At Home With Sarah LoCascio

Adorable dining area in a camperToday we welcome Sarah LoCascio to the blog to share her adorable camper with us!At Home With Sarah LoCascio via A Beautiful Mess"My Husband and I got our 1983 Sunline camper 'Sunny' this past October. Up until that time we had owned several pop-up campers, so this was a very exciting find for us as. We spend A LOT of time camping and traveling with our camper. Handy overhead storage inside a camper"When we first got 'Sunny' she was decked out in dingy brown plaid and (what was at one point) white carpeting. We knew right away that we wanted to strip down the interior, removing the heavy brown curtains, to bring light and sunshine into our space. We ripped out everything, and I got to work sewing fresh curtains, valences, cushion covers, etc. We also pulled out all of the carpeting and installed a nice, clean wood-grain linoleum floor. We wanted to preserve a lot of the wood veneer in the cabinets and a few of the walls, but everything else got a nice clean coat of bright white paint (I also gave the top kitchen cabinets a coat of white with a red trim). Then I got to the fun part, searching for vintage bedding, little knickknacks, kitchen accessories, etc."Kitschy vintageMIsmatched vintage pillows and blankets"Decorating 'Sunny' has been the most fun, and it is an ongoing hobby for both of us. After our very first trip with 'Sunny' I was in love. It had become so cozy and sweet inside, and it is so wonderful to have our very own little home when we go places over night. I often joke that if we had to live in here for a bit, I wouldn't bat an eye…even our pups love snuggling down inside."Love all the vintage detailsCutest pupEmpire Coffee"We've made great progress on the inside and can't wait to tackle the exterior next. We are dreaming of stripping all of the paint and decals off of the outside and leaving 'Sunny' gleaming in clean silver metal. The interior is always changing, as we find things along the way and work them into the decor. I love that this little space is being filled with our trip souvenirs and travel/life mementos."

Vintage pillowsBright cocktailsAdorable little camper"Wherever we go, 'Sunny' is hitched up behind us. Whether it's a camping trip, or a few nights away at my Grandmother's house, it's wonderful to have our cozy home-away-from-home with us. We have our tiny bathroom and shower, the little gas powered stove in the kitchenette, and our big comfy quilt-covered bed. We honestly use and love every square inch of the space, and I can't imagine our lives with our sweet, sweet 'Sunny'."

At Home With Sarah LoCascioThanks so much for sharing your darling space with us, Sarah! You can find more of Sarah over at her blog Attic Lace! xo.

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