At Home With Natasha Denness

Dream kitchen!We are so happy to welcome Natasha Denness to the blog today to share her lovely home with us! That pillow!!Love all the different patterns in this room"My boyfriend and I live in a modern, spacious, top floor apartment in Oxford, UK. It felt like home the moment we put the kettle on after moving all our worldly possessions up the two flights of stairs!

I would describe the interior as ‘modern retro’ with a hint of ‘Granny chic’. The rooms are big, and although I collect vintage knick-knacks, I like to keep the spaces quite minimal. I actually have a cupboard of vintage collectables, which I swap around when I tire of things. I love mixing styles and eras. For example, I like vintage chintz floral and French furniture as well as retro prints and Bauhaus design. For me combining vintage styles creates an interesting eclectic feel.

In addition to the vintage things we have lots of homemade items. The wall hanging in our bedroom was made by my Mum for my sister’s wedding, and the patchwork cushions were made by my sister from a mix of vintage fabrics and her own designs—she works as a textile designer. I have a huge soft spot for vintage floral prints."Fabric streamer bunting above the bed!Love all the colorful details in this room!This is the perfect vintage collection"I have all sorts of unusual vintage collections on display ranging from antique dolls to kitsch deer. The collections certainly make for a talking point when people come to visit. To me there is something very special about old things and the way they symbolise and evoke a particular moment in time. And I don’t think anyone could live in the city where Alice in Wonderland and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe were written and not have a little childhood magic in their home. I guess my most unusual items are my little wooden vintage chalets, they are utterly charming and always make me chuckle!"Love that tapestry above the table!"My favourite things tend to range from the years 1940–1980, are brightly coloured, and remind me of my childhood. While out and about, if I spot anything my Grandma had, I usually snap it up. In short I tend to gravitate towards anything that makes me smile. I don’t take myself too seriously, and this is most definitely reflected in my home. One of my favourite items has to be my Paul Smith tapestry. It took six weeks to make and many months to save for, but was worth every penny." So many gorgeous vintage details in this home!Sweet little vintage collection Sweetest collection I've ever seen!"We have lived in the apartment for two years and during this time the walls have been painted white and new flooring, oak and coir, has been laid. We also hung my favourite Cath Kidston ‘chintz’ wallpaper in the guest room. I don’t think I could live anywhere without hanging this cute floral print. Generally I like my home to act as a blank canvas, which I can change and adapt as and when I fancy."Gorgeous lighting fixturesNatasha Denness"When we are at home we spend most of our time in the main living space. It’s a large, light, airy room where we eat, listen to music, watch television, entertain friends and so on. The apartment fulfils so many roles, from somewhere for family and friends to visit to a tranquil place to return to after a busy day at work. It really is ‘home sweet home’. "Love all the collections in this home!Love the simplicity of this roomFridge of my dreamsThank you so much for sharing your home with us, Natasha! You can find more of Natasha over at her blog Candy Pop on on Instagram! xo.

  • Such a beautiful home, so pretty and colorful, full of joy and prettiness!! I love it!

  • Such a colorful and unique space, but my boyfriend would NEVER let me put florals and animal collections all over our home like this haha. I hope her boyfriend is on board with all of this!! 😉


  • Would anyone know who the artist is in the painting in the second photo? It looks like the illustrations from a book I had as a kid and I’ve been DESPERATE to find prints!

  • Wow, the painting with ‘love’ on looks like the one Carry has in her apartment in Sex and The City!
    I love that soap 🙂
    xo Noesjn

  • I so want to send in my home for this feature, and now seeing that I apparently have a soul sister in the UK who’s already submitted hers I really need to know how!… This and the chick with the year round Christmas kitsch display have been my favorite homes so far. Thanks, Emma and Elsie for this series. It’s a real treat!
    Now how do I submit? 😉

  • Oh wow – your fridge = love! And that crocheted blanket – I had one just like it growing up – memories…. Love your house!

  • what an absolutely cheery little place. if i were to visit I’m afraid I would look rude because I don’t think I could stop myself from getting up close looks at all her collections. so cute

  • Love the pink Smeg fridge and the vintagey-Cathy Kidston feel of the apartment – very nice. Great “eye”!

  • Looks like the kind of home you could spend hours in, just looking at all the lovely things and let yourself be amazed.

  • Beautiful, Natasha. That clock – and that bag!!!

    Ally @

  • Beautiful Natasha! That clock – and your bag!!

    Ally @

  • ugh I’m in love with those smeh fridges! I wish they werent so expensive!
    I love the colors in her home!
    And the pinapple on top of the fridge ieeeek! <3

  • This is wonderful! How did you all get started doing these and how do you go about finding people to feature? 🙂

  • That fridge is perfect! I definitely want it in my house! xx

    Justine | BRIGHTON DREAM

  • This s just brilliant….! Love the babycham icon on the shelf too quirky chic

    Clare Elise

  • Beautiful apartment! Love the retro feel about it 🙂

    Lulu xx

  • This has got to be some of my favorite colors in a white-walled interior that I’ve seen in awhile!

  • I love this fridge, I really want one in red <3
    I love the little wooden chalets, too – so cute!

  • As a fellow Cath Kidston fan, I have to say I really loved this house feature! xo


  • Such a fun home! I love all the pattern and color. SO fun! What a fun place to wake up to! 🙂

  • I love the chair in the second pic down!

  • I’m dying over the orange face pillow! Where ever did you get it?? Please share!

    Gypsy Plunder Vintage Shop

  • We love flowered cushions, we are looking for a lot of cushions for our homes!

  • My dad made my dd a play kitchen and the cabinets turned out just like this….he used appliance spray paint and it is such an awesome finish and completely wipeable…hard like enamel (and cures non toxic we found out since I made him call lol)

  • So vintage and colorful and I want that fridge NOW! xx

  • that fridge is EVERYTHING!
    so cute 🙂

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  • The florals in this house would be like my dream come true and my fiances worst nightmare. I adore all the sweet, quirky elements!

    Jamie @

  • Everything is so wonderful, I’m loving the florals! Oh and the fridge! x

  • Love the “granny chic” look. All the kitsch collectables are too adorable.

  • i love how she described her home ( bit of granny chic) – and hello that SMEG is the perfect color. She has such unique individual pieces – I love it when people infuse themselves into their homes and it doesn’t look like a west elm catalogue (even though I love west elm). This was a fun one to look at.

  • I absolutely love her style. It’s similar to mine in many ways. Thanks for the inspiration!

    And of course like everyone else, I want that SMEG fridge so badly.

  • love her living room area! thanks for sharing your home with us. xx. gigi.

  • I love the ‘love’ sign!!!

    Here’s to real love:

    Love from Germany,


  • what a charming little abode. i have a music box just like her collection, my grandparents got it for me in germany so many moons ago.

  • I love SMEG appliances. 🙂 The pink is very cute, I want a yellow or blue one! 😀 All the floral print in the home is so cute, too!

  • I adore the SMEG refrigerator! One day I hope to have a pink one too… not that that would go over well with hubby. But how could you resist?!?

  • Me too Kat, I want her fridge so badly. I don’t think my husband would go for retro pink though:)

  • Such a lovely home ! I love the wallpaper Cath Kidston! and the kitchen and also I like the tissus over your bed, it’s really nice! Thank you for sharing!

  • love all of the fun colors! and the pink fridge is amazing!!


  • I totally love this space. It’s really something I would go for too. It looks lovely, nice, warming, friendly and upbeat at the same time.
    I am glad you shared this space!


  • I looove this one:) all of the “granny touches” against the clean white… and of course the deer collection;)

  • Ahh! Love the pink SMEG and the floral prints and the granny squares!!! I wish I had a beautiful home as this!

  • Soooo lovely, all the creativity an details. In love with the fridge, gasp! I wonder whats inside? 🙂

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