At Home With Mallory Nikolaus

At Home with Mallory NikolausToday we are welcoming Mallory Nikolaus to the blog as she shares her beautiful home with us!

Living roomAt Home withMallory Nikolaus "I live in an 1100 square foot Buffalo, NY home that I share with my family of six. Yes, my husband and I have four little rambunctious boys under age six in our tiny home. Since I'm the only girl in the house, I overcompensate with my girly, glam style and bright, bold colors and patterns. 

Baby nookSuperhero bedroomLove this cityscape! PlayroomMaster bedroom"My favorite spaces are probably the bedrooms. My master bedroom with the wood scalloped wall still makes me so happy over a year after completing the project, which is shocking for my constantly evolving taste. I also love my boys' Superhero Bedroom because it's a space I designed with them in mind. I don't typically like to decorate with characters, but the subtle "superhero-esque theme" worked well for this modern kid's space. 

Gold flower wallBathroom"This home is FULL of thrift store scores and DIY projects. For the first two years of living there, I had a budget of no more than $40 for any one piece of furniture. I reupholstered and tufted thrift store sofas and furnished every room with that budget in mind. I've splurged on a few items here and there but absolutely nothing extravagant. I wholeheartedly believe you can decorate to your own style without sacrificing your budget. My favorite projects are the wood scalloped wall and faux floral wallpaper in my bathroom.

Love these colorsKitchenOffice"My home has totally evolved over the past four years! We moved in with zero furniture and only our clothes and toiletries, and I thrifted my little heart out to pull this home together on a student family budget. I wanted our home to reflect our family and I think I accomplished that. It was definitely a fixer-upper, but the landlord was flexible and allowed me to do simple updates."

Thanks so much for sharing, Mallory! You can find more of Mallory on her blog and on Instagram. xo

Credits // Author and Photography: Mallory Nikolaus

  • This house is so pretty! Love it, especially the fact that 5 boys live there haha

  • Some fun ideas, but I don’t understand all the different styles going on at once! Country chic? (kitchen) Glam? (living room and office nook) Boho? (bedroom) I like a lot of these styles, just not together!

  • Do you have a tutorial for your gorgeous faux wallpaper? It’s stunning!

  • Woah your home is beautiful! And I can’t believe it looks so great and you rent- my landlord would NEVER let me paint/ wallpaper / drill holes in walls or ceilings. Amazing!

  • I LOVE your home office, it makes me really want to paint something fuchsia pink right now. Such a beautiful home I love every room! xx

  • Hi Debbie! Thank you for your kind comments! I made them using gold vinyl and my Silhouette machine but I also sell them here if you’re interested! It’s one of THE easiest DIYs in my home. Promise!

    Hugs, Mallory

  • Hi Melissa!

    It’s ridiculously easy!! You can do it! Grab the decals here >


  • Hi Jordanna! Thanks SO much! There’s a tutorial on for that wall on my site.



  • Hi Andrea! Thanks SO much!!! They’re from Etsy! Here’s a link to the shop!


  • haha! Mandi is one of my dear friends and she has fantastic style!! 🙂

  • Talk about a dream home! Everyone room is so beautiful. I love all the pops of colors. It definitely brings life to the rooms 🙂

  • Karishma!

    It definitely takes time to develop your style, taste, skill and budget! I’ve been married for 9 years and my husband JUST graduated from school so we’ve been on a student budget forEVER it seems! You’ll get there! Hugs!!


  • Omg what a beautiful home! The superheroes themed bedroom is absolutely adorable 🙂

  • Digging all the gold accents and pops of color! I so want my house to look like this!

  • That is such a beautiful home! Especially the kids’ room, it’s really cute!!

  • Love her style! I love that her house has such a different design aesthetic than the other homes featured. Thanks for inspiring!

  • Have just screen shotted your scalloped wall and sent hubby and pleading email to let me do this in our house- ADORE what you have done!!

  • I have a couch similar to hers and I’m so stoked for the design inspiration! What a gorgeous, girly space to counteract all those boys :).

  • Would love to know where the awesome superhero pillows came from. Thanks! Lovely home.

  • Mallory, I enjoyed the tour of your beautiful home. The bike painting made me smile and I’m very interested to know how you made the fantastic faux floral wallpaper in the bathroom.

  • Wow, what a beautiful home! I love the use of rugs throughout.

    Thanks for sharing!

    xo Ida

  • I love that wall in your bedroom as well. I don’t think I’d get sick of it!

  • I really love this home. It’s so feminine and I love all the details of it.

  • That superhero boys’ room is SO cute and subtle at the same time! Love the painted city scape 🙂

  • What an awesome interior design! I especially love the kids room! 🙂

  • This is a really pretty and creative home! I really love the combination of colours and patterns on every single room. It looks very alive and wonderful! Xx

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  • I love these posts- I guess that’s my nosy side! But what a beautiful home <3

  • I love these posts- I guess that’s my nosy side! But what a beautiful home <3

  • What a beautiful home. Love the gold accents and the kids bedroom!

    Erin |

  • Thanks so much Annie! It was so fun to decorate! 🙂

  • Love your bathroom! Really want to do something like that to mine.

  • I’ve always wondered if people actually live like this and now I know. Its beautiful.

  • this home is so beautiful! i absolutely love it. it’s the perfect balance of neutrals + colors, old and new, modern and vintage.

  • Okay, this most definitely has to be the definition of goals for my future apartment/ house!!! I thought I had alright decorating skills but this definitely puts them to shame haha! I absolutely adore the kids room, it makes me wish I could be a little kid again and have a room like that! Also the bathroom wall is just stunning! You must be a creative genius! Also I think your home is so special because of the fact that you DIYed and thrifted [insert heart eye emoji here!]

    Since I’m still in college (and on probably a 5$ per item budget lol) my decorating style is totally different but I’m trying to improve! Here are both of my attempts at showing off my spaces:

  • So cute…but her office is so inspiring! I want to re-do mine:)


  • Fantastic! 🙂 How bright and happy. Thanks for sharing! I especially love the wood scalloped wall. I’ll have to try something like this myself one day!

  • Love her style so much!! Such a wonderful mix of glam, clean modern and vintage all rolled into one lovely package. And how fun are the superhero bedroom shots?! Thanks for sharing!


  • absolutely love this home. The gold details, and exquisite mirror collection, the scalloped wall, the boys rom with tow bed is just amazing.. love the splash of color, why should boys have all the fun, right?


  • I love the living room. I can’t wait to get away from rented spaces so that I can decorate how I would like to!

  • Your boys’ room is adorable! So so creative. Thanks for giving us a peek!

  • Such a nice home I especially love the bathroom and the kids room.


  • So beautiful and filled with lots of love. I really like the boys’ room…would you kindly share where you found those awesome BATMAN and Superman pillows? 🙂

  • OMG! Your space is tiny to share with so many others! It looks so cute and cozy, especially love your sons’ bedroom. So cute.

  • Thank you SO much for sharing my home! Hugs!! xoxo

  • What a beautiful home! One of my favorites in the At Home With so far. Thanks for sharing!

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