At Home With Maria Confer

At Home With Maria Confer via A Beautiful MessOur next home tour guest, Maria Confer, is here to share her newly updated kitchen with us!

The sweetest kitchen

Gorgeous countertops"My

husband and I closed on our first house at the end of April and

couldn’t wait to make it our home. Our little 1927 bungalow was so

charming, but like most old houses many of the rooms needed face lifts.

The weekend that we closed, I immediately started on the kitchen. It’s

such a little space, and the original dark wood cupboards made it feel

even smaller. My first task was to paint the cupboards white. It took me

a week from start to finish, but the results were astounding. The

kitchen already felt more light, spacious and serene!"

Cookbook nook

Cozy kitchen"From

there I also painted the old brown and beige linoleum floor white.

Another huge change. Next came the more labor intensive tasks that my

husband, Cole, handled beautifully. He tore out the formica counter tops

and replaced them with wood butcher block from Ikea and then replaced

the outdated sink and faucet."

Beautiful kitchen countertops

Spices in clear jars"My

husband’s last task was to install wood plank walls. This took him

three weeks and me one weekend to paint. In between these renovations, I

decided to give my refrigerator a makeover. Following an old DIY post

by Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky,

I used some faux wood contact paper to give my boring old fridge a fun

new look. My final task of stenciling the floor was such a doozy that I

probably won’t ever attempt it again. It was by far the most tedious and

back breaking work."

Painted floorsStenciled floors

Adorable pups on beautiful floors"Now

that all the hard work is (almost) done, I can really enjoy the

transformation. I sometimes take a moment to simply stand in the doorway

and marvel at my beautiful kitchen."

Thank you for sharing your kitchen with us, Maria!  Be sure to stop by Maria's blog or say hello on Twitter!

  • ay ay ay what a beautiful kitchen! so cozy.
    ox, C.

  • i have been wanting to paint my kitchen cabinets but it seems a bit daunting. any suggestions on the best way to approach (i.e. did you remove all doors and sand before painting etc.)?

  • After seeing a similar post on Maria’s own blog, I assumed she’d replaced the cabinets and floor…and I was wrong! It just goes to show what an insane difference some paint can make. This kitchen is gorgeous! I recently bought an older house as well, so I just love seeing what other people do to spruce it up and make it their own!

  • The floors may have been hard work, but they are seriously adorable!

  • I love love love this kitchen. Espesially the book nook and the floor.


  • I love this kitchen! Looks great with white and darker wooden together, and the floor looks awesome!

  • your kitchen looks awesome, congratulations, even the dogs like this room
    the style remind me the scandinavian decor, but more cozy american style
    great design of the floor, love it.


  • I love this space! All the white and natural wood makes it my dream come true! Could you tell me where she got the cow creamer? I am dying for one of my own!

  • I LOVE that idea, covering your fridge with wood grain contact paper. I am SO DOING THAT 🙂 Thanks for the idea! 🙂

  • idyllic space to have people over, sip a cup of tea, soak in the morning light! perfect

  • The kitchen looks great – I need a new kitchen in my home but what is there now isn’t worth saving! I love the white cupboards and detail around the window, keeping and painting what was there was a good move!

  • Love the painted tiles! I want to do this in my kitchen

  • Simple and clean, what a beautiful kitchen ! I love it !
    (and the dogs are sooooo cute !)

  • Wow,you and you`re husband did an amazing work with that kitchen!
    I love the white,it makes it look sooo friendly and brighter!Really great work!
    I would love to decorate and renovate my own house some day,but here in Switzerland it`s so expensive buying a house..While dreaming of my own,I`m getting inspired by all those beautifull rooms and houses posted here


  • Such a cute kitchen! Totally my style! Love the wooden counter and the flour is amazing! xx

  • Oh my goodness, she did the floor stencils by hand! What a trooper! I just want to give her a hug. Congrats on the new place Maria + husband!!

  • Wow it has come together so great! Crazy what a little paint can do! And those dogs! Too cute.

  • How does one paint a linoleum floor? I just imagine it all peeling up or scraping super easily. I really love the butcher block counters and that gorgeous vintage looking sink, but I’m not a fan of the fridge. Great idea to pain the kitchen white to make it feel more spacious though!

    Strive to Thrive,

  • I can’t get over that fridge. What a great look to fit in with an otherwise classic (and one of my favourite looks) for a kitchen!

  • So beautiful! I hope to have a kitchen like this one day, bookmarked for inspiration. 🙂

  • Wow, this kitchen is incredible! I really love the paneled walls. Such a fun and unique touch.

  • Lovely! Love the simple vibe.

  • This is as near to my dream kitchen as I’ve ever seen! Role on next year when we start buying our own place

  • nice little kitchen there! and i love how you can get a view of beautiful trees from the window… i’d be a happy cook 🙂

  • Very clean and crisp! I love the sink and faucet. I want to kow where she got the floor stencil.

  • I love the simple, traditional style of her kitchen!

    xo Jennifer

  • I would love to see some before and after photos! I am loving the floor. I think it was worth all the hard work you put into it! It turned out beautiful. I also really love the wood counter tops.

  • Wow, that stenciling is gorgeous. Stunning, really! I also love those countertops. Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your home, Maria!

  • oh my gosh her fridge is so awesome and the print on the tile is so great! Her dogs are very adorable

  • These pictures are fantastic and this kitchen is to die for!! love love love it!!


  • ah, she didn’t post all of these on her own blog. Very wonderful!

  • Beautiful! I love how simple this looks! I hope one day I own a house or flat!

  • It is so nice style. Simple and clean style. Have a great day.

  • Wow, love you kitchen. Took a look at Maria’s (new) blog, and live it – definitely going to follow that too!

    xoxo, Femke

  • Two words:

    Julia Child.

    Totally reminds me of her kitchen in Paris. Simple, beautiful and warm.

    Cathy Trails

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  • It looks amazing, there’s nothing better for an old kitchen than some nice bright paint! I recently painted cupboards yellow + fridge red :).
    But what I was really excited to read, is that you have painted your linoleum!? What kind of paint did you use? I would love to do that in my living room, where I have disgusting fake wood linoleum, covered by slightly less hideous, giant carpet, and I keep wondering how to fix it. I’m worried that paint’s gonna chip off quickly… So, I’d love some details on the paint that you’ve used!

  • well it might have been back breaking work but it sure paid off. that floor is so unique and pretty I would love to have it my self. love the fridge as well . thanks for sharing.

  • Lovely kitchen! And those pups sure seem to be enjoying it!


  • Wow! I’m in love! What specific paint color for the cupboards did you use? I always have a hard time finding the perfect white, but this one is just gorgeous!

  • Adorable! Also as a college student stuck in an icky dorm, I’ve been drooling over these all of these lovely “at home” posts.

    xo Danielle

  • I love how different are the styles of the houses you’ve been showing. They are all very personal and have a speacial charm that a professional stylist wouldn’t catch.

    This room in particular feels and looks so very warm and inviting 🙂

  • Ohhhh the last picture needs to hang on a wall!!! adorable :))
    Love the recipe books!!

  • So beautiful! I love this Kitchen!
    (and your dogs are so cutecutecute <3) love,

  • Wow, feel like I’m at home. And those dogs…. dang, cute comes in fur these days.

    Much love,


  • Gorgeous space – and the two (adorable) pups are the perfect addition. 🙂


  • So cute!! I love the wood grain fridge…I wonder if that is a decal? And those floors are simply adorable!

    xx Ashleigh

  • I would have never thought about having a wood grain fridge, but this one is fantastic in this kitchen. I am absolutely loving this sweet little space!

  • I love the white/Wood combination! It works perfectly I think!
    I perfectly know what I want the inside of my house to look like when my boyfriend and I own our first house, but when I have to think of the kitchen and the bathroom? Nothing. I really have no clue on what I like. Guess we’ll see in a couple of years!!
    You have a beautiful kitchen though!

    love, Saar

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