At Home With Lynne Knowlton

Beautiful treehouse tour via A Beautiful MessWe are so happy to welcome Lynne Knowlton to the blog today to share her treehouse with us!

Gorgeous hammock chair"The treehouse is nestled amongst the trees in the backyard of our 100-year-old home in rural Ontario, Canada. Having a treehouse is both serene and energizing all at once.

"It all goes back to a time when we were kids, and we tucked ourselves in blanket forts made from sofa cushions and cardboard boxes. We had secret handshakes, water balloons, and clubhouse passwords. No one else was allowed in our magical fort, unless, of course, they knew the secret password.

Love this outdoor seating areaGreat sign!"We built our treehouse as a getaway. A big escape. We all have moments of stress and feeling crazy tweeked. My goal was to create a space that children and adults would love, a space that they could feel good in. It evolved into a treehouse for grown-ups.

Lovely front doorsLynne Knowlton's beautiful tree house tour"It’s no big secret that our economy is tighter than bark on a tree… excuse the pun. Building a treehouse that’s eco-friendly, with green living in mind, meant that we could be creative and save moola along the way.

"Most of the treehouse is made from reclaimed, upcycled items. The walls of the treehouse were created from a reclaimed barn. Some of the walls are barn board, and one wall is built from the barn tin roof.

Lovely outdoor seating areaIn love with this tree house tour via A Beautiful Mess!"There is a big ol' red slide on the side of the treehouse! The slide was reclaimed from a school playground and was originally destined for the landfill. It’s fun; even my 85-year-old Grandma loves it. 

Dream houseLove these gorgeous details"We have lived in our home for 11 years but only just built the treehouse a few years ago. The space started as playhouse for our four children but evolved into an adult-sized treehouse.

In love with this tree house!"Being creative and hugging trees (especially ones with tree houses in them) feeds my soul. There is nothing like the sound of the trees, the smell of the air, and the beauty of the fireflies at night."

Treehouse tour via A Beautiful MessThank you so much for sharing your beautiful treehouse with us, Lynne! You can find more of Lynne over at her blog Design The Life You Want To Live. xo.

Credits // Author and photography: Lynne Knowlton.  Additional photography: Samantha Erin Photography and Marlee Maclean from Roots Canada.

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