At Home with Rebecca Holopter in Mar Vista, California 

Hey, friends! Today we’re welcoming Rebecca Holopter to the blog to share the amazing guest house she’s living in. So many vintage-y cool-girl vibes going on!“This backhouse, aka the “Lady Cave,” is owned by my cousin, Eva Osborne. She is a super talented designer, and a bunch of the sweet finds in the backhouse are hers. I moved from my old apartment, which I’d been living in for the past 8 years, into the Lady Cave. It has been a huge inspiration for both my paintings and for my production company. It’s also a great nest for staying in with my overweight senior kitty, Lucy.

“The Lady Cave is located in Mar Vista, California, which is just inland of Venice, so it has the same chill vibe but with a homier feel. I moved to Los Angeles from Springfield, MO (yes!), and it’s been so nice having family just steps away for late night wine and The Great British Baking Show marathons. And Eva’s pup, Paco, stops by often for some sweet nuzzling.“My favorite space in the home is the work station! This is where TeamRAD meets to work on our project Soiled Doves (It’s a supernatural western series—think Twin Peaks + Deadwood + 3 female leads) that consists of Verity Butler, Darby Kennerly, and me. We’re 3 bffs who have been working together for six years, and the Lady Cave serves as a great home office. The high table fits the three of us perfectly and works both for sitting and standing. Also I paint daily, so it’s important that I have tons of space for that. It’s my favorite spot simply in that it fosters creative ideas!

“I am obsessed with sequined shirts! The two in the entryway I thrifted over the years. I like to swap them out with others in my collection every once in awhile. I think the love of sequins came from watching Golden Girls when I was younger.“The cacti glasses are a recent find from the dollar store! Ever since my college days, I’ve been a frequent peruser of the dollar store! I’ve spray painted animal figurines gold, I use a ton of their shipping supplies for sending out my artwork, and their party decor is top notch! Having people over for dinner, drinks, and/or dance parties is a big love of mine, and I’ve found that having cute yet budget-friendly glasses adds to the aesthetic without having to worry about any dance moves breaking a glass.“Over the years, I’ve collected large-framed landscape paintings. I love cows, and I’m working on a series where I paint them over the large landscapes! The one in the bedroom is a part of that series.

“I wanted to incorporate vision boards into my bedroom so that I’d see them every day and be inspired. I created inspiration boards on my Pinterest for different aspects of my life, which I used to create little collages. Then I gathered old clipboards from thrift stores and one from my grandma’s basement (a goldmine of amazing treasures). They make the perfect display, which I can update easily.“We bought the light up RAD letters for our production company. Eventually I would love a neon sign, but in the meantime, these marquee letters will work.

“The little blue match holder in the kitchen area is a little jar I found at The Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena, which is a must if you’re in the LA area. I cut off the scratch pad on a box of matches and taped it to the bottom. I’ve made these for friends out of little jam jars, as well.

“The transition to a living space has been a fun challenge. Having an open floor plan can be tricky for blocking specific spaces, but I love the flow that goes throughout most of my home. :)”

Thanks for sharing, Rebecca! You can find Rebecca’s production company here and follow her Instagram here.

Author: Rebecca Holopter. Photography: Meghan Beierle-O’Brien.

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