At Home with Missy Wade in Springfield, Missouri

At Home with Missy Wade Hi, friends! Today, Missy Wade is sharing her beautiful 1920s Craftsman home with us. Missy lives in our hometown (in the cutest neighborhood). Her space is so bright and inviting! Ready to see more?

At Home with Missy Wade “We live in a charming old neighborhood in Springfield, MO where folks spend most of their time outside, working in their gardens, walking their dogs, and visiting with their neighbors on their porch swings. We have festive Fourth of July and Halloween parades each year, various block parties, and often you’ll find people carrying casserole dishes down the sidewalk, heading to a potluck. My husband and I, along with our then 2 year old, moved to this neighborhood 11 years ago.

“We ended up adding 4 more children to our family and were busting at the seams in our 3 bedroom home. So we looked and waited for a home to go on the market in our beloved neighborhood that could accommodate our family of 7. My dream home became available when our dear friends, who were living in it at the time, offered to sell it to us.

At Home with Missy Wade

“My husband and I love the character of an older home. Our friends that lived here before us did a lot of beautiful updating. We bought the house 2 1/2 years ago and have tried to pick up where they left off… mostly cosmetic things like painting, switching out light fixtures, some tile work, etc. We were able to build a covered deck off the back of the house last year and that’s been a nice edition.

At Home with Missy Wade At Home with Missy Wade“My favorite place to be in our home is the kitchen. It has amazing natural light and it’s really the gathering spot. I love being able to look out the window and see my kids playing in the yard while I’m prepping dinner or baking sweet treats. My computer is in there, and I have You’ve Got Mail on constant loop. 🙂 The kitchen is my happy place.

At Home with Missy Wade

At Home with Missy Wade “For as long as I can remember, I have loved antiques. My mom started me young, toting me along to flea markets and garage sales. She has a great eye and will still spot things in a booth that I totally miss. I love collecting old artwork, particularly watercolors, mccoy pottery, and knickknacks from antique stores in other cities and states. One of my favorite treasures is a needlepoint of a street scene in Holland. My sister-in-law lives in Amsterdam and she bought it from a street fair and sent it over to me.

At Home with Missy Wade At Home with Missy Wade

At Home with Missy Wade At Home with Missy Wade “Decorating my house has become a hobby and an outlet. I really try to be intentional in making our home inviting and filled with beautiful things. And I think that can be achieved in any space you live in, and on any budget. This is the fifth place my husband and I have called home in our 16 years of marriage. We plan on staying put here for awhile. :)”

Thanks so much for sharing, Missy! Be sure to follow her on Instagram here.

Credits// Author: Missy Wade. Photography: Janae Hardy.

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