At Home With Sarah Gaudet

Grey and black living room-- so goodWe are happy to welcome Sarah Gaudet to the blog today to share her home with us!

I love how simple and clean this home is"I live in a small home in a small town in central Massachusetts, with my husband, Damien, and our soon-to-be three-year-old son, Max. Damien and I bought our house just over four years ago, after we decided that we wanted to move back to the community in which we grew up. My family has a long history in this town, and we knew we wanted to raise our family here. We found a house that suited our needs, both practically and aesthetically and have been working hard since to truly make it our home. It is a two-bedroom, semi-detached house with a wonderful backyard. What ultimately sold us on this space was the cathedral ceiling in the living room. The house is just slightly over 1,100 square feet, and we fell in love with the open floor plan and airiness created by the 20-foot ceiling."

Love the cheerful colors and grey walls in this roomLove these built-in shelves on a bed"What makes this space so special to me is the blend between modern, homemade and antique.  Both Damien and I are very fond of the modern style but we also love old things. Our town is an old mill town and much of our decor comes from antique shops in and around our community (or found in one of the rivers in town!). I also treasure all of the homemade art in our home. Between Damien’s photography, my brothers’ art, my mom’s handmade quilt (our wedding gift) and my DIY projects (like my Sweet Home banner), we have surrounded ourselves with some pretty special things."


At Home With Sarah Gaudet"In the four years we have lived here, we have made many, many changes. The biggest change is the hardwood floor throughout the main level. We also made the decision to finish off our basement to give Damien a workspace for his photography business and for Max to have an extra play space. We have made small changes too. Our bedroom has undergone a few transformations, mostly decor, and I like to use this space to try out some different ideas (like hanging cloth shower curtains as window curtains!). Up next, a skylight and two bathroom renos."

Great details in this room

Sweethomebanner"It’s funny, because the room that is used the most by far is a room that we didn’t use at all for the first few years of living here. We both grew up with the living room as the main family room of the home. The idea of a den was pretty foreign to both of us. When we bought the house, we made the front room our dining room. It is set apart from the rest of the main level, and because of that, we never, ever dined there. Shortly after Max came along, we realized that we needed a better functioning main level. We did a complete overhaul of the main floor and just like that, our den was born.  Now, it is where we spend the majority of our time.  It is a bright space, filled with plants and toys and we love the way it functions for our family."Love all the grey and green in this room!Love the old crate for storageThank you for sharing your home with us, Sarah! You can find more of Sarah over at her blog Small Town Chic or on Instagram! xo.

  • Hi Molly!
    Thanks for the kind words. I have some older pics of the outside of our home here. Hoping to get some new ones up soon:)

  • Thanks Minnie!
    None of the furniture is from the river… just some of our old bottles around the house:)

  • What an adorable modern home! The picture with her and her son on the bed is so dang sweet!

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  • I’d love to know where that couch in the first pic is from. I’ve been shopping for one for quite some time and this is one is the perfect size and shape!

  • That lamp is cute, so is the furniture. Lovely.

  • OOO I wonder what “small central Mass” town she lives in because I live in Central Mass too! 🙂

  • I like the yellow throughout! I am also curious what furniture was found in the river…

  • I love this style! The Audrey poster, the chevron lamp, the bunting… It’s so perfect.

  • What a lovely home great pictures!

  • Wow! Thanks so much everyone for the kind words. This has been such an honor for me. I love these ladies:)

  • Gorgeous! Such refreshing colors and tones! Love it!

  • so cute! i’d love to see the outside of the house 🙂

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  • LOVE it.. the grey is so soft and inviting and makes the colours stand out beautifully!

  • Sarah has such a lovely home!

  • Amazing interior! So clean and crisp. x

  • What a Beautiful home! I love that one grey wall in the bedroom and in the living room!

  • I love the yellow pillows! So cool!
    What a beautiful place…so understated, elegant and at the same time comfy and warm-looking!
    Really nice!

    Love from Germany,

  • There is nothing to add, I have exactly the same opinion as Bambi – and not only because she is also from Germany 🙂

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  • What a beautiful home! The goldenrod and steel blue color combo is sublime. And 20-foot ceilings? What a dream. 🙂

  • adorable — i especially love the farm fresh produce box! such a cute element 😉

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