At Home With Naomi Davis

At Home With Naomi DavisOur next guest for our "At Home" feature is Naomi Davis! Naomi is here to share her kids' sweet nursery with us. Love Taza: Rockstar Diaries nursery via A Beautiful Mess"We recently moved our family back to New York City from Washington DC in August.  Since living space can be hard to come by in New York City apartments, we knew before we even began looking for our apartment that there would be compromises with anything we found. When we stumbled upon our current apartment, we fell hard for her right when we walked in the front door. That's not to say that she didn't present certain trade-off's to consider.

The biggest strike against our apartment was that she was on the 5th floor of a walk-up apartment building (especially since we have a two-year-old and 9-month-old baby). On the other hand, the apartment was in an ideal location close to parks, museums, and public transportion—came with lots of natural light and beautiful crown moldings and had big bedrooms with large closets! There are always trade-offs with city living, and, if anything, being on a 5th floor walk-up with two little babies is kind of like having a gym in your building. Am I right, or am I right? 😉 So we took it!" Lovely nursery details Lovely pop of color"Since our apartment is compact, I wanted to make sure my children, Eleanor and Samson, really had room to play and be free. I also wanted to be sure there was enough space for us to get down on the floor and play along side them and interact as a family. So we made the biggest bedroom in the apartment into the children's nursery and took the smaller bedroom for ourselves. This has been great, since we tend to gravitate towards the nursery throughout our days and spend most evenings together in there. The room gets the most beautiful natural light throughout the day, which has made this very cold and windy NYC winter a bit more bearable." Adorable nursery"The green settee is probably one of my favorite things about the nursery. I found it on craigslist when I was first pregnant with Eleanor. And to this day, it's been my best craigslist find. The yellow dresser is another favorite. It's actually a very old Ikea dresser that my husband Josh and I purchased together when we were first married and living in a studio apartment here in NYC. We painted it yellow and switched out the knobs with some mismatched ones a few years ago. The dresser is barely staying together these days, but we are a bit sentimental about it and are not yet ready to part ways."  Nursery books Nursery detailsNaomi Davis via A Beautiful Mess"The nursery is often quite a mess, since Eleanor and Samson like to empty all the books out of the baskets and aren't very keen on "clean up" time. But the room is well-lived-in, and I am grateful for all the tiny messes they like creating. 🙂 " Darling nursery details Darling nursery via A Beautiful MessThank you so much for sharing your space with us, Naomi!  Be sure to stop by Naomi's blog Love Taza // Rockstar Diaries and say hello!  xo. 

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