At Home With Mandy Pellegrin

At Home With Mandy PellegrinWe are so happy to welcome Mandy Pellegrin to the blog today to share her lovely home with us!
Gorgeous living area"My husband Michael and I moved into this home last September. We were moving back to Nashville from DC, where we'd lived the last eight years. After sharing a very small condo for years, we weren't terribly picky, but we knew we wanted a place within walking distance of some restaurants and bars. And I had my heart set on an older home. This 1935 Tudor revival sort of had me the minute I saw those open stairs and the archways in the living room, and located in East Nashville, it's within walking distance of a lot of great spots. 
Love this office space so much!Prettiest office"Picking a favorite spot in our home is a very difficult choice. I obviously love my workspace/craft room because it's all mine, and even having one feels like such a luxury, but my favorite is the master bedroom. It's a converted attic and sort of lofted above the living room atop the open stairway that won me over from the beginning. The odd angles required a little creativity—including DIYing the ultimate headboard and hiring out for some custom shelves in a nook where former owners must have situated their beds. Also, when we moved in, the skylights had no coverings on them, so it was about the brightest room on earth—not so great for a bedroom. Once we got shades on those bad boys, it was basically perfection. Overall, despite its eccentricities, openness, and size (it's as big as our entire DC condo), it's surprisingly cozy.
Skylights above the bed-- swoonLove the open shelves in this bedroom"I'm an avid DIYer—so much so that I co-own an adult craft party business (as we say, "one part workshop, two parts party") called Craftcourse Nashville—so this place is full of projects.  Everything from nearly every accent and throw pillow to the refinished dining table and chairs to the living room light fixture to the bedroom headboard and bench are DIY projects, most of which are chronicled on my blog Fabric Paper Glue. My sweet, sweet dad painted every last surface downstairs—including about three coats of the navy paint (on which I had my heart set on) on the heavily-textured living room walls. The man is a saint. I'm also pretty proud of the fact that I hung all of the wallpaper myself.
Adorable reading nook"I have integrated some older pieces in recognition of the home's age. The Eastlake-style dining room chandelier, for example, was a gift from my in-laws, who used to do a fair amount of antiquing. The menu board in our kitchen was a score from the Nashville Flea Market, and we got our dining room table from a local estate sale shop for a steal.
And maybe my favorite backstory of all—I totally found the chair in our bedroom's reading nook on the side of the road waiting for the garbage truck. After some disinfectant, spray paint, and new DIY cushions, it's the perfect little chair for this nook.
Love the contrast of the black and the bright dining spaceLove the white cabinets"We've owned the house since last July and lived here since last September. The first project included a total gut job on the kitchen. It's former self was completely bare bones—a single row of cabinets, a stove sort of floating by itself on an empty wall, and a fridge that was in a totally different room. We hired pros to move a doorway to create the needed layout for the perfect little galley kitchen full of light, bright finishes.
Adorable mudroomAt Home With Mandy Pellegrin via A Beautiful Mess"Otherwise, a nice little dose of under-employment and a very clear vision for the place helped me get it all decorated and in order at lightning pace. Since then, the only things that have really evolved have been the workspace, which revealed its shortcomings pretty quickly after, you know, actually working in it, and the addition of a little record player station when my husband took up a new LP hobby."
Such a cute bathroomLovely guest bedroomThank you for sharing your gorgeous home with us, Mandy! You can find more of Mandy on her blog, Fabric Paper Glue, or her website. xo. 
Credits // Author and Photography: Mandy Pellegrin.
  • Lovely home! Love the colors and the office area particularly.

  • I’m so inspired by your home. I’ve lived in tiny apartments all over: first Cali, then Seoul S. Korea, now in Hawaii and I’m always struggling with design/function/and keeping it creative but ORGANIZED. Your home had all of those aspects, I’ll be working on bringing mine up to speed after feeling the inspiration from this!

  • That yellow floral wallpaper is just perfection. As we look for a new home, I’m instinctively drawn to “character properties,” and I especially love when they have some quirky antiquated wallpaper. Such a pretty home!

    <3 dani

  • Beautiful inspiration!

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  • I am obsessed with every inch of that house! That stairway! That office! But mostly, I am obsessed with how clean it is… sigh…
    The Accidental Mama

  • What a beautiful home! I love all of the natural light.


  • I love the open stairs and wall paper in the study!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Another beautiful home! All so inspiring! Makes my home look like c*** 😉

  • I LOVE those curtains! Do you know where they are from? They are exactly what I’ve been looking for!

  • My future home is going to look like this. Woah. I’m stunned. This is way too perfect!

  • WOW! Inspiring homes such as this one is why I don’t want this feature to come to an end. Excited for what is to come, though.

  • I think this is one of the most beautiful homes you’ve featured in this section!

  • This space is so open and inviting. I love all the playful patterns on the bed! Thanks for sharing!

  • This is such a lovely home 🙂

  • This is like my dream home. That craft wall! Gah.
    Bec x

  • STUNNER of a place! Love all the details, and the white and black everywhere with pops of colour? Love it 🙂

  • Beautiful!!! I would love to know where you got that amazing green rose wallpaper and sewing desk!?!
    Your home is amazing!

  • This is possibly my most favorite of all the homes you’ve shared during this feature. It is so beautiful and everything that I would look for in a home for myself. I adore it!


  • What a great space, especially the pegboard work area! Love how the plants are mounted on that!

  • Such a gorgeous home! Love the attic bedroom. And those stairs – ?

    ABM – I really wish you would continue this series. It is such a great source of inspiration for home decor ideas. I particularly value the diversity of home styles that have been displayed as I’m trying to decide how to furnish and decorate my new home.

  • What a lovely home! I’m loving the storage of the records. I’m going to have my husband build something like that. We’ve been searching for a more simple modern way to store records in our living room!


  • Me too! I’m so impressed by how clean she keeps it! And how well organized. It’s so bright and creative space. I wouldn’t mind having that kind of spot at my home at all! 🙂
    Greetings from Poland,

  • This whole place is just incredible…i wanna make it my home like right now,… the bedroom, skylgihts, the head board, the reading nook, perfect! The workspace, is excellent. Dining room chandelier, LOVE! Gorgeous place!


  • Great job! I love this, it’s a perfect blend of well-designed but not too designed or serious. Beautiful.

  • Whoa her craft station is such a dream! It must have taken forever to make but it looks so great! I admire her patience to make that 😉

  • The plants on the wall is a great idea. And I love those stairs!

  • I adore your house!! I’m pinning your crafting room photo for ideas on how to organize mine.

    Quick question: where are the bedside lamps from?

  • Also hoping we can get a source for the computer desk and chair. I’m trying to find a simple white set up and I’m having such a hard time! Thanks 🙂

  • Envy!!! I love the green bedroom. I’ve been gettin tired of the ikea pillow because everyone has it but it looks SO GOOD with this pattern combo!!! I adore the attic bedroom. It’s too good…all of it. I almost bought a house with those awesome archways too and then someone snatched it out from under me…. swoon-worthy. 😉

  • if you guys end the series with this home then i aint even mad because holy smokes this is such a beautiful home!!!!

    i am in love with it all!!!!!

    super gorgeous!
    that wallpaper, the craft space, the bedroom.
    man, beautiful!!!!

  • what a gorgeous space! love the yellow floral wallpaper!


  • I am sooo in love with the sewing spot! I want one of this for me right now! <3

  • i love all of this!! seriously. i really love the dark navy wall color, too.

  • I am so jealous of your craft room and staircase! Such a beautiful home!

  • This space has the perfect combination of everything. I love the master bedroom and the color of the headboard is perfection.

  • Your house is actually stunning. I have no words. Can I move in please?!?! xxx

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  • This house is so beautiful and inspiring! I love every nook and cranny of it – thank you for sharing ABM!

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