yours. I especially love that they kept the integrity of the old barn by keeping the “farmhouse feel” saving the exposed beams was the icing on the cake. I’d have to agree that the kitchen is my favorite part of the home. Personally, I would add a more modern dining room set. Including colored chairs, maybe a dark blue? Thanks for sharing your stunning home with us.

    Charlotte Lindsay| E-commerce Home Decor

  • WOW I didn’t know this style of home was even a thing!!! I am OBSESSED. This is my new dream home!!
    Thanks for sharing!
    XX -KK

  • This is genius! I don’t know if I would of been brave enough to renovate a barn or even think of that possibility. That’s super awesome though and you did it well! Good job!

  • Such a beautiful house and creative idea. Love this post! Thanks for sharing and please take
    a minute to check out my latest post too if you can, I would love to
    hear your thoughts.
    Looking forward to your next one 🙂 xxx

  • WOW!It is all very beautiful. I love your style. Would you be able to tell me where you got your bed from?

  • Very true, we all are fond of big things and women carve for big kitchen i guess…:)
    This would make it possible. Also I can suggest you some more ideas.

  • Thanks for sharing such a lovely place inside, well it is a good stuff for women to put it something new with their house:)
    Also you can try this.

  • This is amazing! Best wishes to keep enjoying your lovely house and your lovely family!

  • Yowzers that’s impressing from a permit and zoning standpoint. How did you handle running plumbing and gas to the place? Or was that already in place. I’m thinking about a major addition to our 100 year home and feeling overwhelmed with just the permit issues. You make it seem doable!

  • As a New Yorker, I can’t even imagine having this much space!

  • Would love to know how you went about finding a barn only in Temecula – this is exactly what we are looking for with land for horses – love your vision and result!!

  • I am in love with this house! Here in Italy it isn’t possible to have a house like this 🙁

  • The whole place is gorgeous, so bright and airy! I would love to have a nice rug in our kitchen but we both spill to many things on the floor x

  • Wow, it looks absolutely amazing! I love the large space!

  • Wooooah I’m in love with the white theme all over the house. It looks so beautiful, elegant, yet so calm so you can feel better in home.

    Btw, I love your blog too. I’m obsessed if I could say… I hope I can blogging like you are. Keep inspiring 🙂

    Love from Indonesia,

  • Thank you! The headboard was a thrift find turned DIY and pendant lighting is from onefortythree 🙂

  • Haha! I hear you! I am freezing when its 63 degrees in my home so I can only imagine! 🙂

  • Hi Amy! Thank you! And our home is filled with laugher and so much love, which is the opposite of soul-less. I just don’t love clutter and am more minimalist than most 😉 xo

  • Can you share the source for your bedroom light and headboard? I really love that overhead light! The entire space is beautiful!

  • Love it. It reminds me a bit of the barn Chip and Jo did on Fixer Upper. I love the idea of reclaiming a space that was something else – barn, fire house, whatever – and making it a home.

  • Such a beautiful home! Those beams are dreamy, and using the white makes it seem so light and airy 🙂

  • Ok, seriously obsessed with everything about this home. A converted barn?! So gorgeous. LOVE the exposed wood beams, the white kitchen and open shelving, the bath tub, the sliding barn door, their furniture, THE PLANT WALL. JUST ALL OF IT OKAY. 😉

  • Well, that was definitely the most chic barn I’ve ever seen! What a lovely space.

  • Wow, what a transformation! Beautiful!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • Omg- love this! I get so excited when I see that you posted an At Home With post, they are my favorite 🙂

  • So gorgeous! All that natural light. I will never tire of fresh white, warm woods, with hits of black.

  • It is a perfectly lovely space and very on trend but it feels a bit soul-less. Maybe it is because you have only lived there a year and are still working on its feel.

  • I live in Temecula too!
    Its such a beautiful place, with amazing people.
    Her home is amazing!

  • It’s gorgeous, but it is definitely a space for California. I cannot imagine trying to heat a living room like that in the Midwest.
    Another reason for them to rejoice in their home.

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