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At Home With Rhonda Mason via A Beautiful MessWe are happy to welcome Rhonda Mason to the blog today to share her lovely home with us! Love this chair and large canvas comboAdorable family room"I live in a two-story brick house in the northern beaches of Sydney with my husband Rick and our four little boys. It's a relatively new house, and we are very spoiled with space, I have to admit. There are four bedrooms upstairs, an office downstairs, a formal lounge room, a formal dining area, a meals room plus a family room. It is the biggest home we've ever lived in (and probably will ever live in). And with four little boys under five at home, the space is something that we are thankful for every day. Playing hide-and-seek works a treat in this house, and I'll often find the boys going on bear hunts and treasure hunts all around the place. We moved in just over a year and half ago, and I decided to go all out and decorate the entire house in one go while my husband was still on leave, because I knew it would drive me crazy living in half-finished rooms with three little boys under three (at the time). Everything was set up within two months (thanks to a couple of kiddy sleepovers at grandparents'). And while I know this is not everyone's cup of tea, it meant that I could just sit back, relax and enjoy our home early on without having to constantly think about 'finishing off' the house. The only change we've made these last eighteen months has been to swap the single bed in the boys' bedroom for a bunk bed, so we could move all three boys into the one room before their baby brother arrived in April this year."Beautiful furnitureLovely telephoneLove the vibe of this room"The lounge room is adjacent to the formal dining room. This space looks almost identical to our main living area in our previous home. I merely moved the sideboards around to make them fit the new wall configuration! One of my favourite items in this room is probably the aqua swivel armchair in the corner (yes, I seem to have a thing for swivel armchairs). It used to be my reading chair at our previous home. Whenever the boys were asleep, I would sit in it with a cup of tea and stare out the window or read. Nowadays, I don't get to enjoy it as much anymore, but I still adore it as it's such a beautiful, unique colour. The red rotary dial phone is also a favourite. It is actually a functioning phone, and at our old home, we had it hooked up to a telephone line. Nowadays, the boys like to use it during playtime and pretend they're calling Fireman Sam or their nan. As for me, I love the pop of red that it adds to the space (and how it ties in with the red balloon in the print behind it).

This is usually the room in which the boys like to play hide-and-seek, and it's also where our three-year-old naps during the day. Sometimes we set up the boys' tents in this room, and they pretend they're camping. In the past, we've also packed their cooking toys into a basket, and set everything up at the coffee table for a nice, pretend picnic." Darling family roomBookcase to hold and organize toys"This is by far the room that we spend most of our time in as a family. All the boys' toys are stored in this room, and it's also where we have our television! This room is actually tiled, as it's adjacent to our kitchen and meals area. Right after we moved in, we ordered a piece of grey carpet the exact size of the room. We waited over a month for it. And when it finally arrived, I held my breath as I watched Rick lay it down over the tiled floor. It fit the room perfectly. If you walk into our home, you wouldn't even guess there were actually tiles underneath the carpet. The store had hemmed the edges to stop the carpet from fraying, and we had also requested that they add a layer of anti-slip material underneath to hold the carpet in place. I'm really glad that we took the plunge in doing this (it felt risky not knowing whether the supplier would get the carpet size exactly right), as it completely changed the feel of the room. It is so much more inviting and cosier than it was before. The rug that I chose to go into this space was from Crate & Barrel (I had it shipped all the way from the US to Australia!). I fell in love with its unique stripes, and its big size was perfectly suited to our space."
Kiddo tableAt Home With Rhonda Mason via ABM"Seeing as we do not own the house, we didn't want to do anything to the walls or the floors, so I simply made the decor work around it. As much as I 'dream' of white walls and timber floors, the house came with really good bones. The light latte colour on the walls was a nice neutral colour to work with, and the thick, dark carpet actually makes the rooms feel very warm and cosy."Little feetAt Home With Rhonda MasonLiving room set up-- great for conversationThank you so much, Rhonda, for sharing your home with us! You can find more of Rhonda over on her blog Pink Ronnie or on Instagram! xo. **all photos taken by Tealily Photography

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  • Hi Gem,
    It’s not a competition, but we do accept submissions for our “At Home With” feature. You can read more details here!

  • Hi Elsie and Emma, what a lovely home Rhonda has, i remember seeing a competition to enter photos off corners of your home on the blog, have I missed this? as would love to enter! We are big fans of your inspiring blog! x

  • What a beautiful home!

    Lulu xx

  • I love how mix-and-match it is. And somehow everything comes together so perfectly. Love it! Thank you for sharing!


  • The toy storage in the family room is great. Also: love your dining room, Rhonda!

  • Oh wow, what an incredible space. And FOUR BOYS!!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  • Beautiful house! Love all the vintage touches and pops of color. I am curious about the black and white canvas next to the green chair in the second shot. Would love more info if avaliable. Thank you!

  • I like the unique toy storage, with the pepsi crates, and all the vintage accents used in the space.


  • I LOVE THIS!!! <3 <3

  • I love these chairs on first picture!

  • long time reader of pink ronnie.. she is so inspirational! such a special lady

  • Love this family home and the kid’s rooms!
    Mafalda ❤

  • I love these ‘Pepsi’ boxes, great idea! Amazing home xx

    Justine | BRIGHTON DREAM

  • I love these posts so much. Maybe I’m a house creeper…teehee, but I always get such joy from seeing other peoples’ spaces! I adore her bookshelves with toys/old suitcases/it just looks so lived in and homey. That’s exactly what we always try to cultivate. And I understand the want to feel “moved in” right away. We move every 2-3 years, so as soon as we get to a place, I try to get decorating!!

  • I LOVE THE DINING ROOM CHAIRS! As well as just al the pops of color! So fun! ^.^

    xo Sara from

  • what a lovely home! i love the photos that feature the kiddies too.. so precious!

  • I think it’s safe to say that I love the ENTIRE house. The boys are so adorable.

  • Four boys under five?! How does she keep the house so clean?
    Rhonda’s home is beautiful and so spacious.


  • Rhonda, I love your space! It looks so inviting and cosy! And what a great idea with the rug… We’ve had carpet hemmed as floor mats, but nothing as large scale as a whole room before.

  • Lovely home and beautiful kids!

    Brittanny //

  • such an adorable home!
    love the colors.

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  • Absolutely gorgeous! I’m actually spending the day today rearranging our playroom and figuring out new storage for things. This gave me some great ideas. I love how organized everything is!! Just pinned it 😉

  • That is the most put-together kids room I have every seen! The toys look so vintage and so tidy all up on the shelf like that. Well done!

  • this is just so me, with all the bright colors and the white walls. love it!

  • What a lovely space. I love watching how everyone makes their house a home.

  • Hi Laura!

    You can read more about how to submit your own space for this series in this blog post:



    A Beautiful Mess Team Member

  • What a beautiful home! So comfy and homy like! I love it

  • What a cute, fresh home! I love all the small wooden elements, like the pepsi crates and the “lunch” wooden cutout! Be-yoo-tee-ful!

  • Can you please tell me where that beautiful rainbow rug is from?

  • I really love these at home with series. Lovely little home you have there Rhonda, gorgeous photos as well.

  • Wow, these photos are stunning–I am in love with all of the beautiful details and pops of color. 🙂

  • I love how bold she is with colour. Using the Pepsi crates to hold the boys’ toys is a nice touch.

  • Beautiful home and cute little ones 🙂
    I love the dining space, especially the ice cream print. I’ve been pining after similar chairs to the yellow dining chairs. They’ve got them out front of this place I run by every morning and I can’t decide if I want them in blue or black or white…or all of them? Haha.

  • Hi, Elsie and Emma 🙂 I love your blog, of course and especially this series of home voyeurism 😉
    Is it too late to send in home photos? I can’t locate any info, probably overlooking in all this beautiful mess…

  • This seems like sucha dream house. I only wish I’ll be able to do this with a family in the future.

  • Adorable kids and beautifully decorated home!

    Really enjoy how you were able to inject so much character and personality in the home, despite not owning the house and being unable to do anything permanent or to the walls.


  • I love that there is so much organization WITH character. Such a lovely designed home that actually looks LIVED in! xo

  • What a lovely space! I so need you guys to cover a few nurseries soon because I am trying to get ideas for my nursery when I finally get pregnant. I’m starting with the nursery and going from there. 🙂

  • I love the look and feel of this home! It reminds me of the bright, colorful aesthetic of Amsterdam!

  • Aren’t those kids just the cutest?!?!

  • Oh this is such a lovely space. I love the decor!

  • Loving so much all the letters and, the vintage pepsi storages ! (and the icecream poster made me wanting some so baaaad) 😀
    I love this rubric, it gives me so much ideas, the only problem is i’m student -_-‘

  • I love you at home series. The storage space for the toys is adorable.


  • I Love it! The vintage-y pops of color are beautiful and I love the floor length typography art!

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