At Home With Megan Charters

Beautiful dining roomWe are happy to welcome Megan Charters to the blog today to share her colorful and eclectic home with us! So in love with this mobile"I live in McKinney, Texas (a suburb about 30 miles north of Dallas) in a cozy 1,100-square-foot house that was built in the 1940s. My house sits on the edge of a historic district with homes dating back to the mid-1800s. I am constantly in awe of my surroundings: Victorians, bungalows, cottages, ranch houses. The architectural patchwork is such an inspiration to my eclectic nature! I’ve always loved juxtaposing patterns and colors and mixing eras and styles to create spaces that are unique and have a sense of humor. I read a quote by Candice Bergen a while ago that magically captures how I view my personal style: 'I like houses to be cozy, comfortable and personal. Not cluttered, but filled with interesting objects and toys and as many jokes as I can get away with.' I hope people leave my house with a smile and happy memories." Love this eclectic bedroom!Cuckoo clock collection"My favorite find is definitely Jerry Orbach. I collect vintage portraits (mainly from estate sales around Dallas) and spotted a rather dapper looking fellow at an offbeat antique store. I couldn't shake the feeling that I’d seen the subject before, but there was only a tag on the back that said, ‘Jerry.’ After a few days, it hit me that the man in the portrait was a dead ringer for Jerry Orbach, the actor from Law & Order and Dirty Dancing. I did a bit of research and compared old photos and I'm 98% sure it has to be him (or so I like to think). On a whim at Christmas two years ago, I made Jerry a construction paper Santa hat and ended up dressing him for all the major (and minor!) holidays over the next twelve months. For Halloween, he was David Bowie’s Aladdin Sane and at Christmas, I sent out around 50 cards with the entire Jerry Orbach series on the back. He’s become an inside joke with family and friends and I love that." Love this quirky home via A Beautiful MessSuch a fun living room!Paint by number collection- swoon!"I suppose the most unusual item in my house would have to be my telephone booth. I've had it for so long, it just seems natural to me now, but it always elicits exclamations of surprise when people come into my home for the first time. I’m a bit of a sentimental Anglophile and was feeling particularly heartsick after returning from a trip to the UK, so when I saw the telephone booth listed at an antique auction, I treated myself as a birthday present. Trying to get it home in my mom’s van was quite the challenge, though! It’s the perfect spot for storing odds and ends and my vintage china collection." Telephone booth turned china cabinet-- need! At Home With Megan Charters"I moved into this space from a tiny, white-and-beige apartment almost two years ago. I rent the house from my good friends, and they have been incredibly generous in letting me paint and decorate, only having to work around a few existing features, such as the tile floor and light fixtures. Living in almost twice the square footage as my apartment has really allowed me the freedom to curate and display my collections (I have too many!) and to tackle fun DIY projects, like making a dining room table with my dad (we used Rachel Denbow's tutorial on Smile and Wave), constructing the geometric mobile in my bedroom, and sewing a billboard quilt (You’re weird. I like you.). I feel much more creative in this space and am always looking for something new to make or change."
Cozy music cornerThe sweetest nesting doll collectionLove the bright walls and mixed patterns"I love having friends and family over to cook, watch movies, discuss books for book club, and to play games and cards. I've kept a lot of my childhood toys around for when my nieces and nephew visit and I have a closet full of supplies for themed craft parties with my girlfriends. It’s a cliché, but I’m a librarian who loves to read, so it’s important to have a comfortable space to come home to, spin an old record, snuggle with my Pug/Boston Terrier Lola, and settle in with a good book. I love getting to call this space home."

Thank you so much for sharing your lovely home with us, Megan! You can find more of Megan over at her blog File Me Away or on Instagram! xo.

  • This is totally my style!
    Love it so much!


  • I am SO in love with your home!! Your couch is gorgeous, and I love your cuckoo clock and russian doll collections. Do you need a housemate?!

  • The paint-by-numbers, matryoshka collection, british telephone booth case, and mid-century touches I think I’m in love with this space!

    xo Amber P.

  • Mmmm saya rasa .. blog awak memang terbaik dalam kupasan nie…. tahniah…

  • LOVE this house, so cute. I love all the textures, colors and prints. And of course that telephone booth! I have to admit i’m dying to see the Jerry Orbach holiday photos, that sounds amazing and hilarious.

  • wow! interesting home!


  • Her couch is freakin awesome and looks SO comfy. And how bad ass is the telephone booth?! I’d store shoes in it 😀

    xo Ashley

  • I love this home the most out of all the homes you’ve featured so far. I love her bed with that fun quilt and also her living room gallery wall. Very inspiring! Thank you!

  • holy crap..this is adorable! i love all her prints and her nesting doll collection and the cuckoo clocks and her “you’re weird” quilt. want this so bad.

  • love, love, love the all the antique charm and collections happening in their space! thanks for sharing!


  • love that couch! so gorgeous.

  • If I have to see that black and white IKEA rug one more time I’m gonna have a mental breakdown. Make it STOP.

  • Another great one! The quilt is my favorite:) And the whole Jerry Orbach thing is really hilarious and totally fun:) Love the personality and uniqueness here! Well done

  • I love this house! You have so much beautiful items, but I especially love your books. They are gorgeous!

  • I absolutely LOVE this home =D I love the photos.. the clocks.. and of course the phone booth! Thanks so much for sharing.. you have inspired!


  • I love the way she incorporates the telephone booth and uses it as china storage. It’s a statement piece with a purpose!

  • This one might be my favorite so far. Don’t get me wrong, white walls and minimalism is really beautiful, but I can help but love color and interesting collections like this house has! Thanks for sharing! It’s a really wonderful home!

  • all the details look so lovely! I love the idea with the telephone cell !

  • This is such a pretty and colorful place, full of treasures and happiness, i can even feel it only through the pictures!
    Love that home!

  • I spent ages on her blog after reading this post. I absolutely LOVE Megan’s style 🙂

  • wow! i’m absolutely crazy about this space. definitely my fave out of this series so far!!


  • What a lovely home you have Megan! I love the eclectic pieces shown through the pictures- your style is so cheerful and quirky! I hope I have as interesting as a home as you do one day! By the way, love your telephone booth- I studied abroad in London, and I hope to have an interesting piece as yours that reminds me of that beautiful city!

  • Another Texas from the Dallas area! So cool! All the collections are great. Where did you find that beautiful couch?

  • One of the prettiest homes that I’ve ever seen. Megan has definitely got the eye and I love all of the whimsy in her home. And of course, Jerry! Long may she decorate…

  • I am so impressed! I love getting to see how people do their homes. Many of the homes so far are really great but most of them look just like the others (white walls, the same cool chairs, vintage couches, etc.). Yours still has the same cool flair but has individuality. I also love how you repurposed the plant stand to hold records. Actually there were sooo many things I loved!!! I used to sit at a desk like the one that holds your record player when I was a kid!!! I’ve often thought about that old desk. Great job!!!

  • I love your mobile in photo#2… whooo … It look simple but with a real impressive effect


    xxx (available in French, Portuguese and English)

  • Wow, this is amazing! I think the telephone box is my favourite bit – I want one! x

  • This is totally my kind of style! I love it. I am going to have to pin ALL the photos to my home inspiration pinterest board.

    Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Eid Mubarak!!! i know you don’t celebrate Eid, but i just wanted to wish you all well. “maaf Zahir dan Batin” which means I seek forgiveness (from you) physically and spiritually. Thank you guys for being such an inspiration to me.


  • I love the telephone both cabinet!!! And all those framed pieces were exceptionally divine!

  • I love that wall full of watches. You home shows that you are an amazing personality. Congrats dear.


  • This house was very modern in forties surely!

  • Such a cute house! The telephone box is awesome!


  • Jerry cracks me UP! What humor and joy that one piece adds to your home! This has been one of my favorite shares yet, because it feels incredibly cozy, lived in, INSPIRED! I understand the constant excitement to decorate. We just moved into my favorite apartment yet in the quaint little Hawaiian town of Kailua and I feel like doing something new to it every day. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Seriously these rooms speak to me. I love the cuckoo clocks (as my blog name says already), I love the painting by numbers, the deer, thematryoshkas, the colors! Love, love, love it!

  • favorite house tour on here yet!
    love that she used the vintage plant stand for records and knick knacks. I just finally found one for $24.. such a steal.

  • I think this is my favorite of all the homes featured so far – SO fun, SO unique and SO cozy!

  • One of my closest friends lives in McKinney, Texas!

    Things I LOVE:

    – the telephone booth that holds the china
    – the collection of matryoshka dolls
    – the pale blue wall color

  • Love the You’re Weird blanket. This would actually be my husband’s dream home.

  • Hi! I grew up in Plano! McKinney is such a great town, isn’t it? One of my dearest friends (Carrie Saindon) is a photographer and lives right there in McKinney.

    Love your home! It is awesome!

  • I’m in love with that collection of nesting dolls! So darling!


  • Oh my goodness — I absolutely LOVE that telephone booth. So unique and fun!

  • Love everything about this home! that telephone booth is perfect! 🙂

  • I love the ‘you’re weird’ blanket!!

  • Gorgeous palate of color and texture. I especially love the patterned sofa and green walls in the last photo. Thanks for sharing!

  • I love the way Megan has decorated her home. So many great things to look at. Being a vintage china collector myself, I’d love to have a good look inside that phone booth! Off to check out her blog now.

  • I think my favourite part of this house is the prints hanging over the bed, and that this house listens to Sufjan Stevens! On vinyl! That’s my favourite album too, but I’ve never heard it on vinyl.
    I really love this series, taking peeks into beautiful homes is such an inspiration.


  • Oh my gosh, this is my favorite in the series so far! I LOVE her home!!

  • Oh my!!! The clocks and the little Russian doll collect are too adorable!!!

  • Love the Jerry portrait and the idea of decorating him for the holidays 🙂

  • The happy and bright colors on the walls really add a lot to the space 🙂

  • It seems that about 90% of the homes you’ve featured have that black&white patterned throw pillow; have you noticed? Maybe I am exaggerating, but it does seem recurrent. Every time I see it again, I feel like I am flipping through a “Where’s Waldo” book searching for that not-so elusive pillow!

  • Such a beautiful house. I love that bedroom!


    SO SWEET!!

  • Oh my goodness, all these antiques are so adorable! I love how neatly she’s grouped her collections. It looks somehow clean and uncluttered.

  • I like all the colors and patterns she uses in her home 🙂

    xo Jennifer

  • This is one of my favourite house’s you’ve featured, I love it! I adore the collections of clocks and paintings hanging on the walls, and how the decorations have so much personality, but still the place looks light and tidy. Such a beautiful home xx

  • What an amazing space! I love all the different collections. I collect embroidered wall art, but clearly need to branch out into a new collection. Count me inspired!


  • This house was really cool! Especially the phone booth 🙂 Oh, I just love your “At home with..” series; I fall in love with houses and spaces I’ve never seen before, just because they’re presented so well, and the stories are so great, so thanks! 🙂


  • Sarah here again. Forgot to say that the darling telephone nook is adorable and reminds me of the one that was in my parents’ 1940s house. Love that you drew attention to that detail by making it a stage for the deer.

  • Oh my gosh your home is so beautiful! I love your collection around your home and sounds like you live in a great district.

  • Hi Megan, WOW!!!I really dig your space. I’m trying to whip my own house into shape so I can submit photos to ABM & when I finally do, maybe you’ll dig my style too, since I love color. I also appreciate your playful spirit. Thanks for sharing.

  • I simply fell in love with the bedroom 🙂
    I just love this style 😀

  • Oh my goodness what a beautiful liveable home! SO obsessed. Especially with the “you’re weird” blanket!

    xo, Juliette Laura

  • Ohmygosh, what a gorgeous eclectic space!! 🙂 I’m swooning over all the vintage. Those paint by numbers steal my heart!

  • It’s been fun watching Megan transform her cute house over the past few years on her blog. She also sends the kookiest holiday cards 🙂

  • LOVE her space! such adorable finds and so well put together. the telephone booth/china hutch is brilliant. thanks for sharing:)

  • this is just my favourite home you have ever featured! so many personal touches, I love it!

  • Oh what a beautiful home!

    Lulu xx

  • What a great space! Thanks for sharing! I could easily live in that house.

  • I’m really digging this “At Home With” series, and I LOVE the Jerry Orbach gag!

  • What a beautiful home…I love the cuckoo clocks!


  • Megan your house is AMAZING!! love your bed spread and cuckoo clock collection x

  • This is my favorite At Home With so far! I’ve never seen a home that so perfectly reflects the style I have always wanted in my own place…great work, Megan!!!

  • I am obsessed with this house. So cheerful and creative. I wish she could come over and redo mine and maybe even lend me that phone booth cabinet.

    Thanks for sharing, Megan!

  • I´m in love with this colourful house which seems full of life! Especially I like the Germany cuckoo clocks 🙂

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  • Could this house be any cuter?! Love it!

  • That “billboard quilt” is amazing. Did you follow a certain pattern, Megan??
    I need to make that quilt for a friend. She would die! (from cuteness and amazingness)

  • Oh my I love that quilt , the cuckoo collection, and the phone booth corner storage!
    Sarah M

  • Wow! I love her home. The wall with the paintings on it is fabulous. Actually everything is fabulous! I love it.


  • There is so much I like about this home. The gallery walls, the telephone cell cupboard, the matryoshka collection…

  • This is fabulous. I absolutely love the phone booth esque cabinet

  • I love the wall covered in clocks, I always find those type of walls so interesting with all the different clocks. It’s such a beautiful home, so warm and cosy. And the telephone booth is amazing, I’m sure if I was living outside of the UK I would want one too 🙂

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